3 Month Update Emme Diane Skincare Regimen with Pictures!

I can't believe how fast the past three months went since starting the Emme Diane Skincare Challenge! Here I have my three month update and finally as promised, progress pictures! Read on for more.

My skin is very acne prone. Aside from pimples popping up, they usually take FOREVER for spots to go away. I also am concerned with anti-aging, wrinkles and sun damage that is most likely hiding underneath from tanning too much as a teen (ugh). It also is very shine prone but also has a tendency to feel dry and tight at times.

I encourage you to read my Day 1 Blog Post to learn all about Emme Diane's brand and products. I went into great detail in that post.

My day 1 isn't the worst acne prone skin ever and I am aware of that, but it could still be better. The camera didn't pick up the blackheads and rougher texture on my cheeks. What I notice most now is I have significantly fewer pimples popping up and when they do decide to pop up, they don't linger as long at all!! I also feel the redness in my cheeks and around my nose completely cleared up, too and I haven't had dry patches on my chin I was getting a bit before starting using all Emme Diane.

Day 1

Day 30 (1 Month)

Day 60 (2 Months)

Day 90 (3 Months)

Video Review with more details on all of the products:

Overall, I'm beyond impressed with Emme Diane's line! I plan on continuing to use her products in my skincare regimen and there are also a few more products in her line I am eyeing that I would like to try!

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