8 Looks with Tarte Be A Mermaid and Make Waves Eyeshadow Palette

Three things people who know me can tell you: 1) I'm mermaid and ocean obsessed. 2) I LOVE pink toned eyeshadows. 3) I'm also a sucker for metallic and duochrome shadows. When Tarte Cosmetics released their new "Be A Mermaid and Make Waves" palette, I gasped at how perfect it looked. Having some money leftover on a Sephora gift card, I ordered it the first day it was released. Read on for my thoughts, review and looks with this palette!

I used to be the biggest Tarte fan ever. From 2011 to about 2016ish. Then, I did start using the brand less and less to be honest. It isn't because the quality isn't there, because it is- their products perform so nicely. But I kind of scaled back because the brand's image I felt changed and they were targeting to a whole lot younger audience. If I'm being completely honest (which, I am) I kind of felt I wasn't popular enough, cool enough or pretty enough to use their stuff, based on all their social media. I also didn't quite understanding what girls partying and drinking alcohol I saw on their social media had to do with makeup and such, but that's just my opinion. Nonetheless, a cute palette is a cute palette and since I do like the performance of tarte products, I caved with this one.  Then they released even more to this Mermaid collection and well, I'm weak. So much looked beautiful. I got more than I probably should but who knows the next time there will be such a gorgeous cruelty free mermaid makeup collection released.

The "Be A Mermaid and Make Waves" Eyeshadow palette isn't perfect, but it sure comes close.
Packaging is GORGEOUS.

Even the outer carton is impossible for me to throw away. The ombre pink to green with the scales! So cute!!!

The palette itself is shaped like a seashell in a a gorgeous metallic blue/green color.

When you open it up, it says 99% Mermaid on the mirror and the shades are shaped like cute little waves. I really like the fact that the shade names are printed right there on the palette.

The eyeshadows also smell like vanilla! An unnecessary but awesome touch. I've mentioned this in another eyeshadow post recently, but I just LOVE when my palettes smell good!
no flash
There are a mix of matte and metallic shades with a couple of duochromes thrown in. Most of the shades were extremely pigmented and they all blend together beautifully. When worn over eyeshadow primer, they last all day for me.

I do love all the pink and rosy tone shades in this palette, even if they don't necessarily have to do with mermaids. I also like the bottom row with the blue, mint green and duochrome taupe shade with blue shift called "Bubbles" If I could change things, I would remove the gold and bronze metallic shades because I don't reach for those shades often at all, and replace them with a true purple, a lighter turquoise (similar to the one from tarte's Aqualillies palette from 2013) and a matte cream/bone shade for under the brow bone. I also found myself missing a cool toned, light pink like there was in tarte's "Coral Crush" beachy palette from a few years ago. I do appreciate there are no dark browns, or black shades in here since I feel almost every palette has that kind of shade and I don't use them either.
no flash

I also wanted to call something out. The shade "Bubbles" is described on tarte's site as a "lilac duochrome" When I first saw the palette, I thought "wow this is such a beautiful, unique shade" The shade is beautiful, but not too unique. I easily found two different shades in my stash that were pretty not EXACT, but pretty similar:
Left to Right: "Glass Bull" from ColourPop, "Artist Pass" from Too Faced Life's a Festival Palette, "Bubbles" from Tarte.

Here are some looks I played around with. As a reminder, I am not a professional makeup artist, I just like playing around with makeup. Please be kind.
By the way, I've had THE WORST allergies lately so yes, my eyes are a bit red in some of these. Real life. I don't photoshop my pics.

For all the looks below, to make it easier, I used the same mascara, mobile lid and lower waterline liners and brow bone color:
  • Grande Cosmetics Lash Primer and It Cosmetics SuperHero Mascara
  • Laura Geller Angel Glow under brow bone
  • It Cosmetics Superhero Liner on Mobile Lid (unless otherwise noted)
  • Doll 10 Beauty HydraLux Smoothing Liner in Brighten Up on lower waterline

Look #1
Crease and Lower Lash Line: Splash
Outer V: Lagoon
Lid: Bubbles
Tear Duct Corner: Nude Beach

This may have been one of my most favorite eye looks I ever did on myself. Even my fiance and parents compliments my shadows, at completely different times! I was sad removing my makeup this night

Look #2
Crease and Lower Lash Line: Shore Thing
Lid: Frose

This look was a lot more simple and quicker since I was short on time that day.  The colors are so pretty, but I was a tad disappointed Frose didn't appear as pink on my eyelids as it did in the palette.

Look #3
Crease: Shipwreck
Lower Lash Line: Beach Please
Outer V: Fin-tastic
Lid: Nude Beach

This isn't a look I've ever done before, but I was really happy with the end result. I love the "Shipwreck" color in my crease and lower lash line.

Look #4
Crease and Lower Lash Line: Shell Yeah
Outer V: Cavern
Lid: Mermosa

I challenged myself with this look. I NEVER reach for golds or bronzes, so I decided to play around and see what happened if I really stepped out of my comfort zone and try the colors that often never get touched. I actually don't hate it!

Look #5
Crease: Lagoon
Lower Lash Line: Splash
Outer V: Bubbles
Lid: Salt Water

Shout out to my fiance, Tommie. I asked him to pick the shades for me to use for this one and this is what he said. I really like the end result! I do wish "Bubbles" showed up a bit more on the outer V than it did, though. This is similar to Look #1, but not exact.

That necklace is from ThinkGeek but it is well over a year old now.

Look #6
Crease: mix of Sandbar and Frose
Lower Lash Line and Mobile Lid Liner: Lagoon
Lid: Splash
Outer V: Salt Water

I was absolutely dying to get Splash on my eyelids. That color did not disappoint!

Look #7
Crease: Shipwreck
Inner Corner: Frose
Lid: Frose on top of Shore Thing
Outer V: Fin-Tastic
Lower Lash Line: Fin-Tastic and Frose

I was aiming for more of a pink look with this, but it did come out more red toned. I still am happy with the end result!

Look #8
Crease: Shore Thing
Lid: Frose + Nude Beach mixed
Outer V: Cavern
Lower Lash Line: Frose
Inner Corner: *I used Bubbled in the inner corner and also blended it into the crease a bit with shore Thing
Mobile Lid Liner: Lagoon

I wasn't sure what I was going for exactly with this one. I just wanted to play!

Overall, I absolutely love the Be A Mermaid and Make Waves Eyeshadow palette!! I have not been able to put it down since playing with it and my fingers are crossed Tarte releases a sequel.

Also, the mermaid brushes are incredible. They're breathtaking and gorgeous. Truthfully, they're soooo pretty, I haven't been able to even use them yet. I just stare at their beautifulness.

I additionally picked up more stuff from this collection because I'm such a sucker. You can see it all reviewed in the video here:

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