Doll 10 Beauty HydraBalm Solid Serum Lipstick Trio

It's always a good day when I get new lippies from Doll 10 Beauty in the mail! One of my very favorite brands and favorite cosmetic category! Doris and the Doll 10 Team do lippies right, so whenever I see newness I get super excited. Read on for my thoughts on the HydraBalm Solid Serum Lipsticks!

Here is some information from
"This Doll 10 HydraBalm Solid Serum Lipstick trio will give your lips color, hydration, and incredible high shine. The poured serum technology highly moisturizes lips and leaves you with a lush, glossy coat and the perfect amount of color with every swipe."

These lipsticks are fantastic! As always, bullet style lipsticks are my favorites so I'm happy to see them. Also like all Doll 10 lippies, they smell delicious- like vanilla! I pretty much fell in love with this formula upon first application. My lips felt insanely soft, moisturized and VERY pillowy, I couldn't get over it. Think of your most favorite lip balm on steroids. That's what the HydraBalm lippie is.

There are tons of nourishing and soothing ingredients inside these including Peach Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Apricot Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil and Honey!

These weren't the longest wearing lipsticks ever, but they don't claim to be a stain so no biggie. Plus bullet lipsticks are so easy to reapply, it is certainly not worth complaining about. All three colors are very pigmented with a nice demi-shine finish to them. I also believe they make my lips look more full.

first look, love always, sweet romance - no flash

first look, love always, sweet romance - flash
love always, first look, sweet romance - no flash

love always, first look, sweet romance - flash

First Look
"a rose pink shade"
A perfect, cool toned, beautiful, classic "Diane Pink" shade that I absolutely adore.

Love Always
"a peachy pink shade"
This is similar to "First Look", but is more peachy and a tad bit lighter. Also beautiful and I love it! 

Sweet Romance
"a mauve nude brown shade"
Well I don't love this shade as much as the other two, I do like it! That is actually a big deal because I never, EVER found a brownish lipstick I liked before prior to this.

Overall, the HydraBalm Solid Serum Lipstick from Doll 10 Beauty is another high-quality, gorgeous lippie formula from the brand!

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