Hair of the Day: Clarify, Protein Treatment and More

So last Saturday I gave my hair a good clarify, protein treatment and then styled and air dried! I'm finally sitting down to talk about it so read on and check it out if you'd like!

Here is what I Used:
  • Cleanser: Inahsi Naturals Soothing Mint Sulfate Free Clarifying Shampoo
  • Protein Treatment: ApHogee 2 Step Protein Treatment (step 1 only)
  • Tea Rinse: BellaBar Organic Anti-Shed/Growth
  • Conditioner: Obia Naturals Babassu Deep Conditioner
  • Stylers: Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair Leave In Mask, Raw Curls Conditioner, Anti-Frizz Spray, Firm Hold Gel, Briogeo Rosarco Oil

Since I couldn't recall the last time I did used a clarifying shampoo, I knew it was time to use one. The Inahsi Clarifying Shampoo does such an excellent job at getting rid of excess product buildup and toxins, without leaving the hair stiff.

It's been five weeks since last time I used the ApHogee protein treatment, but since I want to use Olaplex No 3 again the last weekend of March, I decided to use this now. For whatever reason, I really thought this was a silicone-free treatment and, IT'S NOT!! :( I'm so bummed about that. I have a bottle and a half left, and it does work so well so I will continue to use but after that I will try to hunt down an excellent silicone free hard protein treatment. By hard I mean, you need to use it with heat to lock it in your hair and must follow up with moisture. If you know of any, please leave them below. My hair really does benefit from a hard protein treatment every few weeks.

Once I rinsed out the Aphoee Protein Treatment, I applied the BelleBar Organic Tea Rinse I use once weekly with Obia Naturals Babassu Deep Conditioner on top. I left them in about a half hour before rinsing. My hair felt so very soft. I do like the Obia Naturals Deep Conditioner, but it isn't my favorite. This one is completely protein free. I still have more left and will finish it (product de-stash) but I don't know if I'd repurchase it.

Style wise, I went for the Briogeo and Raw Curls mix I've been using and LOVING together recently. I applied them in small sections on soaking wet hair, raking them through and then scrunching. I FINALLY recorded an updated after shower video to show how, I just need Tommie's help to edit it and I need to voiceover it. So, it may be a week or so before it meets internet-land. As a reminder, if you shop through that big Briogeo banner on the right side of my blog, you can save 15% on any purchase (I get points to their site if you go through there.)

My hair has really been enjoying cleaner, more natural styling products. I'm so annoyed that I just clarified and went immediately in with a silicone product in the apHogee ::eye roll:: so I will clarify again on the day I use Olaplex (I don't want to clarify two weeks in a row) I noticed since really reaching for more natural products, my hair feels softer, silkier and overall looks healthier. Since I've been using less product, I do feel like I see a tad more frizz than usual, but my hair is NEVER 100% frizz free, and I keep reading sometimes the hair detoxes more unnatural stuff and that could be another reason so, time will tell!

 My eyeshadows in these pictures will be coming on a blog post soon about a new palette I've been obsessed with!

I also apologize for the lack of blog posts and not posting product pictures like I used to. Lately, I've been doing 500 things at once and had to re-prioritize. Job hunting is a desperate #1, wedding planning, helping my dad, getting enough sleep, self care for myself...I just don't have enough hours in the day! That, and I feel like I don't get a lot of feedback or positivity on these kind of posts so I wonder if people even enjoy or read them, to be honest.

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