Westmore Beauty Lash Drama Bold and Beautiful Mascara

Westmore Beauty recently debuted their new mascara, "Lash Drama Bold and Beautiful Mascara" on QVC. The mascara came in a duo at a One Day Only price that essentially was a "buy one, get one free" kind of deal. Already loving the brand's previous mascara, something in my beauty brained gut told me not to sleep on that deal. So I didn't. Was it worth it? Read on for my thoughts!

I've actually reviewed the brand's other amazing mascara, "Red Carpet Lashes" HERE and HERE if you'd like to check that out.

 Westmore Beauty was created by McKenzie Westmore, of the Westmore family. If you haven't heard of them, they are Hollywood ROYALTY when it comes to makeup!! They invented false lashes! You may also recognize McKenzie as the host of the show "Face Off" as well as acting on various soap operas, including "Passions" which I loved rushing home from school to watch back in the day.

Okay, you're curious about this mascara. I'm sorry! Here is what QVC.com says about it:

"If you're looking for a uniquely special mascara experience and want to bring your eyes to center stage, say no more. Westmore Beauty's Lash Drama Bold & Beautiful Mascara gives you the look of bold volume, length, and ultra-black color in a new texture created through Westmore's blend of specific waxes.

With this mascara, lashes appear lengthened with an ultra-length fiber effect. Your lashes are coated with an extreme, intense ultra-black pigment that adds the look of volume, while the dual-brush, with volume carrying grooves and a tapered end, grabs and coats lashes for a bold and beautiful effect.

I was intrigued about this mascara right off the bat since I've had great success with so much of Westmore Beauty's line, including their other mascara. I also loved the idea of "false lash effect" since I love the false lash look, but am terrible at applying falsies. Here's the thing though- most "false lash mascaras" have fibers in them and they bother my sensitive eyeballs, get all over and I can't stand them. When I asked the sweet McKenzie about this, much to my delight she let me know her new formula did not contain those fibers since she wasn't a fan of them either!! Then I watched the presentation on QVC and after seeing all of the before and afters, was beyond thrilled to get this new mascara in my hands.

This is a fantastic mascara. Period. There's so much good and not any bad, in my opinion. Okay, the one thing I would change personally is to not have it in such a bulky component- but whatever, that's just being petty and it really is not a big deal. The pigment is a true, dark black, it wears all day on me without smudging, flaking or irritating those sensitive eyeballs of mine and they make my short, thin, pathetic super blonde lashes look long and thick. What more can I ask for in a mascara formula, really?

This formula is also buildable. You can get a natural look if that is your thing or get them to look more dramatic like I do by applying more and more. I personally don't count "coats" of mascara when I apply. I just go in with the stuff wiggle it up my lashes over and over and over until I like how my lashes look.  Another positive is I did not have clumping issues with it, even though I use a good amount of product each time. Another thing to note, since I always get asked this on mascara posts, is I do not use an eyelash curler.

The spoolie is a medium size, natural bristle brush. It gets all my lashes, even the inner corners and bottom quite easily.

If you have been keeping up with me (thank you!!) you may know I have a beloved lash primer by Grande Cosmetics I like to use under any mascara. When I use that under this, it does make my lashes a little bit thicker, but I was very impressed with how well this mascara performed on its own.

 For these pictures, I didn't use my lash primer. I also did not line my upper waterline with black like I normally do to show what the mascara truly does on its own.

Between this and the Red Carpet Lashes mascara, I'm not sure which one I like better to be quite honest. Both of them are stellar formulas that make my lashes look long and awesome.

Overall, the Lash Drama Bold and Beautiful Mascara by Westmore Beauty is a definitely mascara winner to me. At the time of writing this blog post, the duo is still on QVC.com for just a few bucks more than what I paid on that "One Day Only" price.

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