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The only thing better than going to a curly hair specialist when you hair needs a trim is when a curly hair specialist comes to you! Today I am talking about the much needed trim and shape up I finally got by my new super awesome, talented and local friend, Sage! She will also be doing my hair for my upcoming Bridal Shower and Wedding! Read on for more.

So Sage (@hairbysage_ on insta) actually lives super close to me. A mutual friend introduced us recently! She is a freelance curly hair stylist who has many years of experience and also was Lorraine Massey's (as in THE LORRAINE MASSEY) assistant for years and actually became a stylist while learning under her! She came to my house for the cut which was amazing since I didn't have to travel or commute!! Additionally, for a curly stylist, her pricing is very fair and reasonable which is always fantastic. On top of the trim and shape, I picked up lots more curly tips!

I never get trims when I am supposed to. I realized it has been almost four months since my last trim- no wonder my hair hasn't been behaving correctly. On top of that, since my last trim in January, since I noticed my front pieces split ended pretty fast, I kind of went at them myself to get rid of the deader than dead parts, leaving it super uneven. (note: don't do that. it is not a good idea) In an ideal word, I think my hair would like a trim every 3-ish months or so.

I'm terrible and both Sage and I forgot to take proper "before" pictures before the cut began. I'm also a bit bummed because we didn't do a selfie together!  So the closest thing I have are these shots Tommie took for me last week. This was actually a REALLY good hair day. You can't tell just how bad my ends and front truly are in these pictures but we will use these are the befores.

I finally felt like my hair was getting long, but I also knew the longer parts were uneven, scraggly and needed to go so my hair as a whole can continue to grow to be longer and more important, healthier. I can't wait for the front and sides to get as long as the back gets. The back of my hair always grows faster. Grrr.

So Sage and I chatted before the cut because of course I was nervous a new person had scissors near my head. I told her to take off as minimal as possible because I'm trying to grow it really long. I also told her how I dislike too much volume and how I didn't want layers or an overall "circley shape" to my head. Luckily, she knew what I meant and more importantly, she listened!! Before cutting, we were referencing these pictures and she told me what her plan was to even things out, remove the deadness and help blend my sides into each other better.

After listening to sold old school Fall Out Boy and me barely breathing at all, the cut part was finished. She cut dry which was good. When I looked at the hair of the floor, I was very happy to see a minimal amount and not long pieces. Phew! ::Took a deep breathe::

Now it was style time! Since we were at my house, she used whatever products I wanted. I went for some Raw Curls and Curlsmith! We rinsed well and she applied Raw Curls Conditioner. As she was applying it, she wash pushing it into my hair and also adding more water to the conditioner. Sage said the ultimate goal with applying conditioner is to get your hair to feel like a piece of wet seaweed. She let me feel my hair and it felt so very silky and quite seaweed like. Once I master this technique, I may do a video on how to do it. She also said the applying enough conditioner and applying properly is the foundation to getting good hair days after.
seaweed feeling hair

Next, we went in with our stylers. Stylers were applied to soaking wet hair. I told her how I usually do a leave in, anti-frizz spray gel and then oil. She suggested we flip the gel and oil and apply the oil first because what the gel does is it locks in the moisture from the other styling products and that gives the hold for good multiple day hair. I told her to go for it.

The stylers were applied with my head flipped upside down. She used a generous amount of Raw Curls Anti-Frizz Spray, followed by Curlsmith Oil Serum and Raw Curls Firm Hold Gel. Sage didn't scrunch after applying all the products. She smoothed them into my hair and then scrunched at the very end, and continued to scrunch with my Raw Curls towel.

Because it would have taken an insane amount of hours for my hair to air dry, we diffused a bit concentrating on my roots. Raw Curls Anti-Frizz spray actually has a heat protectant in it to help my hair from the diffuser. My curls are always more bouncy and I experience more shrinkage diffusing versus my usual air drying. My hair also gets more frizz from diffusing. Sage and I also agreed that next time she will use more gel. Completely my fault- I forget to tell her how my hair requires a crazy amount of styling product since it is such a dry, high porosity, super stubborn, frizzy beast.

I really love how much neater my hair looks overall! the sides especially are meshing together so well. Right now it does feel a lot shorter, but I think that's because usually right after a trim the curls go into shock and need to relax a bit and also the diffusing did cause a bit more shrinkage than usual. I'm excited to see how it looked when I air dry. At least it will grow back healthier and evenly now. I need to get it to grow as long as possible for the wedding!!

I'm getting asked quite often how I plan on wearing my hair for my wedding. The answer: you'll see with wedding pictures. ;) The one thing I will say is I absolutely hate how my hair looks when it is up, so it won't be in an all updo.

Video Chat About the Cut (and day 2 hair):

If you are interested in Sage doing your hair, she travels locally in all of the nearby NYC boroughs and also close by in New Jersey, depending on the area. Additionally, she works one day a week in a New Jersey curly salon. Check her instagram for more info and tell her I sent you!

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