All About My Mermaid Themed Bridal Shower! (Hair, Makeup, Decor)

Sunday, June 3rd was MY Bridal Shower! It still feels surreal that the days for my own wedding stuff are finally here. I had to know the date so I can dress myself accordingly and not show up in sweatpants and messy hair, but my bridesmaids put together the theme, decorations and gave me an incredible day to remember. Read on for hair, makeup and decoration details!

Knowing my absolute LOVE of mermaids and the ocean, my bridesmaids gave me such a cute mermaid themed shower!!! They also did a great job incorporating our wedding colors, turquoise and purple!

more games
cute pens!
mermaid crown for me
"Mermaid Sash"
homemade bath bombs were the favors!

 Custom Photo Booth!
my groom to be dropped me off and left but I snuck him in the photo booth quick! hehe

 My favorite part of everything was the custom photobooth! My maid of honor, Melissa, put this all together. She got a special photo booth app on her ipad with a customizeable frame. She had the ipad on a tripod and got a super cute sea theme backdrop off of Amazon for everyone to pose in front of! She also ordered cute mermaid themed props for the pics! The only negative part of the photo booth is I wanted to pose in the booth with everyone, and was also quite overwhelemd at the party, and as a result didn't get a lot of non photo booth pictures. That's okay though!

 My Bridal Party! (L to R) My niece, Melissa, who is my maid of honor, my sister in law, Donna, my best friend, Corrine and my sister in law, Brenda! My other maid of honor, my other sister in law, Jackie, lives out of state and didn't come in for the party.


As much as I would have LOVED to have my makeup done professionally for my Bridal Shower, it just was not in my budget. Luckily, my awesome hairstylist, Sage, helped me apply false lashes since I am terrible at it, and everything else I did myself! I know my lashes and liner over them were definitely not perfect, but I tried.

-It Cosmetics Liner Stain in "Pretty In Pink" with Doll 10 Beauty "Pink in Pink" Lipstick and It Cosmetics "Pretty in Pink" Gloss on top.

p.s. it was completely coincidental that I picked lippies with the same shade name from two different brands!
-TATCHA "The Silk Canvas" primer as eye shadow primer
-Doll 10 Beauty Hydraluxe Liners in "Noir" and "Brighten Up" on upper and bottom waterlines
-False Lashes from CVS (not pictured)
-Laura Geller Beauty "Lash Boss" mascara to blend my own lashes in with the falsies
-Doll 10 Beauty "2 the Point" Double Ended Liner to try and blend falsies onto lid
-Doll 10 Beauty Pro Eyeshadow Palette: "Unforgettable" on Brow Bone, "Doll" like in Crease and "Innocent" from the Doll Face and Eye Palette on lid.
-Wander Beauty Micro Brow Pencil in "Blonde"

-Wander Beauty Rise and Primer Primer
-Doll 10 Beauty HydraGel Foundation in "Light"
-Tarte Shape Tape Concealer in "Light"
-foundation and concealer applied with wet Wander Beauty Wander Cushion. 
-Urban Decay Velvetizer Powder
-It Cosmetics You Sculpted! Palette (old version) to contour
-It Cosmetics Vitality Cheek Blush Stain in "Pretty in Peony"
-Doll 10 Beauty Finishing Touch Finishing Powder

 Of course my hair was the most difficult thing for me to plan. I seriously have some of the hardest hair to style and look decent ever. For real. Luckily, I was able to have Sage come over to style my hair for me so it would look better than usual!

The night before the party, I cleansed my hair with Rahua Beauty Hydration Shampoo and applied a very generous amount of Olaplex No 3 treatment all over. I let it dry and went to bed. I haven't done an Olaplex No 3 treatment in a few weeks and was overdue. I find with Olaplex, every 2 to 3 weeks now is ideal for my hair.

The morning of the party, I woke up early, rinsed out the Olaplex No 3 and applied Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair Mask with a little of the Rahua Beauty Hydration Conditioner. I used my Thermal Hot Head Cap (not pictured) to add heat in and left this on for an hour while I waited for Sage to get to my house.

Since the weather was crappy, humid and misting rain (of course) I told Sage to go heavy handed with all styling products to give my hair a fighting chance against the elements. I also told her not to worry about intense, super bouncy curl definition. I wanted my waves to elongated so they would look longer.
Sage getting my hair pretty!
Once Sage got here, we rinsed out the mask with cool water and got to styling. She applied Jessicurl Too Shea! Extra Moisturizing Conditioner using her "seaweed method" technique pushing it in in small sections adding in more and more water until it looked and felt like wet seaweed.  We did this with my head right side up. I then flipped my head and she was extra generous with applying Raw Curls Anti-Frizz Spray. She followed that up with Jessicurl Oil Blend and Spiralicious Styling Gel and scrunched a bit, but not as much as usual since I didn't want a ton of curl definition. I then applied my clips so my hairline would dry a bit nicer. I sat under Sage's table top dryer but for whatever reason (I blame my pure luck in life), her dryer decided to stop working. Luckily, I have several blow dryers of my own so she took the DevaFuser since she likes the hand diffuser on that one. Once she finished diffusing about 85% dry, she used Ouidad Curl Last Flexible-Hold Hairspray to hold everything in place and Raw Curls Pomade on my front sections, ends, and parts of my hair that were still misbehaving and acting a bit frizzy. (side note: I wish I knew why my hair hates me so much when I've been treating it so good.)

Jessicurl's Too Shea! Conditioner and Oil Blend both have ingredients inside to protect against diffusing heat. Also, I do not believe Ouidad's Hairspray is Curly Girl Method approved, but at this time I don't have any Curl Girl Method Approved Hairsprays like it on hand.
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Sage left and my roots were still *slightly* wet because we both agreed it would be better to not diffuse my hair all the way. About a half hour after she left I used a bit more Raw Curls Pomade and Ouidad Hairspray. I may have used a tad bit too much, but I just didn't want my hair to start poufing out too much or frizzing way too much. I was really happy with how she styled my hair! My hair also lasted for quite a few days, even through work outs!


My dress was by Lilly Pulitzer in a print called "Ocean Waves". I had a feeling my shower was going to be beach themed so I wanted to match, plus I love blue and turquoise prints! I actually ordered this dress on sale from a signature store months ago. It arrived too big and flowy for me so I brought it to the cleaner around the block to get taken in. Some people say Bridal Shower Brides should wear white, but I don't really like wearing white and wanted to feel more like me! That being said, I did go traditional for my actual wedding and that dress is white.

My sandals are from Aerosoles. They're a few years old now. I wore these to my Engagement Party, too! I'm so bad with shoes. My necklace and earrings were a gift from Tommie. This necklace was the first piece of jewelry he ever got me, on a trip to Georgia in 2012!

We took these pictures in my yard before the party. My roots were still slightly, slightly wet because I wanted to take the pictures and then relax a bit (because I was so nervous I was shaking!!) before I left! Though it was super humid, the rain stopped a bit to take pictures.

off shot but my hair looks nice


 I hope you enjoyed seeing some pictures from my shower along with my hair and makeup details! Thank you for checking out this blog post. Please leave a kind comment if you like this kind of post.

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