Doll 10 Beauty Setting Mist, Bronzer, Liner and Demo Video

Today I am talking about some new Doll 10 Beauty releases- The Skin Reviving Setting Mist, Limited Edition Golden Pearl Bronzer and Split Decision Eyeliners! I also have another full face demo video using all Doll 10 products in honor of the one hour show on QVC on Wednesday, June 20 at 10am. Read on for more.

Skin Reviving Setting Mist

Them: "Go COCONUTS over our NEW Skin Reviving Prime + Set Mist! This skin-perfecting mist has 10+ benefits with incredible actives. This revolutionary mist will be your skin’s new best friend! It hydrates and primes skin, sets makeup, and refreshes skin throughout the day, giving your skin a healthy glow!  25% cold-pressed coconut water combined with witch hazel extract for skin clarity, copper tri-peptides for firmer skin, hyaluronic acid for intense hydration, and 3 lightweight botanical extracts including Coconut, Argan, and Babassu that nourish. Great for all skin types! Alcohol-Free, Paraben-Free, Silicone-Free, Sulfate-Free, Phthalate-Free, Cruelty-Free.

1. 25% Cold-Pressed Coconut Water.

2. Nutrient-rich Skin Perfecting Primer.

3. Micro Setting Mist extends makeup wear.

4. Copper Tri-Peptides for firmer skin.

5. Hyaluronic Acid for superior hydration.

6. Witch Hazel Extract for ultimate skin clarity.

7. Squalene packed with powerful antioxidants.

8. Soothing Botanical Blend of Argan, Babasu, Coconut & Geranium.

9. Proprietary Peptide Fusion stimulates collagen & elastin.
10. All day skin revitalizer."

Me: I am OBSESSED with this Setting Mist! I really want to get another one to live in my purse. This product actually lives with my skincare, not my makeup, as I have been using it every single day regardless of if I use other makeup that day or not since the ingredients in here are outstanding. I'm not a big setting mist fan in general. I have tried countless best sellers and they all left me disappointed and I didn't notice anything. This is different. The component is fantastic. I like that the sprayer is on the bottom, I use it as an extra reminder to shake the product before spraying, which is important to do! It disperses such a fine, micro-mist that really does set and refresh and doesn't disturb makeup once makeup is on the face. Since the mist disperses such a wide area, I only need a couple of sprays so it should last a while. I have been using this prior to applying makeup as a primer and also to set. I do believe it is making a difference in how long my makeup wears. I've only been using it a little over a week right now, so it is too soon for me comment on any long term skin benefits, but I will report back on that in the future. If this is Doll 10's first venture into releasing more skincare I am ALL FOR IT.

Golden Pearl Limited Edition Face and Body Bronzer
Them: "The best-selling Original Golden Pearl Face + Body Bronzer just got a Limited Edition summer makeover. Our Golden Pearl adds natural warmth, helps to minimize imperfections, and glides effortlessly onto the skin for a naturally bronzed radiance that lasts. Achieve a youthful radiant glow while delivering skin nourishing benefits."

Me: The limited edition component is so beautiful. The mirror inside is huge! The bronzer itself is wonderful. This is a matte bronzer with no shimmer or glitter to be found. The color is very natural looking and not too dark, which fair toned me really appreciates. You can use this on the face or body. On the face you can lightly dust it all over with a fluffy brush to add natural looking warmth, or you can use it to contour. I like it a lot to contour because it blends with my blush and powder effortlessly and looks really natural. It also lasts all day. The bronzer pan is huge so this thing is going to last me years!

Split Decision Eyeliner
Them: "The perfect eyeliner to suit your every mood! This 2-in-1 creamy gel eyeliner gives you two versatile looks in one convenient package! Use the satin side to define the lash line, giving you dramatic definition and fuller-looking lashes. Use the pearl side to create fun looks that draw everyone’s eyes to yours, as it reflects light and makes your eyes sparkle! Both sides contain the same richly-pigmented, long-wear formula that glides onto lids with precision like a liquid. -Total Eclipse: Black, Luna: Dark Brown."

Me: Admittedly, I don't wear liquid or gel liners on my eyelids every day. That is partially because I am terrible at applying them. That being said, this eyeliner is really easy to use! I use it with a very thin eyeliner brush and the super pigmented formula just glides on my lids so easily. Once the color is down, it DOES NOT MOVE. It survives teary allergy eyes. I like both colors a lot. I find myself gravitating towards Luna, the dark brown a lot more than I would expect to, but I like the softer browns for Summer. The two formulas in one pot are nice too. I tend to use the satin side moreso when I am going out at night and I like the pearl side for more day looks. But really, there are no right and wrong way to use these. Solid eyeliners that will not budge.
Luna, Total Eclipse- Flash
Luna, Total Eclipse- No Flash

Demo Video
As a reminder, I am not, nor do I claim to be a professional makeup artist. A list of all products used can be found in the YouTube description box.

Review Video

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