Mini Atlantic City Getaway: Beach Photoshoot with Hair and Makeup Details!

My fiance recently started a new job!! I'm SO happy for him. (side note: hope I'm next) Anyway, in between the old job and new one, we decided to head down to Atlantic City for a couple days since it has been way too long! Naturally, I played and posed around on the beach. Read on for some photoshoot pictures, plus hair and makeup details!

 We actually went to Atlantic City for a Music Festival Tommie's friends put together. It was really nice. We started out on a roof top listening to music and taking in some stunning views.

 After the afternoon music session was over, we hung out on the beach for a bit before going to dinner. We ate at Margaritaville, which was a far walk on the boardwalk from our hotel, but I love the theme and their cheese curds. When we got there, I discovered they changed the menu and no longer had cheese curds. Bummer. Dinner was still quite delicious! I got a paradise (see what I did there? LOL)

at Margaritaville
The dress I wore for the first day by Lilly Pulitzer is a "Marlowe" style dress in the print "Resort White A Mermaid's Tail" I love the detailed coral reefs as well as the tails on this one.

 This was second day hair. For whatever reason, my day 1 wash day was not the best. Bad day 1 hair equates to not the best day 2 but I didn't have time to wash my hair again. Despite not having my best hair day ever, I did not let it stop me from enjoying myself!


So here's the thing about this trip. We were only going to stay overnight but decided to stay an extra day. I was not planning on washing my hair while there, so I did not bring the proper hair products to wash it with. I mean, that makes sense, right? Well, our first day there we were on a roof top and there was crazy wind, plus very windy on the beach. The frizz in my hair was so out of control. I tried using extra product, and even Tommie's hairspray to fix it, but it ultimately made it worse the end of the day.

The next day I had two choices: wash my damn hair or deal with it in a messy bun. Well, messy buns do not cute beach pictures make, so I washed it. Unprepared. I didn't even have conditioner on me! What I did have was a jar of Josie Maran Argan Oil Body Butter (my favorite) After rinsing my hair with lots on water and no shampoo or co-wash, I used the body butter as my conditioner/leave in and applied it using the "seaweed method" technique. I was pleasantly surprised with how soft my hair felt and how fast it absorbed. Next, I used second day hair products that I usually do not like on wet hair, but again, they were all I had. I went in with Briogeo Rosarco Milk next, which I usually use as a second day refresher spray. I applied this to my wet hair for UV protection against the sun. I then used Jessicurl Oil Blend, which was the one product I do like on wet hair, and followed up with Briogeo Curl Charisma Gel. The Briogeo Gel is a light hold and I usually love firm hold gels on wet hair. Again, I used what I had with me and hoped for the best. Since I was not about to use a terry cloth towel on my hair, I had to sacrifice a hotel pillowcase to use in place of a hair towel. It worked very well, but I still feel kind of bad about soaking the pillowcase with water and hair product. I did hang it nicely to dry.  I air dried it for a few hours but it was getting late and my roots were still wet, so while we are at "doing things I normally don't do", I took the hotel blow dryer with no diffuser and dried my roots a bit. At least the Briogeo Rosarco Milk was a heat protectant! I then finished up with Tommie's non curly girl method approved hair spray for extra humidity protection. Was this my best wash day ever? Absolutely no. But my hair did come out a lot better than I thought it would, and more importantly, Tommie and I had a really great time in Atlantic City!

I had a lot of fun hanging out and splashing a bit in the ocean.

This dress is Lilly Pulitzer in the "LaJolla" style in the print "Raz Berry Lobsters in Love" This style is one of my all time favorite fits! I love that it is not too flowy or loose, the sleeve length is utter perfection and I adore the deep "U" neckline.

Here is all the makeup I wore:

-Tatcha The Silk Canvas Face Primer
-Doll 10 Beauty Hydragel Foundation in LIGHT
-Tarte Shape Tape Foundation in LIGHT
-It Cosmetics bronzer and blush from the "Your Most Beautiful You™ Anti-Aging Matte Bronzer, Radiance Luminizer & Brightening Blush Palette"
-Wander Beauty Lip Crayon in Island Hop
-Grande Cosmetics Lash Primer with Laura Geller Beauty Lash Boss Mascara on top
-Wander Beauty Micro Brow Pencil in Blonde
-Wander Beauty Liquid Eyeshadow in Gilded Rose
-Doll 10 Beauty Finishing Touch Powder
-Doll 10 Beauty Hydralux liners in NOIR and BRIGHTEN UP on waterlines

That's it! It went super fast, we stayed up way later than I'm used to and it took me a good three days to catch up on my sleep, but we had such a great time and it was a much needed quick getaway!

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