Westmore Beauty Hollywood Blockbuster 2-in-1 Lipstick & Liner Duo

I've been cutting down a lot on buying makeup. Still job hunting (ugh), planning the wedding (aaahhh!!!) and such have made my budget less than to be desired. That, and I'm trying to use and enjoy more of my makeup collection. But Westmore Beauty releasing new lippies at a price on QVC recently that was basically buy one, get one free and totally did me in. Luckily, they were so worth it! Read on for my thoughts and review!

Here is what QVC says about them:

"An instant Hollywood classic! This unique ergonomic lipstick shape is designed to allow you to outline your lips with the tip of the bullet first, and then fill in your lips with the wide flat side of the tip. It's precision application in one easy step.

The Blockbuster Lipstick's smooth glide-on application ensures it deposits rich, even color in one swipe. Upon application, you'll feel the lipstick begin to transform as the glide gives way to a creamier texture and a slight tack that cocoons the lips. This transformation is the key to setting the color and pigment in place for long wear. The secret is in the combination of ingredients that work together to create a unique sensorial experience upon application.

You will not believe how glamorous your lips look with a beautiful rich color and satin finish that give the appearance of fuller-looking, luscious lips--yet you won't feel like you're wearing any makeup!

There are actually three total colors and they were paired in duos of two of the same color. I got two of the colors thanks to QVC's Easy Pay system where you don't have to pay all at once.

Bullet lipsticks are my favorite kind of lipstick to apply and have been since forever. These are great, the tip is just a bit pointier than usual. It makes it no more difficult for quick and easy application, but it does allow me to line with them easier if I wanted to line. I find both colors are extremely pigmented and I only need one swipe on top and one swipe on bottom. The color lasts on my lips until I eat or drink and wear very comfortably. They make my lips feel pillowy and soft which I really like.

High Budget Rose, Box Office Peach

no flash

High Budget Rose
A GORGEOUS color! A perfect every day pinky rose that is cool toned. The finish is a pretty natural demi-matte. I really like that this shade is a bit lighter than a typical rose usually is.

Box Office Peach
As a lippie addict who had a three digit collection, I can truly say this color is quite unique! It is peach, but not heavily orange toned (which I actually dislike) On my lips it has more of a neutral undertone that shifts slightly warm, but not too much. The finish is mesmerizing. It's shiny and a bit holographic with added pink to it, which makes me love it even more. As gorgeous as the color is in pictures, it's truly breathtaking in real life.

Overall I'm happy with the Hollywood Blockbuster 2-in-1 Lipstick and Liner Duo from Westmore Beauty. If you're looking for new lippies (and who isn't, really?) they are worth checking out here.

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