Great Wash Day with Olaplex and More, Beach Sunset Pics

Time is FLYING! On Saturday's wash day, I realized it has been about a month since I've done an Olaplex No 3 treatment! Of course I had to jump on that right away and also mixed some holy grails, old favorites and newness. I was very happy with my results! We also went to hang out at the beach Saturday so of course, that is where we took pics!  Read on for more.


This is everything I used for the wash:
  • Pre Treatment: Olaplex No 3 
  • Cleanser: Curlsmith conditioning wash 
  • Conditioner/Mask: Be Kekoa be Lola deep treatment
  • Stylers: Boucleme conditioner (as a leave in),  IGK Hair No More Blow (roots only), Raw Curls anti-frizz spray, Jessicurl oil blend, Jessicurl spiralicious gel

I applied Olaplex No 3 on dry hair and left it in a bit over an hour while I worked out. If you want more info on Olaplex No 3 and curly hair, check out the video I did HERE.

When I washed, I used the Curlsmith Conditioning Wash which is one of my all time favorite co-washes ever. Not only does it clean my hair and smell incredible, it leaves my curls beyond moisturized, shiny and has no bad ingredients inside whatsoever. I followed up with Be Kekoa Be Lola Deep Treatment. This is another really clean product and works beautifully. See my review on that HERE.

Styling wise, I've been enjoying the Boucleme Conditioner as a leave in. I applied using the "seaweed technique" My review of the Boucleme products is coming up real soon. The IGK No More Blow is a product I am still testing and will talk more about soon. It doesn't have all ideal ingredients, but promises up to 46% faster air dry time. I'm still trying to figure it out before forming an opinion so stay tuned. I followed with Raw Curls Anti-Frizz Spray, which I applied very heavy handed and Jessicurl Oil Blend and Spiralicious. The hair just adores these last three.

After the leave in and IGK spray on my roots, I applied everything else with my hair flipped over then scrunched, but hair up in the Original Moxie VersalTowel for a while and then air dried completely.

It has been record breaking hot in New York the past few days. I gladly will take this over Winter and snow, as long as my air conditioning is working. ;) As much as I love going to the beach bright and early to lay under my umbrella with SPF, lately I've been enjoying going in the evening and relaxing after dinner since it gets a little cooler, the sky is GORGEOUS as the sun is setting, and it is significantly less crowded.

This is a Lilly Pulitzer dress, of course! This is actually a kids dress in XL and I went to the tailor to get it taken in because it was way flowy on me. I love the off the shoulder look because it shows my shoulders but still hides the parts of my arms I despise. I went with this because the adult dresses the print came in just sadly didn't excite me. IT also came out in a romper but I don't do rompers. They're not my thing at all. The print is called "Tortuga Time" and it is one of my all time favorite prints. I LOVE blues and also LOVE turtles so it was perfect. I also have this print in a short sleeve casual shirt (I forgot the style name, maybe the "Etta") and also wound up with it in a popover sweatshirt. The necklace is a blue heart and silver turtle Tommie got me last year in Wildwood for under five dollars! Finally, the comfy and cute turquoise sandals with the seashell accent are from Aerosoles a few years ago. I love Aerosoles they make such cute and comfy shoes!

Of course I HAD to pose with the turtle railings wearing a turtle dress!

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