IT Cosmetics CC+ Your Most Beautiful Skin QVC Today's Special Value 7-27-18

IT Cosmetics has a Today's Special Value on QVC on July 27th with pre-orders starting today, July 23rd! While all of their TSVs are quite splendid, this one is definitely one of my all time favorites. Read on to find out why, plus information, my thoughts, review and all that fun stuff!

So, I've been a HUGE fan of IT's CC Cream since it debuted in 2013. Loving the coverage, how it melted into my skin, how it doesn't look unnatural, the skincare and SPF inside- all amazing. However, I always said I wish their was a matte version because my one critique was that the finish was a bit too dewy for my combination, acne and shine prone skin. I have wished and hoped and dreamed and begged the IT team for a Matte CC Cream for YEARS! Earlier in July, I saw on mega makeup influencer and amazing sneak-peeker, Trendmood's instagram that a matte version was coming out! I happened to be on a mini vacation with my fiance eating breakfast in a public restaurant when I saw this, but that couldn't even hold my reaction back. Guys, I SCREAMED "eeepps" of pure excitement and joy. I so made a scene, Tommie was a bit embarrassed. Tommie also said even he remembers me always saying I wish they'd do a matte version (because yes, I talk to the dude about makeup more than he probably would like. LOL) Okay, so we have my excitement of a five year old on Christmas morning about the product coming out. I found out shortly after it would be in a TSV and that high excitement skyrocketed even more. I've kept my lips sealed, which I do when I find out about a lot of stuff I can't tell you all about right away, but I'm so thrilled to finally be able to talk about it! Okay, enough rambling, back to regular TSV blogging....

About the TSV
"IT Cosmetics’ CC+ Your Most Beautiful Skin! Skin-Perfecting Essentials Collection gives you the power to experience complexion perfection! This Today’s Special Value® is scheduled to debut on QVC® Friday, July 27, 2018 at midnight (ET) and will be offered for one day only! Each day, QVC picks one special item they believe shoppers will love, and offers it at an exceptionally low price from midnight (ET) until 11:59 pm (PT) that day.

 Inside the collection: This exclusive three-piece collection features two new CC+ complexion must-haves—one that’s your best-selling favorite, now in a matte finish, and one that’s your skin-perfecting powder— plus, a revolutionary brush for flawless application. Shop IT on QVC Tune in to QVC on July 27, 2018 at 12am, 3am, 10am, 4pm, 10pm (ET) for more details on the CC+ Your Most Beautiful Skin! Skin-Perfecting Essentials Collection.

QVC Item #A310436 Auto Delivery #A344349 
$121 worth of products for $49.18!"

Heavenly Skin CC+ Skin-Perfecting Brush No. 702
 Them: "A makeup bag must-have, your game-changing, cruelty-free, custom-cut brush features ultra-soft Heavenly Skin brush hair for your smoothest application. Perfect for pairing with your favorite powders, foundations and complexion products, it blurs away the appearance of imperfections for your most beautiful finish!"

Me:  This brush is not new, but it is wonderful. IT Brushes are simply the best in the biz with synthetic and soft as anything brush hairs that makes applying products super easy. I like using this particular brush to stipple foundation on for full coverage. I can also use this one with tinted powders to get a more full coverage. The shape is also perfect for applying brush. So versatile!

Your Skin But Better CC+ Airbrush Perfecting Powder with SPF 50+
 Them: "Sheer to Full Coverage Finishing Veil Experience the look and feel of your softest skin with this sheer-to-full coverage finishing veil! This revolutionary talc-free powder is infused with high-performance ingredients to help diffuse and color-correct the look of imperfections."

Me: When I saw this said new I was confused because I knew I had this in my IT draw, but then I realized this version has SPF50+ in it, where as the one I already had did not. I'm always happy when SPF is added to complexion products, especially with IT since they somehow miraculously know how to add SPF without getting flashback in photos! This is a great powder, but IT makes some of my all time favorite powders so I expect nothing less. It does not cake or settle into my fine lines and pores and leaves my skin looking airbrushed and filtered without going through an app. Plus, like all IT products, it has a ton of good for my skin ingredients inside. The coverage is definitely buildable depending on what tool you are using to apply. I can wear this over liquid to mattify or add a bit more coverage, or even just by itself and cover all my redness, acne if any popped up, and even dark circles! The mirror and sponge inside the component make it super easy to toss in my bag and take with me. If you are curious about the difference between this and Celebration Foundation SPF, as full coverage as I can get with this, I think Celebration is even more so.

Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream Oil-Free Matte with SPF 40 Poreless Finish Full Coverage Cream
Them: "Discover full, natural-looking matte coverage, skincare and SPF 40 UVA/UVB broad-spectrum sunscreen—in just one step! This hydrating, color-correcting breakthrough is oil-free and available in 12 shades. Plus, it’s infused with charcoal, known for its detoxifying properties, colloidal clay and Moroccan lava clay, known for their oil-absorbing effects, and tea tree extract, known to combat blemishes.

In a consumer perception study: 

  • 85% said it reduced shine
  • 81% said it controlled shine throughout the day
  • 78% said it controlled oil and lasted throughout the day"

12 Shades now available!!!

  • fair
  • fair-light
  • light
  • light-medium
  • medium
  • natural medium
  • medium tan
  • neutral tan
  • tan
  • rich
  • rich honey
  • deep

This is the first time we are seeing any CC cream offered in twelve shades! The original CC Cream and Illumination will expand to 12 shades in the Fall as well.

Me: Warning: This review is going to be long. I make no apologies.

With my excitement about this product, it had super high expectations to live up to, which I'm happy to report it did! I've been wearing this Matte CC Cream every single day for about two weeks now since it arrived at my door, even on non-makeup days because I want to see the benefits over time of what it does to my skin, as well as immediate.

The IT Team kindly sent me the shade LIGHT. Sadly, this shade alone is too dark for my skin, but it is pretty forgiving. Plus with it being Summer, despite my best efforts of wearing SPF and hiding under hats and umbrellas at the beach, I still somehow get slightly darker. Basically what I'm saying is, it is good I have LIGHT now instead of the dead of winter when I am truly at my most ultimate fair. I'm thrilled to see this product is offered in shade "fair-light" too, something else I have been begging the IT team for on top of the matte version. You have to absolutely respect a company who listens to their customer feedback and delivers!! I've been on an ultimate makeup no-buy between not working and the wedding coming close, but it is so broken as I'm ordering this TSV myself on Auto-Delivery in Fair and Fair-Light. Comparing the LIGHT Matte CC Cream to the LIGHT Original, to me, it looks like the matte does run slightly warmer. Other than that, they are very similar in shade.

The coverage is amazing. Full coverage that lasts on me all day. As mentioned earlier, my skin is combination, acne and shine prone. It does not feel drying or tight at all on my skin, especially with this humidity in the Summer. I can actually wear this alone and it kills my shine and provides a very natural, matte finish without even adding powder on top! I'm so thrilled about it. Day to day I've been wearing it by itself, even without primer and have had no issues with it wearing off. On days when I do a more full face of makeup, I do go in with primer and just a little bit of powder. I use A LOT less powder with this one than I did with the original. As much as I loved the original, I needed to cake on quite a bit of powder to kill the dewyness and shine.

Ingredient wise, on top of all the amazing anti-aging and skin loving benefits that the original CC Cream has, including hydrolyzed collagen, peptides, niacin, hyaluronic acid, vitamins, and antioxidants, this oil-free version also contains charcoal to detoxify, colloidal clay to absorb oil, and tea tree extract to combat blemishes!

This version does have SPF physical only sunscreen 40, instead of 50 like the original version. In order to get the formula to meet its maximum potential and work as well as possible, the brand felt the active ingredients worked better with 40, which is still quite high for SPF, so don't worry.

CC Matte, CC Original - both in light
no flash
matte, original - no flash
matte, original - flash

Combination and Oily skinned girls and guys, the IT Team listened to our hopes and begging! Don't miss out on this!!!!!! IT not only made a matte CC cream, they knocked it out of the park and down the road it's so good!!!!

CC powder, CC cream - flash
CC powder, CC cream - no flash

Please keep in mine looking at these before and after photos, I'm well aware the shade I am showing you is a bit dark for me. (so please, BE NICE) Also, I need to get to the eyebrow threading place ASAP.

I still wanted to show the finish and coverage it gave so you can make your best decision on ordering the TSV.

These pictures were taken using the iphone X near an open door and natural sunlight. No ring light, flash or photoshop/app edits, etc

no makeup
just CC Matte in LIGHT (and mascara)

 I probably should have waited longer to take the after, the parts with shine still actually settle more after a while but I was short on time. The LIGHT shade actually looks even more forgiving in pictures than in real life on me.

The next three are a full face of IT Cosmetics. I went back and mixed the CC Matte LIGHT with original CC Cream in FAIR like I've been doing. I did set with Bye Bye Pores instead of the CC Powder since the LIGHT CC Powder is even darker than the cream and doesn't work for my skintone.
Overall, this TSV is an excellent value and I simply can't speak enough words at how happy I am and how much I love the new Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream Oil-Free Matte with SPF 40 Poreless Finish Full Coverage Cream!!!! This is holy grail status.


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disclaimer: products sent to me for review consideration. I also bought more for myself with my own (well, technically my fiance's) money. Not endorsed or sponsored. No monetary compensation received. All reviews and thoughts expressed are my own, honest opinions, as always.


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