July Empties, Favorites, Random Pics plus Hair Life Updates

Today I have my beauty empties and favorites videos for July 2018I I know I'm a little late with these, but butter late than never, right?! I also have some pictures from July as well as hair and life updates. Read on for more!

The products mentioned in each video can be found in their respected YouTube description boxes.


I think my empties video is even more hair product heavy than usual since I've really been making it a point to work through my stash getting rid of almost all done bottles.

July flew by in two seconds. Definitely the fasted month gone in 2018 so far. Wedding planning and responsibilities have taken over most of my life since IT'S NEXT MONTH!!! WHAT!? How on Earth is MY WEDDING next month already? Another fact: no matter how many times I say it or type it, hearing "my wedding" is still bizarre as heck. I've also still been actively job hunting with absolutely no luck in that department. Le sigh.

As for hair, with the humidity being so extreme this Summer, I've had frizz. I think we all have. At one point in July I was having a nervous breakdown looking into Keratin and Brazilian Blowouts as possibilities for my wedding. It's SO FRUSTRATING to do everything right for your hair and still have frizz!!!!!! My sweet but very angry at the mention of them hairstylist, as well as fiance both talked me out of it.

I've been still taking such good care of my hair with deep treatments every wash, protein treatments once a month and Olaplex No 3 every other week, but style wise more often than not Ive had my hair clipped back off my face with minimal effort just because it has been so hot. I do need another trim soon, that will happen in August. I've also been very minimal with makeup which is a nice break.

Here are some random best of shots from July. Mostly at the beach since I wait all year long for the few cherished beach days I enjoy in the Summer!
If you missed my weekend in Wildwood post, check it out HERE.

This was a surprisingly really good wash day!
  • Pre Poo: Raw Curls Conditioner
  • Cleanser: Ouidad Superfruit Clarifying Shampoo
  • Protein Treatment: Aphogee (with heat)
  • Conditioner: Boucleme Moisture Treatment (left in half hour) 
  • Stylers: Jessicurl Too Shea (as a leave in),Rockin Ringlets, Curlsmith Intensive Treatment Serum, Jessicurl Spiralicious.
air dried.

 A random nice day in the city on top of the apartment building Tommie's aunt lives in

 Yet Another Beach Day! My hair is full of Original Moxie Pre-Emollience Treatment so the Sun would help my hair instead of fry it.

This was Day 2 hair.
I used Jessicurl Awe Inspiraling Spray, Confident Coils and Curlsmith Intensive Treatment Serum

 Keansburg Beach. This beach is cool because you can see the city and Verazzanno Bridge in the distance. It was a better view in person than came out in pics. This was also Day 2 hair.

 This was an all Jessicurl Wash Day!
  • Cleanser: Gentle Lather
  • Conditioner: Deep Treatment
  • Stylers: Too Shea (as a leave in), Rocking Ringlets, Oil Blend, Spiralicious

air dried

This was a mix wash day with Jessicurl, Curlsmith and Raw Curls. My roots are still slightly wet. Took these at my brother's house since his bathroom lighting is fantastic.

In the pool with Stretch

 And finally, this is the clipped back, I didn't even try hair that has been happening most days!

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