Wedding Makeup Trial and Hair Styled for My Bachelorette Party!

MY WEDDING IS LESS THAN SIX WEEKS AWAY!!!!!!! How did that happen? Where has time gone!? It's crazy! As time gets closer,  I am checking more and more off my "to do" list. A couple weeks ago, some good friends and family members threw me a Bachelorette Party. I thought this would be a great day to have my makeup trial, and also have my hair done! Read on for more!

Since I get worried about how I look at all times, I asked my friends to tell me the date and then they did the planning as a surprise. We went to one of those "paint and sip" classes since I love to paint, don't like clubs and definitely do not like the thought of strippers. I also don't drink alcohol, so the sip for me was a nice iced cold water. LOL.

I had Sage (my hairstylist and now also good friend) do my hair again also just so she can feel my hair and get to know it as much as possible before my wedding.

I still haven't finalized exactly how I want my hair for my wedding. I know more than anything I just don't want frizz. I went through  mini crisis where I really wanted to do keratin or a brazilian blowout, but Sage and Tommie both talked me out of it, after I drove them nuts for a few weeks. Now, I'm really trying hard to find curly clip in extensions since my hair isn't as long as I want it to be. We'll see how it is the big day.

Here is everything used for this style:
  • Overnight Treatment: Olaplex No 3
  • Shampoo: Jessicurl Gentle Lather Shampoo
  • Conditioner: Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair Deep Treatment Masque mixed with Jessicurl Deep Treatment, used with heat. Rinsed after a couple of hours
  • Stylers: Jessicurl Too Shea Conditioner, Rockin Ringlets, Raw Curls Shine Serum, Firm Hold Gel, after blow drying Ouidad Flexible Hairspray

Sage applied as usual, using her seaweed technique with the Too Shea as a leave in and then applying the rest of the products on soaking wet hair and scrunching. I sat under her table top dryer for a long time, since my hair takes FOREVER to dry. once all dry, she sprayed a ton of hairspray so my hair would last all night.

Why Am I Having A Makeup Artist Do My Makeup?
I knew right away I wanted to hire a professional makeup artist for my wedding. I'm decent enough at doing my makeup, but I am in no way, shape or form as good a professionals. Plus, with the other stress and anxieties of my big day, I didn't need worrying about doing my own makeup to add to that list. Seriously, the day of my Engagement Party in 2016 I was so nervous I had to redo my complexion three times!!

My hairstylist, Sage, introduced me to her friend, Caitlin, who is a crazy talented makeup artist! As soon as I saw Caitlin's Instagram, I knew I wanted to hire her for my big day. Since my wedding pictures will live forever, it was important to me to meet Caitlin and let her work on my skin and with my face beforehand. Caitlin is super sweet and I really enjoyed talking to her while she made me prettier.  I kept asking her questions trying to learn more makeup tips, hopefully I didn't drive her too crazy. ;)

Caitlin used a lot of professional and theater makeup from her kit after I expressed to her I get shiny easy and wanted to stay matte all night long.  On top of her products, she did use some of my favorites from It Cosmetics and Doll 10 Beauty, including Doll 10's HydraGel Foundation!

I loved how Caitlin did my makeup!! I never felt my face looked better. My face was matte and stayed that way all night, I had full coverage which I requested and I absolutely fell in love with the false lashes, eyeshadow look she did and even how she shaped my lips! The lip color I used that day was Doll 10 Beauty HydraGel Lipstick in "No Angel" with IT Cosmetics Vitality Lip Flush Butter Gloss in "News Anchor Blue"

lots of selfies since I got my hair AND Makeup done!!

My outfit was put together around this awesome Mermaid Bride shirt I found on Etsy. Aside from being cute, it's also super comfy! I decided to wear the crown my bridesmaids made me for My Bridal Shower again, because how often in my life will I be able to wear it and get away with it in public? I paired with a pair of Lilly Pulitzer shorts. If I would have thought a little more, I would have went to Lilly to get a skirt because it was really weird to go out and not be in a cute dress!

Something else really cool and thoughtful is my best friend, Corrine, got me my own Snapchat filter for the night!!! I was so excited because I always wanted my own Snapchat filter!! The design is also so me!
Sage and I
Corrine and I


Overall, I had a really nice Bachelorette Party with some people who mean so much to me and I felt really good about how my hair and makeup came out!

Sage's Instagram
Caitlin's Instagram

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