Doll 10 Beauty Pretty Flawless HydraLux Collection QVC 9.13.18

On September 13, Doll 10 Beauty is debuting their new "Pretty Flawless HydraLux Collection" on QVC2 as their Big Deal for the day! Read on for more information, my thoughts and review.

What is QVC2 and their "Big Deal"? QVC2 is QVC's sister channel. Like QVC's "Today's Special Value" where each day they offer a really good price on something, the "Big Deal" is the same thing for QVC2. A special low price for 24 hours only, or if it sells out faster.

It has been over a year since we saw a Today's Special Value from Doll 10 on QVC (WHY QVC BUYERS!? WHY?!) so I'm super excited for this kit. One of my favorite foundations is in here, along with m favorite genius eyebrow product, an amazing lipstick color, GORGEOUS highlighter, super soft doubled ended brush and the debut of their brand new concealer that is actually a concealer/eye cream hybrid!

When you select the kit, you pick your foundation shade and will receive the corresponding concealer shade to go with it.

The box comes with a super cute sketch on the top that I want to hang up on my wall. It is an extra detail that I really enjoy.


HydraLux Foundation

Them: "Introducing HydraLux Smoothing Foundation – a weightless foundation that blends so seamlessly, it feels like a second skin. Formulated with Smooth Assist™ a clinically proven muscle relaxing hexapeptide and free-radical fighting antioxidants that improve the appearance of your skin as you wear it!"

Me: Guys, this foundation alone sells on Doll 10's site for $44 and it is so worth it. This whole kit will be $54 - $10 more!!! I have been using this since it debuted last September, and even used up a whole bottle which is hard for a makeup lover to do. That's how incredible this stuff is. If you'd like, see my original review here. I feel the same way about this amazing foundation as I did back then. I go through phases of using this consistently and also alternating with other favorite foundations, including the brand's HydraGel. Anytime I do use this consistently for a while even when I wash my face, my skin looks better and I get mad at myself for stopping. Makeup lover issues.  It feels like nothing on the skin and melts into my face to become one. The coverage is buildable medium to almost full. I like that it wears all day, doesn's cause my acne prone skin to break out and doesn't settle into lines or pores. You don't necessarily need a primer with this, but I prefer one and also to set it with powder since my skin is so oil and shine prone. Shade FAIR in this foundation is an excellent match for my skin. For reference, this foundtion runs a bit lighter in my opinion than the brand's other foundations, as with HydraGel and HydraBalm, I generally prefer to wear LIGHT or a mix of LIGHT and FAIR.

HydraLux Concealer

Them: "A concealer and eye cream hybrid with clinically proven results"

Me: Go check out those clinicals on the graphic I posted a little higher on this blog. Those are pretty impressive! I have the shade fair in this since I am a fair in the foundation. Truthfully, I do find the fair in this concealer to be quite a bit lighter than fair in the foundation and I almost wonder if light in the concealer would be a better match for me. Oh the struggles of being a girl who falls between fair and light in complexion products. To make it work for me for now, i did blend a bit more of the foundation with the concealer, otherwise it just looked too light. That being said, this formula is incredible!! I like to rounded ball wand applicator to apply. It is full coverage and I also notice some brightening and light reflecting aspects to it, which is awesome since my dark circles are super dark. It wore on my undereyes all day and didn't crease or me. I made sure to use a Q-tip to wipe off an excess on top of my fine lines (a tip I got from my friend Emily) The concealer isn't super dewy and I didn't find the need to set it with powder on a day to day basis. I do plan on wearing this daily for a while to see the cumulative skincare benefits.

Double Ended Brush

Super soft and cruelty free just like all of Doll 10 Brushes! I like this double ended brush A LOT. The big side is slanted with tight bristles and is perfect to use with the foundation to blend or stipple for fuller coverage. The smaller side works so well to blend out the concealer.

HydraGel Lipstick in Knockout
Them: "HydraGel Lipstick is an ultra-lightweight gel lipstick that provides bold, one-stroke color in a moisturizing, satin finish. Perfect for all skin tones! HydraGel technology uses high-density pure pigments suspended in a lightweight gel formula with lip-loving ingredients that help hydrate and soften lips."

Me: I've said this countless times. Doll 10 Beauty makes some of my all time favorite lippie formulas. The HyraGel lipsticks are included. The lipstick formula is so pigmented, all you need is one swipe on top lip and one on bottom, it has a delicious light vanilla scent, makes lips look more full, fills in lip lines and is so moisturizing. This lipstick wears so comfortably, my lips feel like pillows. The lip color didn't wear as long as a stain, but it does not claim to be a stain. However, it did wear for hours, even sipping through a water bottle which is great. The new color, Knockout, is my favorite HydraGel lip color to date, surpassing my favorite "No Angel" from a prior holiday kit that I wish the brand would bring back permanently. This color is the epitome of a "Diane Pink" lip color. It is blue based, cool toned, lighter pink shade that is such perfect neutral that goes with so much!

H2Glo Highlighter in Pink Diamond
Them: "A lightweight cream formula that glides on easily and blends beautifully to help you achieve a truly dewy complexion. Add a dose to your cheeks, brows, décolleté, or wherever impulse strikes, for a healthy hint of highlighting sheen."

Me:I admittedly am just not a big highlighter fan. I have shine prone skin, I just never find a need to use one. This new color though, Pink Diamond, won my heart. It's pink!!! Oh it is just so beautiful. I don't wear it on my cheeks much, because of that whole not a big highlighter person thing, but I like to use it alone or over another color on my lips to add in more pine, dimension and shine. Plus it also feels nice on my lips. Additionally, it makes such a pretty eyelid shadow color for me.

Arch Master

Them: "Be the master of your arches with this revolutionary 3-in-1 brow sculptor. Arch Master is a total brow wardrobe in one easy to use pen. The soft, custom designed angled skinny brow pencil is perfect for creating natural-looking, hairlike strokes to define and outline the shape of your brows. The creamy brow powder is soft and subtle – perfect for filling in sparse areas and creating fuller-looking brows. The tinted brow mascara will volumize your natural brow hairs, color any grays, and hold hairs into place, perfecting your look! This 3-in-1 brow sculptor is perfect for anyone looking to groom, fill in, or sculpt their brows – or all 3!"

Me: This brow product is genius. Three different products in one, you can use one at a time or mix and layer. My brows are light, and I do prefer it in the shade taupe, but universal comes in the kit. I can make the universal shade work if I go super light handed, but truthfully I'm giving this color to my mom and will get another taupe for myself. The skinny brow pencil part is my favorite part of the component because brow pencils have been my preferred go-to for brow application for years. A lot of days if I'm in a rush I just use this alone. The slim and skinny shape make it look so natural and the product adheres to both my brow hairs and skin where my tails are thinner and I like to faux thicken them. The brow powder is very subtle. I use this on the "meatier" part of my brow so I don't use up too much brow pencil each time. The powder doesn't adhere to my skin like the pencil does. The brow gel holds my brow hairs in place and also adds a bit of dimension. I've also worn this tinted gel alone and it just helps to define my brow shape. When I wear the brow mascara alone, it isn't quite as dark than when I layer it over the pencil part. Overall, amazing, amazing brow product!!!

PS I had pictures of all the brow product tips individually and didn't realize how blurry they came out until it was too late. Feel free to see my original review on arch master here for my pictures.

lipstick, highlighter, concealer, foundation
(shade fair)
no flash


all the pictures below are taken near the window with my iphone X. No flash, no ring lights, and no photoshop edits or any sort. It was a cloudy, rainy day so lighting was a bit challenging.

ignore the sunscreen I didn't rub in on my forehead

(also mascara, waterline liners and brows)



Aside from all the items in the kit, the other Doll 10 items I am wearing at the HydraLux eyeliners in "noir" and "brighten up" on the upper and lower water lines, blush and contour from the "Chic to Cheek" Face Palette and Finishing Touch Power. My mascara is not from Doll 10 because I  ran out of both the EffortLash and Illegal Eyes (which are equally amazing) and have't had a chance to buy more yet.

This was taken in my car, also outside on a cloudy day. I have the whole kit on again but this lighting really does a nice job at showing the beauty of the HydraGel lippie in Knockout!


For $54 (not including if there is shipping) for this kit, the value is fantastic. Whether you love Doll 10 Beauty and want to stock up, get new shades and try the new concealer, or try the brand for the very first time, this is such a fantastic way to do so!!! And hey, if you don't like that lippie color feel free to send it to me (just kidding about that last part!!...well, kind of. LOL)

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