Our Mini Moon in Cape Cod: Recap, Outfits and Beauty Details

I'm a bit out of order posting about our Mini Moon before Wedding, but I have so much Wedding content I want to do, I figured let me do this first since it will be quicker. Tommie and I went to Cape Cod, MA for a few days as a "Mini Moon", since our actual Honeymoon to Aruba is in the Spring. Read on for my recap with pictures, beauty and fashion details!

What made us decide to go to Cape Cod, MA was athe combination of several factors. I, of course, wanted to be near a beach, we wanted somewhere driveable (it was a 5 hour drive without traffic going. Let's not talk about going home with bad traffic...) and also, this Mini Moon was a generous gift from my brothers and we got to pick where to go out of a list on one of their time shares (side note: I totally want a time share when I finally find full time work)

We were there for five days and those five days flew by, but we had such a great time. Tommie and I are big "foodies" and love to relax. We usually will plan a few things, but we're just not the type to itinerary every single second while we are away.

 On the drive up from NYC, we made a pit stop in Connecticut for Frank Pepe's Pizza. We've had it a coiple times when in that area and it is absolutely delicious!!

 Also while in Connecticut, my dear HUSBAND (still weird to type it and say it, but I love it!!) stopped at a Lilly Pulitzer store for me in Greenwich. I love going to local Lilly stores wherever I am. :) It turns out also in Cape Cod there were several stores and I went to a total of FOUR on this trip!!! Sadly I couldn't buy in every single one, but boy I sure wanted to. ;)

 Once we arrived at the resort in Cape Cod, we put our stuff in the room and I ran to the beach. There was a private beach steps away from where we were! HEAVEN.

The outfit we drove up in was super comfy. I have on a Lilly Pulitzer Waverly Top with JoJo pants which are pants that actually look dressy and even have pockets, but are elastic and comfy to the max. The hooded cardigan is from Barefoot Dreams. I'm OBSESSED with Barefoot Dreams. The feel of their clothing is like nothing else I ever felt.  Their stuff is so cozy and the fact they are on QVC and I can get items using Easy Pay helps tremendously.

While on the beach I found a perfectly in tact seashell. The creature inside (scallop? clam? I'm still not sure) was still alive because he nearly shut himself on Tom's finger! We gently placed him back in the Ocean to live out his life.

We then changed and went to dinner at a local spot called "Cleat and Anchor" It was boat themed and the food was really good! That night was really cold, I was glad to have packed leggings and booties. To warm up, I had a bowl of chicken orzo soup and it sure hit the spot!

This Lilly Pulitzer dress is called the "Bailor" style. It's a button down shirt dress that is perfect for a nice dinner or night out! The print is called "Palms Up" Maybe it's the New Yorker in me, but I always love Lilly prints with darker backgrounds.

This was also second day hair. In the morning before we left I used Briogeo's Curl Charisma Coil Custard. To touch up before dinner I used some Raw Curls Anti-Frizz Spray.

 The next day, we woke up and it was super cold and rainy. Bleh. We still went to the town over, Chatham, and browsed some local stores. Highlights include a huge Rubber Duckie store where Tommie bought me a bride and groom duckie set. Also a cheese store where we got to taste all different cheeses and left with a black truffle cheddar that we enjoyed snacking on the rest of the trip. Our room had a fridge to keep the cheese safe.

 We went back to the room after shopping for a bit to relax. After a couple of hours it finally stopped raining and we went to dinner at a restaurant called Ocean House I heard amazing things about. This restaurant was right on the water and the views were beautiful.

This was Day 3 hair. It survived shopping in the rain. All I did was in the morning add a little dry shampoo to the roots and more Briogeo Curl Charisma Coil Custard to the lengths. I truly love that stuff on dry hair.

This Lilly Pulitzer dress is the "Parigi" style. This is the same style my bridesmaids wore for my wedding and it is extremely flattering on all body types! This print is called "Jungle Hoppin" This print is extra special because a portion of the purchase went towards the Rainforest Alliance and their mission of conserving biodiversity and ensuring sustainable livelihoods. I love when Lilly does "Prints with a Purpose" where they team up with certain charities so you can feel really good knowing some of your purchase price benefits things and people in need!

Ocean House had such incredible food. The highlight for me was this appetizer- prosciutto wrapped burrta cheese in honey on mint and nuts. One of the best things I ever ate in my entire life. If you can't tell, I'm a cheese addict.

Also, the restroom wallpaper in this restaurant had all mermaids on it! I was obsessed!!!

 The next day the sun was shining and it was beautiful out! I actually woke up extra early because I had to wash my hair.

I went with my current Holy Grail Routine:
  • slept in Olaplex 3 the night before
  • Curlsmith Conditioning Wash
  • Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair Masque
  • Jessicurl Too Shea! Conditioner as a leave in, Rockin' Ringlets, Raw Curls Firm Hold Gel, Jessicurl Oil Blend mixed with Raw Curls Shine Serum
We walked to the private beach for a few hours in the morning. Tommie brought his fishing stuff and was relaxing fihsing and I was taking in the ocean and sunshine!

 One of the things we did schedule was a Seal Cruise! I am OBSESSED with seals, sea lions, otters, etc and was beyond excited!! Seeing the seals play in the water and up close with my own eyes was incredible. I wanted to jump in and hug them.

 I actually changed from a Lilly hoodie to another dress in the car and right after the amazing cruise we went to dinner at a restaurant called Brax Landing. My brothers gave us a nice gift card for this place. We decided to try and eat local and got a cup of New England Clam Chowder and Stuffed Quahog, among my Surf and Turf meal (because #TreatYoSelf) The New England Clam Chowder was amazing. The stuffed Quahog was too spicy for me, but Tom liked it.

After dinner as we were driving we drove past a store called "Mermaids on Cape Cod" You better believe my fantastic husband made a U-Turn!!! I couldn't believe it, an all Mermaid themed store!?!? Incredible! The owner, Sherry, was as sweet as can be! She also has an online store which you can find here. I wanted to spend a small fortune but stuck to a hoodie and bracelet. Sherry was super kind and actually gifted me a t-shirt as a wedding present!!! How thoughtful and kind is that!?

 As we were driving, I saw an awesome river. The sun was setting just right and it was the perfect opportunity for a photoshoot! The Lilly Pulitzer dress I wore today in the "Linden" style. This is a popular long sleeve option by the brand and I have quite a few. They're quick, simple and so comfy. This print is called "Oh Shello" I love the seashells. This is referred to as a Pop Up Print because originally "Oh Shello" was released in a different colorway.

 The next day was a day spent relaxing near the private beach and enjoying spending time together. I did decide to do another fun mini photoshoot and Tommie was happy fishing again. We went back to Brax Landing to spend the rest of the gift card and this time I got myself a bowl of the New England Clam Chowder! It's so good!!!

This Day 2 hair I used Raw Curls Anti-Frizz Spray and Briogeo Curl Charisma Coil Custard.

This Lilly dress is the "Preston" style. I LOVE the sleeve length! Anything that covers my upper arm area makes me happy. I love the lighter blues and purple in this print called "Pinch, Pinch". There are lobsters on this print, but some think they look like something else! LOL

Our final day, we went to eat breakfast, relaxed at the beach some more and then drove home. I was comfy and didn't have makeup on so I didn't take pictures, but I did take these gorgeous sky shots while stuck in traffic going home.

Makeup wise, I packed some of my favorite products by IT Cosmetics and Wander Beauty! I did minimal makeup this trip to really enjoy as much time taking in Cape Cod as possible.

 Our Mini Moon was so great. I just loved relaxing and spending quality time with my HUSBAND!!

Stay tuned for wedding content coming soon!

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