Wander Beauty Extended Stay Hydrating Mask and Glow Ahead Face Oil

Wander Beauty is incredible. They make some of my favorite makeup ever, and I live for their Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks. I've been so excited to see Wander add more products to their skincare arsenal and am here to talk about two today: The Extended Stay Hydrating Mask and Glow Ahead Face Oil. Read on for more!

Before getting into the new, I need to bring up the Baggage Claim Eye Masks again. If you have not tried these yet, DO SO ASAP!! For lots of details, I did a review of them last year HERE, but I've been using them twice a week since, and three times a week leading up to the wedding and no other eye mask I ever tried makes such a huge difference on my eye area! At the time of that review I couldn't speak of long term effects, but now that I've been using them twice weekly or more for almost a year, I can say they help keep my eye area in tip top shape, leaving the area feeling smooth with lines lessened and my super dark circles looking brighter! You've probably seen me with these a lot if you follow my instagram stories.

Now onto the new! These products fell into my hands at the perfect time. My skin is acne prone and usually very combination, shine prone and oily. However, with the pre wedding stress, my acne flared up badly, I increased the strength of my acne products to make the pimples go away and it worked, but it also left my skin feeling very dry and flaky- things my face is not used to!! When I say these new Wander Beauty products truly helped in saving my skin, I mean it.

Glow Ahead Face Oil
Them: "A signature blend of eight lightweight but powerful oils including Raspberry Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Castor Seed Oil, Camellia Japonica Seed Oil and Meadowfoam Seed Oil. Our multitasking beauty elixir instantly hydrates and absorbs into skin revealing a bouncy, youthful complexion, no matter your skin type. This lightweight yet powerful blend is formulated to deeply nourish AM and PM, prime before makeup and refresh on-the-go. The innovative spill-proof Wander Dropper is always travel ready, giving you total control one drop at a time. Our blend of age-defying oils are cocktailed to restore skin’s moisture barrier and give you a youthful glow."

Me: The first thing I will say about this face oil is that the component is simply brilliant! Wander simply innovates in the beauty industry. Not only is the tube plastic instead of breakable glass, but it has an attached dropper-like spout making this oil easy and spill proof to carry everywhere!! This oil really is lightweight, I've been using it as the very last step of my night time regimen and if my skin is feeling very dry, I can even use it under makeup and it absorbs super fast. Additionally, I absolutely love this oil on my cuticles and in my hair! It leaves my both skin and have very soft and silky without weight, heaviness or greasiness. I believe the addition of this oil has helped to even out my skin tone. I am addicted to the lovely scent of this oil which comes from the ingredients inside and not synthetic fragrance! It have a beautiful rosy and subtly sweet aroma that is not strong or overwhelming. I have used countless beauty oil blends through the years and this one is at the top of my list. This oil is silicone free!

Extended Stay Hydrating Mask
 Them: "A lightweight, yet deeply nourishing multitasking mask enriched with vitamins, antioxidants and fruit extracts for healthier looking skin. Luminous skin gets an Extended Stay with this antioxidant-rich, intensely hydrating mask. Featuring 5 powerful fruit extracts and a mix of vitamins that protect and heal. The lightweight texture glides onto skin and locks in moisture overnight. Whether you’re hotel room hopping or your skin is working overtime, Extended Stay Hydrating Mask is a three-in-one solution to refresh tired skin. Use this multitasking beauty essential in the morning or night for supple, bouncy skin."

Me: Confession: I never used a hydrating mask before this and simply did not realize how much I was missing out. Now that I tried this Extended Stay Hydrating Mask, I NEVER want to be without it!!!! As an acne prone girl, I've always been worried hydrating masks may cause break outs. This did not. If anything, it helped to speed the healing of active break outs I had. As I mentioned earlier, this came at the perfect time when my skin's been extra dry and even flaky for the first time ever. I would leave this on up to a half hour or sometimes even sleep with it on. The tightness I felt in my face was gone and my complexion felt like silk and looked simply radiant. Not only did it hydrate, but my skin looked more even, redness was gone and lines were softened. I use this all around my face, including around my eye area as well. Days when small areas of my face has flakes I even left a little on under makeup to help, and it did! I will continue to use this two to three times a week and will be rebuying it once the tube is empty. Aside from adding hydration and moisture, over time it can even help with spots and sun damaged skin! This mask is just so perfect for ALL skin types to make using filters on selfies optional.

Wander Beauty also released another new mask, Lift Off Purifying and Brightening Peel Off Mask. This mask is said to help brighten and detoxify the skin. I don't have this mask yet, but I really want it and will review once I do. I have high hopes given how in love I am with the rest of Wander's skin care line. I also have my fingers crossed the brand does an eye cream.


Overall, The Extended Stay Hydrated Mask and Glow Ahead Face Oil are two new staples in my skincare regimen and two new favorite products from Wander Beauty. I highly recommend both of them.

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