Doll 10 Beauty HydraLux Honey Sticks and Lip Liners

Doll 10 Beauty makes some of my favorite lipstick formulas. They recently release two new lippie products: HydraLux Honey Sticks and HydraLux Lip Liner. Read on for my thoughts and swatches of both!

Both products can be found on Doll 10's site, At the time of blog post, the HydraLux Honey Sticks are also on QVC. I didn't see the Shape Your Smooch set on QVC but it may still come for holiday.

HydraLux Honey Sticks
Them: "Introducing Hydralux™ Honey Sticks, our creamiest, more luxurious lipstick formula.  This indulgent formula glides on to your lips like silk drenching lips in ultra-hydrating botanical oils like rosehip oil and sesame oil. Nutrient-rich honey extract protects lips keeping them moist and plump throughout the day. 

Beneficial Ingredients:

  • ROSE HIP OIL - Natural source of vitamin E – which is an anti-inflammatory anti-oxidant that calms and hydrates dry and sensitive skin. Great source of natural essential fatty acids omega 3, 6 and 9 – which help repair and regenerate damaged skin tissue.
  • SESAME OIL – Effortlessly absorbs into skin helping to nourish and hydrate from within.  Rich in fatty acids linoleic and palmitic acid.
  • HONEY EXTRACT - This ingredient is full of natural antioxidants and is known to help boost moisture and radiance in depleted skin, which is why it's been a favorite for those with dull or dehydrated lips."

Me: I agree with the Doll 10 team, this is certainly their creamiest and most luxurious lipstick formula! Intense pigment, the right amount of shine and buttery goodness swept across the lips. It is beyond moisturizing. The comfort factor of wear of these on my lips is off the charts. The slip is fantastic and my lips feel so hydrated. The component is a click up to dispense more product and I like the thinner shape of the opening to fit the shape of the lips. The color wears for a while, it isn't the most long wearing formula of theirs, but it is so easy and fun to re-apply that is a none issue for me. If you have dry lips or your lips get really chapped in the winter you NEED these.

adored, show off - flash

adored, show off - no flash

One of my favorite Doll 10 lippie colors ever!! A gorgeous light, cool toned baby pink that is the true definition of a "Diane Pink" lippie.

Show Off
"berry nude"
I honestly don't see the berry in this. It is a true nude color with neutral to warm undertones. Since it isn't too warm, I can still wear it, but prefer nudes with more pinks to them.

HydraLux Lip Liners
"Shape Your Smooch Holiday Collection"
Them: "Say no more Dolls! We are modernizing the lip liner. Want soft, lined, and defined lips? Look no further then this Shape Your Smooch HydraLux™ Lip Liner collection! With a wide array of shades, these liners will match your boldest and brightest looks yet. Our liners are soft and smooth in texture, with an easy-to-use application. Created with special encapsulated pigments that melt on contact with skin to lock in pure, vibrant color for long-wear color! Line, fill and give a pretty pout! Want more liner? HydraLux Lip Liners come with a built-in self-sharpener! Simply twist gently, until you hear the liner click. You only need that little bit for a precise and smooth application"

Me: The formula is fantastic, the shade range in this set, not so much for me. Being a girl who loves pinks and berry lipsticks, there are just too many warm, brown and tan colors in this set for me to be absolutely obsessed with it. Luckily, I have an aunt who looks awesome in these shades and also loves Doll 10 so she will be happy with the colors I can't pull off. The component is unique and I've never seen a lipliner like it. To dispense more product, you hold the top part and gently press it down. You have to be careful though because you can't retract it once the product is up. These lip liners wear all day. Through eating, drinking, kissing- they are not budging. When I was doing my lip swatches below, I had to rub my lips with my makeup wipe kind of hard to remove the color- you can see the skin around my lips even got a bit red from doing so. That's how much these won't budge. You can wear them on their own or under any other lipstick or gloss to prolong wear. You can precisely shape your lips and they glide on without dragging at all. Again, formula wise the lip liners are excellent, I just wish there were more pink shades. The shade "Fame" in here is perfect so hopefully it gets released solo.

big shot, fame, hollywood, icon, star - no flash

big shot, fame, hollywood, icon, star - flash

Big Shot
"terracotta rose"
I don't see the rose part of this. It is a very warm tan color and just not for me.

"soft pink rose"
My favorite color of this set! A classic light, cool toned pink! I will be wearing this constantly under my lipsticks. I love it and hope Doll 10 releases it solo.

"soft nude plum" 
This has a little less of that "rusty" undertone to it than "Big Shot" does, but it is still too warm and tan/brown for my coloring.

"brown pink" 
This is more of a neutral undertone but still too much brown in it for me.

"soft nude"
The name is perfect. It is a soft nude color. No pinky undertones but I can wear this one under my pink lipsticks to prolong their wear.

Overall, both the Honey Sticks and Liner formulas are fantastic. I do hope the brand continues to expand the shades of both with even more pinks for me to love and wear.

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