April 2019 Beauty Favorites, Empties, Haul and 2 Hair Days

So much fun in one blog post! Another month of beauty favorites and empties! Plus a recent collective beauty haul. I'm pleased with how I've especially been de-stashing my obscene hair product collection while buying minimal. Read on for more on all these and another recent nice wash day!

I wish I could take more of these pictures outside. It's just been raining SO MUCH near me lately. These pictures were taken inside in front of my ring light with no additional edits besides cropping.

Products Used:
-Pre-poo: Olaplex No 3
-Cleanser: Prose Custom Shampoo
-Mask: Pacifica Beauty Pineapple Hydrate Curl Nourishing Mask
-Stylers: Prose Custom Conditioner (as leave in), Devacurl B'Leave In, ArcAngel Gel, Briogeo Farewell Frizz Oil

I styled upright, raking products in small sections and scrunching. Then I used the Aquis Towel to remove excess water and applied more gel and Prose Custom Oil on top.

Something I did do  a bit differently was squeeze some excess water out of my hair before applying products. So my hair was still very wet, but not dripping wet. I like these results.

I have no idea why the back of my head always has different coloring in pictures.

This was the day after that wash. I had really good day 2 hair, even after a work out!

These were taken in front of my window with natural light coming in.

There's a special guest who makes an appearance in here!



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