Doll 10 Beauty Master Palette with 9 Looks!

I've had the Doll 10 Beauty Master Palette for months now. The palette is a true thing of beauty. Aside from the gantastic formula, each and every one of the twenty four shades are so wearable! That's quite uncommon for a palette of this size. Read on for swatches, looks and more.

Truth be told, I really thought I reviewed this palette already. The end of last year, when I got it, is a bit of a blur from my wedding, mini-moon and more so regrettably, I think it got lost in the shuffle. That being said, I don't have the typical pretty pictures of the palette before it was untouched and loved. But I did my best to clean it up for some shots.

From the brand: "A palette uniquely designed to inspire and create Good vibes for your eyes. These 24-brand new plush shades are all inspired by the rich tones of crushed crystals and positive energy ions. The result is #GoodVibesOnly! Infused with our proprietary blend and of time releasing pigments, each shade blends on effortlessly onto the eyes and stays true throughout the day! The universally flattering shades gives you everything you need to take you from day to night, no matter what the occasion. With colors that are satin, shimmery or matte, this all-in-one palette has all the colors you need. Perfect for anyone looking for richly pigmented, blendable, long-wear shadows in wearable shades that give you the ability to create multiple eye shadow looks with one palette. This palette will make you a MASTER in no time!

Formulated using amino acid treated pigments to enhance and prolong your wear, this oil resistant and water-resistant powder formula will nourish the delicate eye area while you wear it. Get the wear of a cream shadow, with the ease and blend ability of a powder with these uniquely rich textured shadows.   Enriched with highly pigmented particles from crushed semiprecious stones such as ruby, sapphire, amethyst and emerald to deliver deeply saturated shades in your favorite jewel tones."

In true Doll 10 fashion, the formula of these shadows are exquisite. The formula is poured rather than pressed. The colors are pigmented and buttery soft. They blend nicely and wear fresh all day until I wash my face at night. I do wear them with an eyeshadow primer since this is how I always wear eyeshadows. The colors are so perfect. The whole palette can easily be mix and matched and you don't need to be a makeup artist (I'm not one) to play and create some gorgeous looks with this that open up the eyes and brighten up the face. You can use the darker shades also as liners if you wanted to.

no flash


There are so many colors I couldn't get them all swatched at once. So the first three columns are swatched together and second three columns are swatched together.
no flash
no flash

As mentioned prior, I'm not a makeup artist. My looks are more simple and nice for day to day. With the exception of the full face pictures in look #2 which were taken under my ring light, all of these pictures were taken with natural light from my window using my iPhone X camera. Some days were cloudier than others, it has been raining quite a bit. No edits or photoshop, besides cropping. Also, as you can see, some of the eyelashes on my left eye are driving me nuts lately. I even comb them out with an eyelash comb and they just go to the side and gap like so. It's driving me nuts.

Look #1
Crease and Low Lash Line: Organize
Lid: Fawn

 Look #2
Crease and Low Lash Line: Lovely
Crease: Daydream
Outer Lid: Moon Dust
Inner Lid: Opal

*This look I went in with more shadows than I usual do. I was going to a wedding so figured why not have fun.

Look #3
Crease and Low Lash Line: Impress
Outer Lid: Mystic
Inner Lid: Opal

Look #4
Crease and Low Lash Line: Tea Rose
Lid: Angelic

Look #5
Crease and Low Lash Line: Dove
Lid: Linen

Look #6
Crease and Low Lash Line: Velvet
Lid: Silk Sheets

Look #7
Crease and Low Lash Line: Tea Rose
Lid: Wanderlust

Look #8
Crease and Low Lash Line: Suede
Lid: Organza

Look #9
Crease and Low Lash Line: Lovely
Lid: Opal


Overall, this palette is beautiful, very versatile and a must have!

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