Life of a Wash: Days 1-4 and a Surprise New Hair Combo

Today's blog post is full of all kinds of hair stuff: Days 1-4 of a great wash, another wash, and a video discussing my favorite hair tools and accessories. Read on for more.

DAY 0? OR -1? 

So, it starts off last Thursday actually. I went to an awesome day spa, Spa Castle, for my friend Sage's birthday. The spa consisted of multiple suanas and awesome pools. Knowing chlorine is absolutely terrible for hair, I brought along Jessicurl's Deep Treatment and reapplied a few times. Though my hair still felt dry and looked awful with no products by the end of the day, the deep treatment made it significantly better than it would have been without. I really like Jessicurl's Deep Treatment for pool or beach since it is protein free and can stay in my hair for an extended period of time.

This was my hair at the end of the awesome spa day with no product.
Sometimes, you really just need to live and enjoy life.
It did feel softer than it looks, I swear!

I got home late and was exhausted, but that still is not an excuse to wash the chlorine out of my hair ASAP. I cleansed with Briogeo's Be Gentle, Be Kind Co-Wash and followed up with the Prose Custom Pre-Shampoo Mask after gently squeezing out the excess water. Usually I would have just rinsed and let be but the whole "lining your wash day up with social life" is so real and I needed to do a full wash Friday. I fell asleep shortly after. I usually apply the Prose Mask and let it sit for an hour or so, so overnight was a lot longer and also would save me time the next morning.

I woke up and worked out with the Prose Custom Pre-Shampoo Mask still in my hair. After my work out, it was full wash day routine time. Here is what I did:
  • Cleanse: Prose Custom Shampoo
  • Rinse: Curls and Potions Rice Water and Bamboo Rinse
  • Mask: Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair
  • Stylers: Prose Custom Conditioner (as a leave in), Devacurl B'Leave In, Arc Angel Gel, High Shine Oil
I used the ThermalCare Hot Head to add heat to the rinse and mask. I applied stylers in smaller sections pressing them through my length with "praying hangs" and scrunching at the bottom. I used my Aquis Towel to remove excess moisture and then applied Prose Custom Oil on top. I air dried completely.

I'm so glad it is getting darker out later. I was able to have my husband snap a few quick pics of me in the yard before the sun went down. My hair wasn't 100% dry, but close to it.

I planned my work outs to allow this day for rest day. As a result, I had extra nice Day 2 hair. I was supposed to go to something but things happened and because my husband is the absolute best, he took me to Seaside to enjoy the beach and boardwalk on an absolutely beautiful day.

I didn't need to do too much to my hair, though it may sound like more than it is. I did a light misting of Jessicurl's Awe Inspiraling Spray all over, focusing on the front wonkier pieces. I then applied two pumps total of DevaCurl B'Leave In all over my hair for slightly more hold and shine. I then used Briogeo Curl Custard on the front and ends only, since they are a lot drier and need the heavier moisture. I then sealed it all with two droppers of the Prose Custom Oil. Once it set for a few hours, I did a misting of Ouidad's Flexible Hold Hairspray to help fight some humidity.

I don't usually do this much on Day 2, but I knew I'd be taking pictures and wanted my hair to look extra good. I'm glad we went to the beach so the good hair day didn't go to waste to be honest.

The dress I'm wearing is of course, by Lilly Pulitzer. This is a newer style called the "Malin Midi Dress" in the print "Deep Sea Navy Shells Bells." I love the colors of this print and tend to gravitate towards prints with darker backgrounds. The length is a bit awkward, it hits me mid calf. I was expexcting to need it hemmed above the knees but it looked better than I expected it to! Love the sleeves and deep V-Neck also of this one.

My makeup is a mix of IT Cosmetics and Doll 10 Beauty. I used the Doll 10 Beauty Pro Palette 3 eyeshadows and the lippie is their lip crayon in a gorgeous shade called "Money Maker" Complexion is all IT, except I did mix in the Doll 10 Anti Stress Skin Perfector with IT's CC Cream. I love mixing these two products together for full coverage with a ton of skincare benefits!

I actually needed my Day 3 hair to look good also, we had a party to go to. I did work out Sunday morning also and was pleased with the Day 3 hair post work out.

I used the Living proof PHD dry shampoo on my scalp, Jessicurl Awe Inspirialing Spray (spraying a bit more than the day before), some Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Gel all over and Devacurl Beauty Mess to calm down frizzies on the hairline and ends. With these products, I did apply to smaller sections using "praying hands" again.

Some of these pictures were taken in the car and some later on right before sunset. It's crazy how my hair color can look so different in different lighting.

This is actually NOT a Lilly dress! Surprised? This is an Isaac Mizrahi Live! dress from QVC. I have this color and also blue. They're so easy, comfy and flattering. This exact dress is a few years old and wasn't on QVC when I looked, but I found a super similar style but with elbow sleeves HERE.

Finally, a day to relax! I need relaxing days after being out so many days in a row. I worked out again and really am beyond impressed with Day 4 since I had sweaty work outs two days in a row.

Once again I went in with Living Proof PHD dry shampoo on the scalp, followed with Raw Curls Medium Hold Gel and sprayed all over with Ojon Restorative Leave-In Spray (note this product has been discontinued.) I didn't apply to smaller sections today. Instead, I divided my hair in half and did two big sections but still did "praying hands" and scrunched.

These pictures were taken near my window for natural light.

I probably could have gotten another day out of my hair, but with another work out and the fact I applied so many products the past few days, it was time to shampoo. Even when using dry shampoo, it is still SO IMPORTANT to actually cleanse and use regular shampoo so your hair follicles don't get clogged. This can result in hair loss. So please, wash your hair after dry shampooing a couple of days!

I tried a new combination this day that gave me excellent results. Even my dad commented that my hair looked "fake." When I asked him to elaborate, he said that is was shiny, bouncy and not as fuzzy as usual. I think by fuzzy, he meant frizz. Oh, dad!

Here is what I used:
  • Pre-Shampoo: Olaplex No 3
  • Cleanser: Prose Custom Shampoo
  • Mask: Hairfinity Strengthening Masque
  • Stylers: Prose Custom Conditioner (as a leave in), Devacurl B'Leave In, Jessicurl Spiralicious, Briogeo Farewell Frizz Oil
Like last wash day, I applied stylers in smaller sections pressing them through my length with "praying hangs" and scrunching at the bottom. I used my Aquis Towel to remove excess moisture and then applied Prose Custom Oil on top. I air dried completely.

Since I used the same techniques and other products as before, I can truly pinpoint that the combination of DevaCurl B'Leave In and Jessicurl Spiralicious were quite magical together! Why didn't I think to try this sooner?

These pictures were taken outside as the sun was setting. You can see the sun hitting me ever so specifically it made sections of my hair look lighter than the rest.

Yes, I threw on the same t-shirt as the day before. Since I didn't leave the house or sweat in it the prior day, it was on the top of my chair when we decided to run out that night.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post to see the life of a wash when I need my hair to look good for every day, even through working out!

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