Original Moxie "Discover Me" Kit

Original Moxie recently launched their "Discover Me" Kit, a box with mini sizes of their moisturizing and defining products, as well as some hair tools and accessories to help you discover what products work best and get your best natural hair ever. In this post I will talk about the contents and why I think this is such a good idea. Read on for more.

Note: Original Moxie is a fantastic brand, but be cautious if you are strict Curly Girl Method (I'm not, I'm mod CG) Some products are silicone free, but some aren't, so just be sure to read ingredients first if you avoid silicones.
From the brand:
"Tired of searching for the right product? In just three easy steps, our Discover Me™ Box will guide you in finding your ideal Moisturizer, Definer, or All-in-One Styler. This innovative product is a game-changer for those of us who have struggled (and failed) to find the perfect product. Perfect for those that may be at the beginning of the hair journey, our kit includes all the essentials to confidently explore and unlock your 'inner curl'. This version of the Discover Me™ Box is for Loose Textures, meaning those with waves and loose curls. Check out our Tight Textures Box if you have medium to tight curls, coils, or kinks!

What It Is: A comprehensive hair assessment kit with step-by-step instructions and all the essential products and tools to discover your natural texture."

What's In It:
  • (4) Moisturizing Minis: Everyday Leave-in™ Detangling Conditioner, Lux Locks™ Styling & Shine, Oasis™ Moisture Gel, & Shape Shifter™ Re-forming Cremé 
  • (4) Defining Minis: Just Gel™ Styling Concentrate, Mane Tame™ Weightless Frizz Control, Pop Life™ Volumizing Mousse, & Sweet Poof™ Volumizing Spray 
  • (1) Mini Flairosol Spray Bottle
  • (3) Parting Clips
  • (8) Pre-labeled Mini Clips
  • (1) Easydry Towel

The box also comes with a post card with instructions on how to use everything inside. I think this is such a great way to try a lot of Original Moxie's styling products to see which ones your hair likes the best. A really fantastic idea. I also love all of the accessories it comes with: the water bottle spray, parting clips, mini clips, a towel! There is so much fun stuff inside.

I will say this: I appreciate what they did labeling the mini clips to go with each styler so you can test them all on your hair at once but I for one simply can't do this. I have different hair textures and porosity on my head (as most do) and I rather just apply products all over on different wash days, take pictures and notes to see what happens. The bottles are minis, but still big enough to get a couple wash days out of each since the products are quite potent. The hair in the front of my head behaves so differently than the hair in the back so if I applied one product in front and one in back, results would be skewed because of how my hair acts and not necessarily by the products. I'd have to use the same product all over the truly see how it performs for me.

I also want to note, they kindly sent me the box for looser textures. It makes sense, my texture looks loose, and usually I rake products in to try an elongate my curs for length. But my hair is very high porosity and dry, and just going from experience with some of the brand's products, two of my favorite items from them are in the tighter texture box (Hold Up Serum and Emollience Pre-Treatment) and some of the items in here are too lightweight for my hair. (Pop Life, Sweet Poof, Mane Tame) I look for products to add weight and de-pouf, I don't want volume. Again, this is a personal preference thing, but worth noting if like me, you have loose curls but look for weightier products.


Overall, I think the "Discover Me" kit from Original Moxie is a great way to try some of the styling products in their line as well as an affordable way to get some hair tools and accessories.

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disclaimer: products sent for review consideration. no monetary compensation received. not endorsed or sponsored. all thoughts are my own, honest opinions as always. 


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