Supersmile QVC Today's Special Value 6-11-19

I have been using Supersmile toothpaste and teeth whitening accelerator since 2007. They were one of the very first things I remember ever buying from QVC's beauty department! The brand is having an INCREDIBLE Today's Special Value goes live on June 7th and is on TV on June 11th, 2019. I had the incredible opportunity to receive it early so I can tell you all about it. Read on for more.

 For the duration of the Today's Special Value (TSV) only, you will get a value of $254.00 worth of products for $54.96! THAT'S A $200 SAVINGS!!! The kit includes deluxe sizes as well as travel sizes of the brand's extra whitening toothpaste, whitening accelerator, extra whitening pre-rinse and also comes with a toothbrush!

You can purchase the TSV HERE.

Supersmile was developed by Dr. Irwin Smigel because he wanted a safe and effective teeth whitening system that also tooth care of your complete oral health including teeth and gums. If you want, read more about the company here.

I really like Supersmile because it is quick and easy to use, doesn't hurt my sensitive teeth and helps maintain my white teeth, depite all the coffee drinking and blueberry eating I do. I'm proud to say I'm in my thirties, I never had a cavity and still have a baby tooth in tact (there was no big tooth ever under it.) I brush, mouthwash and floss my teeth twice a day, every single day no excuses.

As I mentioned, the Supersmile Whitening System is quick and easy to use. No messy trays or lights or anything. All you do is brush your teeth like you would normally do for two minutes, twice a day. You put a pea size amount of the toothpaste and whitening accelerator on a DRY toothbrush and brush. That's it. Of course you use the pre-whitening rinse as you would any mouthwash, just before you brush, instead of after.

The TSV includes a brand new flavor of the extra whitening toothpaste, Lotus Peach Mint! I never wanted to actually eat toothpaste so bad. Don't worry, of course I won't eat it! This stuff just tastes that lovely. It starts off juicy peach and by the time you are done brushing it leaves you with fresh, minty breath. I did think peach and mint was a weird combo at first, but they work so well together! The travel size tube is of Original Mint, which is nice and refreshing. The extra whitening formula is a step up from the already amazing regular Supersmile whitening toothpaste.

Here is some information about the Extra Whitening formula from Supersmile:
"NEW to our line and five years in development by Dr. Irwin Smigel, world-renowned "Father of Aesthetic Dentistry". Our revolutionary Extra White has the highest concentration (3x the level) of Calprox®, our unprecedented science. Calprox® is a proprietary formula of encapsulated calcium peroxide and minerals which gently and effectively dissolves the sticky bio-film from teeth, to which plaque, bacteria, and stains (such as coffee, tea, tobacco and red wine) adhere, without the risk of sensitivity. Clinically proven to deliver an average of 2 shades whiter teeth after ONE brushing and an average of up to unparalleled 9 shades in just 30 days when paired with the Extra White Accelerator*. Shown to support gum health. Just brush and whiten – contains fluoride, no need to change your daily habits. Restores bonded teeth, veneers, caps, dentures to their original shade. Contains calcium, magnesium, phosphates, and fluoride which remineralize and restore enamel. Free of silica, parabens, sulfates, known allergens, animal by-products and BPA. It's also Kosher."

The pre-rinse helps optimize and enhance the whitening process, as well as helping with all over oral care, including gum health and aiding to prevent gingivitis.

About the Extra Whitening Pre-Rinse:
"Our extra whitening pre-rinse is ideal for fast-tracking results by boosting the level of whiteness as well as providing an ultra clean and fresh feeling. It works to maintain long term oral health by eliminating bacteria and stains in hard to reach areas, including between teeth.
Free of sugar, alcohol, silica, parabens, sulfates, known allergens, animal by-products and BPA. It's also Kosher."

 About the toothbrush:
"The patented 45° angled brush head, unique to Supersmile®, features five tufted rows of DuPont® soft, nylon bristles. Center bristles effectively clean below the gum line where plaque and bacteria accumulate while angled side bristles polish the tooth surface. Ergonomically shaped Lucite handle guarantees the ADA recommended brushing angle is maintained. Number one toothbrush recommended by aesthetic dentists. Stands upright for hygienic drying."


Overall, I truly feel Supersmile makes outstanding products for whiter teeth and overall oral care. This TSV value is incredible and one that should not be missed! The huge tubs also last quite a long time, nearly half a year each for me.


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