Tweak-d Dhatelo Rejuvenating Treatment Oil and Restorative Butter

I've been using the Tweak-d by Nature Dhaetelo Restore Ancent Rituals Rejevenating Treatment Oil and Restorative Face and Body Butter for a few weeks now and I am HOOKED. This brand is fantastic and these products pretty much have blown me away. The oil is essentially an old favorite product of mine from a discontinued brand remade and better than ever. Read on for more of my thoughts and review.

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This is a brief description from HSN on the duo. Both products are also sold separately and in other configurations as well.

"A duo of hair, face and body creams formulated to help moisturize and strengthen dry, delicate hair and skin."

 I've used some tweak-d products a few years ago and really liked them a lot. I haven't used them recently because I've been destashing and not buying a lot of new, but the brand has always been on my mind to revisit. I decided that since I've been so good with my destash, I'd treat myself to this duo since it was on special pricing and I also had a coupon.

If you remember the brand Ojon from years ago, Tweak-d by Nature was created by the same founder, Denis Simioni. I'm happy to see a lot of recent products Tweak-d has been releasing are said to be updated and even better versions of some old favorite Ojon products of mine. I remember in 2007ish, before social media was huge, I was Ojon OBSESSED! I even used the brand up until 2012, as I have some very early (and now private) videos on them. My hair just loved that line so much!!

Dhatelo Restore Ancient Rituals Rejuvenating Treatment Oil

Them: "Restore Rejuvenating Hair and Body Treatment by Tweak'd by Nature is an intensive treatment formulated to help moisturize dry hair and skin. This exotic blend of oils and butters sourced from around the world helps hydrate and rejuvenate dry skin and hair. It can be mixed with your body creams, shampoos, conditioners, and styling products for a boost of hydration."

Me: If you remember the original Ojon oil, this is the updated version!!!! I'm so very excited and obsessed with this product. The scent is almost identical to the Ojon- that chocolatey, musky, addicting aroma that I absolutely adore. There simply isn't any scent like it. Ojon oil or palm oil, comes from a specific region of Central America. The people who harvest this oil are known as "The Tawira," which translates to "The People of Beautiful Hair." This oil blend is a pure concentrate with no water, silicones, chemicals or preservatives inside. It penetrates to the inside of the hair shaft, rather than just sitting on top like some oils do. Aside from the palm oil, it also contains dhatelo oil, chiuri butter, shea butter, cocoa butter, and a high elevation honey. Dhatelo oil has a lot of beneficial properties by itself. You can read more about it, including the beautiful story on why Denis starting making products again here. The oil comes solid, similar to the consistency of coconut oil. You emulsify it first in your hands so the warmth of your body liquefies it. The brand has a claim that "there is a 96% reduction in breakage even after the first use!" A little goes a long way and hair absorbs it really quickly. There are many ways you can use it. I like to use it as a deep treatment, applied on dry hair so water doesn't dilute it and I leave it on anywhere from twenty minutes to overnight. I also will use it tiny little bit to help tame frizz and my ends on days old hair. I haven't tried it on wet hair, yet.When I use this as a treatment, my hair feels very soft and is more manageable with less frizz and pouf. Also as a treatment ans applied to days old hair, the shine I see is out of this world. I have blonde curly hair- shine does not come easy for me. There have been days where my hair may feel like hay based on testing new products, the weather or more and a little bit of this Tweak-d oil blend completely transforms it into silk! It's really crazy just how well this works. You can also use this on your cuticles and skin if you want. I simply can't say enough good things about this product. If you try one and ony one product from the Tweak-d brand, make this oil it! I'm hoping this releases in a supersize jaw because I honestly can't get enough.

Dhatelo Restorative Face and Body Butter
Them: "Formulated with dhatelo seed oil and a blend of extracts, oils, and butters--this rich, ultra-hydrating, 5-in-1 cream is whipped to an airy perfection that absorbs effortlessly. Help to moisturize dry skin till it's left silky soft and lightly scented. This all-purpose, air-whipped cream is perfect for skin types looking for moisture and to optimize the skin's own natural elasticity. Use it as an AM cream, PM cream, eye cream, make-up primer, and body cream to replenish moisture."

Me: This butter has a nice gourmand vanilla amber scent to it I really enjoy. It's worth noting that jar is a bit bigger than the amount of product inside. When I first received it, it looked as if some was actually missing, but the brand said the jars get filled by weight and they aren't filled up to the top. The butter absorbs so quickly.  I've been using it as my night time moisturizer. I have combination, shine and acne prone skin and personally just prefer a lightweight moisturizer during the day in the warmer months. I like that this doesn't cause my skin to break out, leaves it feeling soft and my skin looking even tone. I haven't noticed a drastic difference in fine lines and wrinkles yet, but if I'm being completely honest, as I always am, I'm in my early 30s and am fortunate to not have deep, intense wrinkles yet. I've used it on my hands too, but not on my whole body because if I use it on my whole body I feel like I would blast through the jar just way too quickly. It makes an excellent hand cream. The formula is clean and very hydrating. I like it in my hair sometimes on days old hair to add in moisture and fight pouf also. There are so many great ingredients in here including dhatelo oil, green tea, collagen, chiuri butter, shea butter, squalene, hemp seed, coconut oil, argan oil, crushed pearls, vitamin e and colloidal oatmeal. This is an excellent multi-tasking butter for hair and skin!


These are some pictures from discovering a nearby local beach. I really liked the lighting this time of day with the sun. Photos were taken with my iPhone  and had no edits except some cropping. I used the Tweak-d Dhatelo Rejuvenating Treatment oil as an overnight treatment the night before. I styled my hair and have been using the same styling products, shampoo and conditioner as I have been a lot recently so the only difference was the tweak-d. My roots were still slightly wet since they've been taking extra long to dry lately. I recently heard air drying in humidity can cause longer dry times and that makes so much sense to me.

Overall, I love these products by Tweak-d and really, really, really hope QVC or HSN brings us a supersize in the treatment oil!! PLEASE!!! Get the duo HERE.

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disclaimer:  products bought by me. no monetary compensation received. not endorsed or sponsored. all thoughts are my own, honest opinions as always. 


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