Wander Beauty Seascape Palette Demo and 7 Looks!

Wander Beauty's Wanderess Seascape Eyeshadow Palette is the latest addition to the brand's limited edition six pan shadow palette. This beach themed palette is absolutely gorgeous. Read on for my review, swatches and looks!

You may recall I just reviewed another one of their Wanderess limited edition palettes, Fling, here. I LOVE these portable, versatile palettes!

The quality is on par to the other Wanderess palettes: pigmented, buttery, blends beautifully and wears all day (over eye primer) under I remove my makeup at night. The colors are gorgeous and brighten up not jut my eye area, but my whole face. Of course, I especially love how this one is beach themed!

no flash

no flash

Here are some looks I played around with using the Seascape palette. I'm not a professional makeup artist and don't claim to be. Pictures all taken with iPhone X camera, mostly near window for natural light. A few additional shots were taken outside, in car or other places.

Look #1
Crease: Sand Dollar
Lid and Low Lash Line: Sea Foam

Look #2
Crease and Low Lash Line: Coastal
Lid: Champagne Harbor

Look #3
Crease: Sand Dollar
Lid and Low Lash Line: Sea Salt


Look #4
Crease and Low Lash Line: Sea Salt
Lid: Sea Foam

Look #5
Crease and Low Lash Line:Golden Reef
Lid:Champagne Harbor
Outer V: Sea Salt

This was from a day I did super quick makeup and just swiped "Champagne Harbor" across my lids really fast.

I should have taken more with this look. I had "Sea Salt" in the crease and low lash lines with "Champagne Harbor" on the lid. 


Overall, the Wanderess Seascape palette by Wander Beauty houses six new, beautiful colors and is a great addition to any makeup collection. Get it HERE.

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