DevaCurl DevaFresh Scalp and Curl Revitalizer First Impressions and Demo

I go through dry shampoos and hair refreshers more than any other hair products. As a curly hair who works out almost daily and does not want to do her wash day routine every single day, I heavily rely on these kind of products to give me good hair post work out all week long. When DevaCurl announced their newest product, the DevaFresh Scalp and Curl Revitalizer, which essentially is a dry shampoo and hair refresher in one, I could not get my hands on it fast enough! Read on for my thoughts.

Here is some information from DevaCurl about the product:
"Dry shampoo? Not for you curly girl. This style-extending spray is!
  • Freshens for 24 hours: 
  • Fights odor 
  • Refreshes curls 
  • Helps soothe the scalp
  • Boosts definition, moisture and volume and fights frizz
  • Infused with kombucha, known to help enhance moisture, volume, shine and frizz control plus prickly pear, known to help moisturize and soothe dry scalp.
  • Light and refreshing kombucha and champagne inspired scent."
DevaCurl had a dry shampoo years ago that has been discontinued. I liked the performance but was not crazy about the scent, which was odd since usually their products smell INCREDIBLE. They also have two refreshing products that work fantastic for me and I like a lot: Mist-Er Right and No-Comb Detangling Spray. In the future I may do a post comparing all three refreshers. I was surprised to see the size of this bottle. At 4.39oz, it is quite a bit smaller than Mist-Er Right at 12oz and No-Comb at 8oz.

After using the revitalizer, I realized it is pretty concentrated and I didn't need as much as I usually do with these kind of products. I tried it on day 2 hair, post intense work out where my scalp was pretty sweaty. I like that the DevaFresh is a mist and not aerosol, it is better for the environment and avoids some ingredients in aerosols that can be particularly drying for the scalp and hair, such as Alcohol Denat. It smells AMAZING!! A light fruity-floral that was just delicious to take in as I was refreshing.

I love the idea that I can use just one product on both my scalp and lengths to refresh, and it did a wonderful job! It feels extremely lightweight, even lighter than water. My scalp felt clean but not tight after spraying and massaging it in. Usually on days old hair, I need an additional product- a cream or light gel on top of spray to help fight frizz and calm down pouf. For testing purposes, I used this spray and only this spray today. Once my hair set, it felt so light, soft and my definition was nice- I actually had it set in a very loose ponytail to purposely stretch out the front. I did have more frizz and my hair was a bit bigger than I usually prefer, but I expected this to happen given I usually don't only use sprays, as previously mentioned. But with the amount of frizz I had, it is usually a lot worse than it was so that makes me happy!

Here are pictures after refreshing only with DevaFresh and letting it dry completely (air only, no blow drier) I took the pictures with my iPhone X near a window for natural light. The sun has been in and out with rain today so the lighting is a bit inconsistent.


First use I am definitely impressed with the DevaFresh Scalp and Curl Revitalizer by DevaCurl. If it can make my hair look this good by itself, I look forward to seeing what it does when layering a product on top to help fight further poof. I am am excited to see what it does even for Day 3 and 4. I will have a follow up blog with a more thorough review once I use it a bit more, so stay tuned!

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disclaimer:  product bought by me. no monetary compensation received. not endorsed or sponsored. all thoughts are my own, honest opinions as always. 


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