My Hair is Loving Original Moxie Stylers (plus discount code!)

Original Moxie has been a favorite hair product brand of mine for years. The brand always has a mix of silicone free and non-silicone free products. They recently reformulated three more products to be silicone free now! I was so excited to see this. This blog post talks about them, more of my Original Moxie favorites, a few wash days using their stylers and I also have a discount code for you guys! Read on for more.

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About the line
(from their website)
"Whether your hair is curly or straight, Original Moxie’s natural hair care products will help you look your best! Our lovingly crafted natural shampoos, conditioners, stylers, and treatments are loaded with organic ingredients that nourish your hair and scalp from the inside out. All of our hair products are sulfate free, paraben free, artificial fragrance free & cruelty free so that you can feel good about looking good!"

FeatherWeight Conditioner - NOW SILICONE FREE!
The conditioner has lots of awesome hair growth encouraging ingredients inside, as well as Vitamin C! This is one of my favorite Original Moxie scents- a Tangerine Vanilla. Sadly, this conditioner was designed for fine, limp, oily and easily weighed down hair and mine is the complete opposite. For that reason, I can't use this conditioner alone but if you have any of the prior mentioned hair attributes, you will love this! Since I still really like a lot of the ingredients inside, I'm mixing it with richer stuff because I'm all about hair growth ingredients.

Everyday Leave-In Moisturizing Cream - NOW SILICONE FREE!
This is polar opposite of the last product. SO HAPPY they made this silicone free now. As I sort of mentioned above, my hair is super dry, super frizzy, unmanageable, and needs all the moisture and help it can possibly get. Usually, products marked as "leave ins" are not enough for my wet hair...except this one. This beautiful product is so rich and potent and my hair drinks it up! A little goes a long way. Rareity number two for me is I can also use too much of this stuff!!! Once I found my ideal amount for wet hair, it leaves my curls soft, moisturized, shinier and ready for stylers to be put on top. I like that this is treating my hair for days. Speaking of days, if Day 2 or 3 hair needs more moisture, I add a little of this and I'm good to go! The scent is a bit herbal, but not offensive, and I usually dislike herbal scents. Two main key ingredients in here include shea butter, pumpkin seed oil, but there's also a lot of other fantastic essential oils inside.

Lux Locks Style and Shine Cream - NOW SILICONE FREE
The last of the newly reformulated silicone free products. This is another very rich styling product where a little goes far. It adds moisture and shine to the hair with ingredients such as Shea and Ucuuba butters. This scent is a bit stronger on the herbal side- not the favorite for my nose to be honest. I don't usually use styling creams on wet hair, but i liked this on Day 2 or 3 using the same way as I used Everyday Leave-In.

While I have this Original Moxie Blog Post, I thought I'd recap a few other favorite stylers of mine from the brand.

Pop Life Volumizing Mousse
This isn't firm enough hold for my wet hair to use alone, but I LOVE using it as a filler product between my leave in and gel. It gives extra ooomph to my hair, making my curls pop and providing even more shine. I also like that ingredients such as Bamboo Extract are helping to strengthen my hair as I wear. This product also has Soy Protein to further help strengthen and various essential oils for a multitude of other hair benefits! This mousse smells yummy, like a warm cup of tea. If my second or third day hair doesn't need too much moisture back to it, I can use this mousse and it is perfect for the refresh.

Hold Up Defining Serum
Hold Up has been on my holy grail list since it debuted years ago. This is an amazing strong, firm hold styling product and one of my favorite gels, even if it is called a serum. Like most the rest of the line, it is quite potent and I don't need much at a time. The scent of this is so fresh and spa like, in my opinion. When I use this on wet hair, it dries in a crunchy cast that scrunches out effortlessly. Underneath, I'm left with minimally frizzy, shinier, more defined curls. When I use this gel on wet hair, I can get multi-day hair that even survives sweaty work outs (with refreshing, of course.) Proteins inside help strengthen and enhance softness. By the way, mixing this with the Oasis Gel below is a truly magical combo.

Oasis Moisture Gel
As you may have just read, I LOVE mixing this with the Hold Up Serum. By itself, Oasis is not strong enough hold for my wet hair but mixed with Hold Up, it's pretty much miraculous. This has a calming, nature like scent to it which I like. The star ingredient in here is Sodium Lactate, "a naturally occurring humectant found in human skin that attracts moisture from the air and helps to hydrate porous, damaged hair."I love that this is a styling treatment since our stylers live in our hair much longer than any pre-poo or deep conditioner. Aside from mixing with Hold Up on Wet Hair, this is another product that works lovely to refresh and touch up days old hair.

Mane Tame Weightless Frizz Control
This is one of their non-silicone free products, so hopefully this is the next to be reformulated. That being said, even if it has 'cones, I happen to really like this product a lot. It is a concentrated shine serum that smells delicious- warm and citrusy. I can use this on wet hair in place of oil to seal in my other products, or just a little on days old hair to calm down frizzies without being heavy.

Emollience Pre-Treatment
Another amazing, versatile product. The cinnamon in the aroma reminds me of Christmas when I was young, the time when I enjoyed the holiday. The consistency of this reminds me of coconut oil. It's solid and melts when you rub it between your hands. This is one of my very favorite pre-shampoo treatments that I can leave on anywhere from ten minutes to overnight. I also like using this at the beach to protect my hair from the wind, salt and sun. Additionally, I've also used this as a last step styler in place of oil to seal in wet hair. Anytime I use this my hair feels like silk and my curls look more defined and enhanced. Cupuacu and Castor oils are star ingredients in here. 

Product Application
For the following wash days,  product Application stays consistent pretty much. I separate my hair into three sections: left side, right side and front stubborn misbehaving hairline area. I apply the styling products one by one (except Hold Up and Oasis which I pre-mix in a bottle and make sure to shake prior to using,) using a roping and praying hand method and then scrunching at the bottom. I do this for all sections. My front section I do have to twist a bit and manipulate since the curl pattern and frizz there are both terrible. After applying product, I use a towel to soak up extra moisture and then go in with more gel and oil. Once my hair dries a few hours, I go back and add in a little more gel and oil, especially to that front and my ends. Additional styling, for example if I diffused or air dried, is noted under each day.

Some of these pictures were taken outside, some were taken inside with my ring light (no flash) I'd love to just take all my pictures in awesome, natural lighting but...rain. So much rain this year. I'm not going outside to take pictures in rain.

Products used:
-Pre Poo: Prose Pre-Shampoo Mask
-Cleanse: Prose Custom Shampoo
-Mask: Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair Mask mixed with Prose Custom Conditioner
-Stylers: Original Moxie Everyday Leave In, Oasis Gel/Hold Up Serum mix, Briogeo Farewell Frizz Oil

I let my hair air dry completely. I really like the definition, softness and shine!
 (I was on vacation August 4th-9th.)

Products used
-Pre Poo: Prose Pre-Shampoo Mask
-Cleanse: Prose Custom Shampoo
-Mask: Pacifica Pineapple Hydrate Curl Nourishing Mask
-Stylers: Original Moxie Everyday Leave In, Oasis Gel/Hold Up Serum mix, Briogeo Farewell Frizz Oil

I let my hair air dry for hours, but then diffused my roots with the air dryer attachment from the CIC Beauty 3-In-1 Univeral Diffuser. I'll have a review of this diffuser soon, it's the best I've EVER used. Before blow drying, I applied Briogeo's Farewell Frizz Heat Protectant Creme. Original Moxie actually makes an awesome heat protectant cream also, but sadly my husband is allergic to something in that fragrance (I think it's orange blossom or neroli) so I can't use.

 Products used:
-Pre Poo: Olaplex 1 and 2
-Cleanse: Prose Custom Shampoo
-Mask: Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair mask mixed with Prose Custom Conditioner
-Stylers: Original Moxie Everyday Leave In, Pop Life Volumizing Mousse, Oasis Gel/Hold Up Serum mix, Briogeo Farewell Frizz Oil

I've been quite impressed with my wash days using Original Moxie stylers. If you've been following me a while (thank you), you may know I usually like to add a "filler" product in between my leave in and gel. While I mix two gels together, I guess one can technically count as a filler, I decided to see what would happen if I did layer another product. The Pop Life Mousse is amazing. So many awesome ingredients to treat my curls and get my hair to "pop" without any extra weight. Sadly this product doesn't have hold by itself for wet hair, but layered and used this way, it is incredible.

Another jump in wash days. The wash before this one I wound up getting a trim, hanging out with my stylist since she is my friend and we didn't take pictures. I used the Pop Life Mousse as a filler again and sealed with the brand's Mane Tame Serum. I diffused after air drying a while again here, which is why there is a bit of extra frizz.

Products Used:
-Pre Poo: Original Moxie Emollience Pre-Treatment
-Cleanse: Prose Custom Shampoo
-Mask: Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair mask mixed with Prose Custom Conditioner and Original Moxie Featherweight Conditioner
-Stylers: Original Moxie Everyday Leave In, Pop Life Volumizing Mousse, Oasis Gel/Hold Up Serum mix, Mane Tame


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Overall if you haven't tried anything by Original Moxie yet, you definitely should! The products a high quality with fantastic ingredients and help treat your hair as you wear them. Their website sells minis as well so you can try before committing to full size, and use my discount to save more!

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