New Additions to Briogeo's B. Well Collection

Briogeo recently released three new products expanding on their B. Well Collection, which debuted earlier this year. I really love how this incredible brand is doing well in the wellness realm and I am so here for it! Read on for my thoughts and review.

 A letter from the CEO:

The mailer they graciously sent me is so beautiful. I love the clear catch all tray, which I am of course re-using and now lives on my dresser!

Tea Tree + Eucalyptus Clean Deodorant
Them: "A natural, non-toxic, plant-based deodorant that won’t have you down in the pits! B. Well Tea Tree + Eucalyptus Clean Deodorant harnesses the power of natural ingredients to help neutralize odor and soothe irritation. Potent tea tree and eucalyptus minimizes odor, and coconut water calms underarm sensitivity caused by frequent shaving."

Me: The deodorant smells refreshing and I love how it glides on my underarms. I actually do notice the skin there feeling smoother after shaving since I've been using this consistently. I've been reaching for it daily and I feel fresh and clean all day. Usually natural deodorants on me are a waste of time, but this stick is seriously impressive!

Vegan Omega 3, 6, 9 + Biotin
Them: " A vegan-friendly hair supplement that utilizes a unique algae-derived Omega-3 complex to support healthy, strong hair. This proprietary blend contains Ahiflower® Oil, the highest source of SDA and omega-3-6-9 fatty acids from a single plant, as well as biotin and a micro-algae- derived DHA complex rich in omega-3. These softgels are derived from micro-algae and may have a marine odor."

Me: These are incredible. First, I love how small the bottle is, so little plastic waste!! The pills themselves are also super tiny and easy to swallow with no gross fishy aftertaste (been there, hated that.) I'm on my second bottle, since Briogeo kindly sent me one before release to test out. I have not had any negative side effects at all including nausea or break outs. It is known that some biotin supplements can cause acne prone skin (which I have) to break out and this one does not. Now, I'm a realist when it comes to hair vitamins and supplements. With most vitamins, it takes AT LEAST 3 months to see results. Also, vitamins can help hair still in the follicles,but the actually lengths are dead and past the point of vitamins helping. Taking a hair vitamin simply can't help current split ends. I tell you this because I don't want anyone to expect unrealistc results when taking any new vitamin or supplement. That being said, I feel like the hair right at my root feels so soft and looks shiny so I'm hopeful continued use will make my hair even better, and even help with excess hair fall. Our hair grows anywhere from a half inch to one inch a month, so since I have been taking these over a month that's what I'm going off of with my review. I'll report back in a few months, since by then more length that sprouted from my follicles would have had these as part of their nourishment. Also, as always, check with your doctor before taking any new supplement- especially if you are on medication.

B.Well 100mg CBD + Arnica Flower Soothing Skin & Scalp Oil
Them: "A custom-blended 100mg CBD oil for skin and scalp enriched with soothing arnica flower, hemp, and tamanu seed oils to calm, nurture, and moisturize. Powered by nature, this broad-spectrum CBD oil is THC-free and contains all the good stuff like omegas and cannabinoids to calm and soothe. Don’t let the rich omega profile fool you, this oil is light enough to add to complexion and hair products to boost soothing benefits, or use it on its own."

Me: I already am a HUGE fan of CBD in my skincare routine, so I was thrilled to receive this. I replaced the other CBD I was using with this one as the last step in my skincare regimen at night. CBD on my face helps calm down redness, and I notice acne break outs healing faster when I incorporate it. I love that it includes Arnica as well, since both ingredients can help with pain and I have severe TMJ. I'm hoping continued use of this will help alleviate my TMJ pain, even a little bit. I also started doing scalp massages with the oil twice a week. It does not feel oily, greasy or weigh my hair down. Since I just started doing this, I will report back with results in a couple of months. Sometimes good things truly need time to work their magic.

Organic + Cold Presser 100% Castor Oil

Organic Australian 100% Tea Tree Oil

I've been using these quite regularly since I received them back in January. Check out my detailed review on these here. I use the castor oil on my eyebrows nightly, and it has helped my tails get a little bit thicker after they thinned out the past few years!


Overall, I'm really enjoying the B. Well line from Briogeo and hope it continues to expand!

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disclaimer:  product sent for review consideration. not endorsed or sponsored. all thoughts are my own, honest opinions as always. 


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