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Hi! I'm Diane, but you probably guessed that from my blog's name, right? Thank you for reading my blog and I do hope you enjoy it. I've been passionate about beauty as long as I can remember, although I had no idea what mascara was until I was 17 years old! I currently work in the beauty industry (not in hair care though, sadly) while blogging is a fun hobby of mine!

I was born and raised in NYC, in the borough of parks! I have a loving fiance and a rescued dachshund who I adore more than anything else. Other than my passion for beauty, I enjoy the beach, being outside, music, video games, sitcoms and good food. I also have a *slight* obsession with Lilly Putlizer because her super bright and fun prints just put me in a better mood. I also have Fibromyalgia. I was diagnosed more than ten years ago, and it is a pain in my...well, everything. Part of what got me into beauty is realizing even on days I feel absolutely terrible, I can fake it and still look good. People say I'm kind, caring, funny and actually pretty quiet and shy in real life until I get to know people.

I decided to embrace my natural curly, wavy hair sometime in college and mainly out of necessity and ease. I got so sick of getting my hair relaxed or softened (yup I did that, even on top of dye which is a huge NO) and whenever I would straighten it, it would just frizz and pouf up and only damage my hair. Plus I work out regularly and trying to preserve faux straight hair while sweating every day is near impossible. That's not to say I never ever straighten my hair now, a couple times a year I will but I take very cautious measures.

Though at times I get frustrated with it like everyone else, for the most part, I do enjoy embracing my natural curly waves and enjoy them because they are unique, and easier to style. Being a natural curly wavy, I am a product junkie at heart and love trying the latest and greatest hair products out there. That being said, of course I have my holy grails.

I'm a freelance Content Contributor for NaturallyCurly.com and I really enjoy giving my opinion and perspective on things regarding hair. Truthfully, if it wasn't for the Fibromyalgia, I probably would have been a hair stylist.

Thanks so much for stopping by my little blog. I hope you enjoy.

<3 Diane

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