Tarte Cosmetics 5 pc Holiday Amazonian Butter Lipsticks Review!

gorgeous packaging!
     Tarte Cosmetics always comes out with AWESOME holiday sets! This QVC exclusive is right up there. The Kiss & Makeup 5 piece Amazonian Butter Lipsticks has a variety of shades for any lipstick lover to enjoy.

I've been enjoying this lipstick formula since it first debuted in a TSV (today's special value) kit from tarte back in February and collecting the kits since. I was very excited to see a nice set of 5 being released

Get the Lipstick Kit Here!!!

From a very wearable nude to a classic red, plus pinks and berry shades in between, these lipsticks will match everything in your wardrobe!

Aside from that, with great ingredients such as Cupuacu & Murumuru butter from the Amazon, they will be nourishing and moisturizing your lips all winter long!


check out my video review of these here:

i apply all 5 shades on my lips live!

Get the Lipstick Kit Here!!!

<3 Diane

Disclaimer: these lipsticks were purchased with my own money. I am not endorsed or sponsored by any brand for my reviews, and all my reviews are 100% honest and 100% my own.

IT Cosmetics Event at ULTA

it display and a makeup artist talking with a client

On Saturday, September 28, 2013 IT Cosmetics held a lovely event at Ulta in Clifton, NJ. This location is only about 40 minutes from me so I was lucky enough to attend the event and had such a great time!

Having been a fan of it cosmetics since early 2011 when I discovered them on QVC, I was excited for the brand and for fellow it girls old & new to be able to see such an awesome brand now in stores. Now we are able to touch, play and test out the products before buying!

awesome it products making pretty girls look their prettiest!
The event had some very talented makeup artists from IT giving clients free makeovers. All the ladies I watched looked beautiful and they all appeared to be very happy with their natural transformations.

If you haven't tried it cosmetics before, I encourage you to go to your closest ULTA to play with this awesome line of makeup. All the products are anti-aging and cruelty free. Some of my very favorites from the line include the CC+ cream, vitality lip flush in ja ne se quois, hello lashes mascara, lip liner in pretty in pink and bye bye pores finishing powder. But truth be told, I'm yet to meet an it product i am not completely crazy about!

 Check out my video review, which also includes more pictures here:

If you are curious about any it products, I have reviewed so many of their products on my channel (they are one of my very favorite brands) so here is my playlist on all IT products:  My IT Cosmetics Reviews & Demos Playlist

the it section at ulta!

<3 Diane


Hair Growth Update 19

So one of the first things I started on my YouTube channel was a monthly hair growth video. I have a goal to grow my hair as long as possible (maybe to butt? we shall see) and grow it healthy while doing so.

Every month I do a little video talking about what what working for my hair growth that month and also showing my current length.

If you see the first video to the most recent you can tell I am really making some nice progress!

Here is the most recent video, for September 2013:

I also have a convienent playlist on my channel of all the past hair growth updates if you decide to visit some old videos to see how far i have come:

^clicking the above link will bring you to my playlist.

Now that I have a blog along with my youtube, I can also show still pictures of my hair growth progress! woohoo!!!!

these pictures were taken with my cell phone camera maybe 2 weeks ago? from now on for the blog's sake, i will be using my regular digital camera.

 i kind of sort of can really use a trim. my boyfriend trims my hair (he's not a hair stylist, i don't know what kind of scissors and he follows the chapter in "The Curly Girl handbook" by Lorraine Massey on how to do it) but i will probably get a trim to get rid of dead ends by end of October.

<3 Diane


Hair of the Day!

Yesterday I had an awesome hair day! Honestly I don't have amazing hair days every day but I do enjoy capturing pictures when they happen. =)

 It was Day 2 hair for me and I find my day 2 and 3 hair is usually better than Day 1. I also went out last night (very rare for a Tuesday but my boyfriend's band had a show) so I got dressed all nice and stuff. 

What I used in my hair to revive it from the day and for it to last all night was the Jessicurl Awe Inspiraling Spray as a refresher followed by CURLS Cashmere Jelly. I love the CURLS Cashmere Jelly on my dry hair because it adds shine, softness and really helps with frizz. I applied both products section by second (bottom back left, bottom back right, left side, right side, top of back, front left and front right(

 I also finished with 2 pumps (a little goes such a long way!) of the Devacurl Mirror Curls Serum for added shine and a little of the DevaCurl Flexible Hair Spray to hold hair in place. I don't use hairspray too often- only when going out for long nights but i find it helps help keep my curls bouncy.

<3 Diane

Kat Von D Spellbinding Eyeshadow Book from Sephora for Holiday 2013

Kat Von D is a beautiful and talented tattoo artist. She also has a line of makeup at Sephora which is incredible! The quality of her stuff is seriously fantastic.

As soon as I saw this Spellbinding Eyeshadow Book eyeshadow palette that came out for Holiday 2013, I knew it had to be mine:
look at all those gorgeous colors!!!!!

This palette does not disappoint! All the colors are very pigmented and glide on like butter. They are blend together so easily and when layered one upon another, they create this magical duochrome effect. There are a few repeat shades from previous palettes but there are also many shades that have not been seen before.

My review video of this palette:

A Quick Demo Tutorial I did with this Palette:

this is the look from the video. countess below brow, piaf in crease and under lower lash line and babe on lid.

this was another quick look i did. instaglam on lid, stupid autocorrect on crease and under lower lash line. under browbone i used the laura geller french vanilla highlighter.

Disclaimer: This palette was purchased with my own money. All reviews, opinions and things said on this blog and on my youtube are 100% my own thoughts and opinions. I receive no monetary compensation nor am I sponsored by any brand for my reviews unless specifically indicated.

<3 Diane


Tarte Cosmetics "Beauty Without Boundaries" Today's Special Value on QVC!

Tarte Cosmetics have been one of my favorite makeup brands for years now. I love that their products work amazingly, they are all  formulated without any parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate or gluten, are cruelty free and that they are anti aging with skin loving ingredients so as you are wearing your makeup you are benefiting your face!

For one day only on Tuesday September 24, 2013 you can pick up this AWESOME set by tarte on QVC either on tv, by phone or on qvc.com The set is called "Beauty Without Boundaries" and is an 8 piece collection featuring some best selling and brand new tarte items! My holy grail primer and mascara are both included in this kit and truth be told I love everything in here so much, it very well might be one of my favorite Today's Special Values from QVC of all time!

*Click Here to Buy The Kit!!*

And don't forget to sign up for auto delivery! You will receive another kit in December and another kit next year both with different bags, shades of the lipsurgence and different items!

See my original review of the kit here:

My demo tutorial featuring the items in the kit as well as other tarte products:

<3 diane


The History of My Hair!

This was a fun tag video I did a little while back on youtube. Actually I made this video in December 2012! I didn't realize it was that long ago.

This video shows the history of my hair through my life and how I got to be where I am today with not only accepting, but also loving and enjoying my natural curly wavy hair.

It's true- I didn't always love or appreciate my hair texture, for years i messed with chemicals and always ironed it.

And of course, I had more bad haircuts in my life than any person ever should, which kind of explains my current fear of hair dressers.

<3 Diane

My First Blog Post!

Hi & welcome to my blog! This blog is long overdo, I had the idea in my brain for months that I did indeed want to create a blog, it was a matter of figuring out how!

So if you don't know me- HI! My name is Diane =)

I've had a youtube channel for over a year now dedicated to beauty- tips, tricks and reviews on products for curly, wavy, blonde hair and also on growing my hair long. There are also some frun demos, tutorials and reviews on makeup and skincare products too. I am a cosmetics junkie and slightly addicted to QVC.

My youtube channel is here-- MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL

This blog is meant to go hand in hand with my Youtube channel. I'll post the videos here as well- but I'll also get to write extra and include extra pictures along with my videos. I also plan on posting some fun makeup looks and good hair days mentioning products I use on here too among other fun stuff! =)

I hope you will join me in my blogging fun and please be patient in the beginning. I know this little blog doesn't look like much now, but I am still figuring it all out!

<3 diane
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