Tarte Cosmetics bow n go Holiday 2013 QVC Today's Special Value

For the second year in a row, tarte will be bringing us an INCREDIBLE Today's Special Value to QVC for the Holidays! Mark your calenders and set your alarms for NOVEMBER 18, 2013! The value for all you get in this kit is fantastic, and if you can swing it, I completely suggest getting two sets: one to keep and one to gift. The best part of gifting is it can be one gift for a lucky friend or family member or you can break it up to make several smaller gifts.

look at all the goodies!!!!!

There is just so much amazingness inside of here I don't even know where to start! I guess I will start from smallest box and work my way from there.

This kit comes with FOUR FULL SIZE LIP SURGNECES!!! One Lipsurgence alone retails for around $25 and let's just say this whole kit costs the price of 2 of these alone! This is a new formula of LipSurgences for tarte, lip cremes which are moisturizing, pigmented and glide on like butter. Just like the other LipSurgences in tarte's line, these are self sharpened so no need to fuss over a sharpener. You can see swatches of all 4 beautiful colors in the video below =)

 In the middle side box there are 2 full size "Lights, Camera, Lashes" mascaras and 2 of the original smolderEYES eye pencils. The Mascara is a multi-award winner and a cult favorite of the brand. I personally love layering this mascara on top of the tarte multiplEYE lash primer (sold seperately) for super long, luscious lashes.

The original smolderEYE pencils are four times the size of regular eyeliners so if you can't make a perfect line they are perfect for you. On the other end is a smudger so you can blend them out. These can also double as all overeyeshadows. The shades are matte brown and fig and you can see the swatches in the video below again =)
fig & matte brown smolderEYEs

lights, camera, lashes mascara

Lastly the big purple box comes with sixteen full size shades of tarte's Amazonian Clay eyeshadows!

Amazonian Clay has great benefits for the skin and is a signature ingredient in tarte's line. So on top of pretty colors, these eyshadows are working to keep the skin on your eyelids looking nice! What I like about this palette specifically is it contains mostly matte shades. The shades are all really pretty and has a mix of neutrals and some color. But if you fear color do not worry because the colored shadows are extremely wearable. On top of the tarte 360 degrees eye shadow primer (sold seperately) these shadows wore all day until removed. And again, check out the video below for swatches on all on them!

Also about this kit, you have the option to sign up for auto delivery. Signing up for auto delivery means you receive this kit now and then in April 2014 you will get another kit at the same great price but with all new colors!!! So to me, auto delivery is a no brainer.

Check out the video below for more thorough reviews and swatches of everything:

<3 Diane

disclaimer: this kit was purchased with my own money. all reviews, opinions and thoughts are always my own and truthful. i am not sponsored by any company nor do i receive any monetary compensation for my reviews.


Curly Wavy Hair Growth Journey Update 20

Here is October's Hair Growth Journey Update! Both a trim and color change happened this month:

<3 Diane

Mally Beauty Diamond Un-Powder VS Illuminating Refiner: What's the Difference?

I am sure I'm not the only one who noticed Mally Beauty has several finishing products. Recently I was curious about the difference between the Diamond Un-Powder and the Skin Illuminating Refiner (found in the brightest days kit) so I made a video comparing the two products which also includes demos and pictures:

click to watch review of Mally Brightest Days Kit

Disclaimer: The kit with the illuminating refiner was purchased with my money. The diamond un-powder was sent from QVC for review consideration. All opinions and thoughts expressed are always my own and honest. I receive no monetary compensation nor am i sponsored by any company for reviews.

<3 Diane

Empties Video 20

An empties video is when I collect a bunch of products (usually around 10) that I have used up and then talk about them- review, if i liked them, if i would repurchased, etc. They contain a mix of hair, skincare and cosmetic products. I have been doing these videos a while and they are really fun. Check out the latest one:

<3 Diane

613 Ultra Nourishing Treatment Mousse Review

The 613 Ultra Nourishing Treatment Mousse is a product by Wen sold on QVC. Long ago I used to love the Wen cleansing conditioners, then after using them for over a year my scalp developed some kind of weird reaction to menthol so there went that. I still enjoy the replenishing treatment mists, oils & now this new mousse.

The 613 cleansing conditioner was my favorite- it was extra special having amino acids and all sorts of delicious extracts for the hair to make it healthy, moisturized and strong. The mousse has the same ingredients and same yummy smell of  lemon, rosemary and vanilla bean. Also, the mousse is silicone free too so it is curly girl method approved!

I've also really been into mousses and foams lately. I have enjoyed layering them under my gels for additional curl definition and shine.

Here is some info on the 613 mousse, per QVC.com:
"What is it: The WEN Six Thirteen Ultra Nourishing Treatment Mousse is designed to help add volume, body, and shine to all hair types while providing hair with incredible moisture and hydration to leave it smooth and polished.
Who is it for: People of all ages and ethnicities, and for people with any hair type or texture. It works especially well for those who need need extra shine, hold, and to reduce frizz and flyaways.

Why is it different: Formulated with beneficial botanicals, extracts, and peptides, Six Thirteen Ultra Nourishing Treatment Mousse helps to reduce frizz and flyaways while completing your style with stunning sheen. In addition, it also helps define waves and curls, giving you the polished, radiant, finished look of the professionals."

Check out my full review & a demo on dry hair by watching the video:

<3 Diane

disclaimer: this product was provided to me by QVC for review consideration. I am not obligated to make a review, nor do I make any monetary compensation for my reviews. All thoughts are opinions are 100% my own and honest. 

Favorite SILICONE FREE Hair Serums

Most hair serums on the market are full of silicones. Silicones weigh down the hair and can actually disrupt the natural curl pattern so it is good to always go silicone free. Here is a video on my favorite hair serums:

<3 Diane

How i Diffuse my Curly Wavy Hair!

I prefer to air dry my hair. It's a lot less damaging and I like how my hair looks air dried. However there are times I do not have up to six hours for my hair to air dry and I must blow dry my hair. I also tend to blow dry it more in winter because I get cold super easy and don't like walking around all day freezing.

So how do I blow dry my hair? See below =)

Check out this video on how I diffuse my curly wavy hair. 

Some people might argue constant touching of the hair will make it frizzier. They are both right and wrong. Yes, constant touching of the hair does make it frizzier however I have to manipulate my hair to get the look I desire while blow drying. But as soon as the dryer is off and I am done, I keep my hands off so there will be no frizz.

The most important things to remember when blow drying curly and wavy hair are:
---ALWAYS use a diffuser (the circle thing with the prongs attached to the end)
---make sure to use a good heat protector so your hair doesn't get fried
---keep your blow drier on the lower heat setting when possible for less damage
---never hold the dryer in the same place for longer than a few seconds at a time. always keep it moving
---finish off using the dryer's "cool" setting to close the cuticle
---try not to blow dry more than 2x a week MAX
---dryers that are "ionic" "ceramic" or contain both are better for the hair

I hope you find this video and tips helpful.

<3 Diane


IT Cosmetics No-Tug Waterproof Gel Eyeliners

I'm pretty sure I LOVE just about every single product It Cosmetics comes out with. However, their old eyeliners and my waterlines sadly never became friends. When I found out they made NEW eyeliners with a different formula, I couldn't wait to get my han---err eyes? on them!!!!

The liners are gorgeously pigments and come in an array of different shades and colors. 

I am so very happy to report that I absolutely adore this new formula!!! They are automatic, so no sharpener is required, however if you are like me and do prefer a precise point of your liners, the bottom of each liner has a build in sharpener right there for you. These glide on like butter and once they go on they are staying there until they meet makeup remover at the end of the day. They didn't budge, even on my super teary, sensitive waterlines!

I also love that because these are by It Cosmetics, they are super great for your skin and also cruelty free. All of the liners are infused with anti-aging ingredients including hydrolyzed silk, collagen, peptides and anti-oxidants.

For more information and to see all of the colors swatched, please see my video review:

<3 Diane

disclaimer: the company provided me with these for review consideration. however, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own and honest, like always. i receive no monetary compensation for my reviews.

Tarte Cosmetics Gorgeous Getaways Ulta Exclusive Holiday 2013

And the glory that is the tarte cosmetics Holiday 2013 limited edition sets continues on!!! Today I have a review of the "Gorgeous Getaways" palette which is exclsuive to Ulta Beauty! This set is very unique. It comes in a beautiful box with a flip top that has a mirror, and underneath is a pull out draw. The set contains four sections of four shadows each and a blush per section. Each section can be removed to take out and carry with the included compact mirror! Also in this set are three full size maracuja lip glosses with a doe applicator which I personally prefer over the old pen click version. The shadows and blushes both contain one of tarte's signature ingredients, Amazonian Clay which help balance out and improve the skin. I find the pigmentation to be excellent and long wearing* (*eye shadows worn with tarte's clean slate 360 degree eye shadow primer) 
I love the gloss colors!
 This palette is called "gorgeous getaways" and all of the lip glosses and eyeshadows are named after various vacation locations in the world. I thought the naming idea was cute and clever. As gorgeous as this whole palette is, I am in love with the gloss colors, especially the "New York Minute" (middle in picture) it is a unique lavender pink color. The glosses are not sheer, they have great pigment to them, taste minty and not sticky or tacky.  
The eyeshadows are a mix of mattes and shimmers. Each section has colors that coordinate together so creating looks is simplified. You can easily create box neutral every day looks and some fun looks with pops of color from this palette. The blushes are various shades ranging from peach to a bright pink (my personal fave) and I believe they will look gorgeous on every skintone.

For more information on this palette, including to see a slideshow with pictures of everything please check out my video:

<3 Diane 

disclaimer: this was purchased with my own money. all reviews and opinions are 100% my own thoughts and always truthful. i am not paid or endorsed by any company for my reviews.


October 2013: Birchbox & Ipsy Bags

I love beauty subscription boxes. I used to be subscribed to 6 (yes, six) but had to cancel a lot of them because my bank account was just like "STOP" I kept Birchbox & Ipsy for several reasons including the facts they are both just $10 each and have a variety of products for skin, makeup and hair care!

Here are my video reviews on both bags (boxes) for October 2013:




<3 Diane

Got a Curly Wavy Trim!!

I'm sure you hear it time and time again: the way to grow your hair long and keep it nice and healthy is to be consistent with your trims. I've read in so many places that the "ideal" time period you should go between trims is 8 to 12 weeks. Well I have a confession: I always wait longer.

 I have been trying to grow my hair out for years, and have more terrible cuts and way too much chopped off by hair stylists- I have get-a-trim-a-phobia big time! I don't think I am the only Curly Wavy person who has this phobia either- am I right?? I'm almost convinced an "inch"  just has to be bigger in the hairstyling school textbooks than around the world.

I get so nervous regarding trims, that my current stylist whom I've been with over a year and is absolutely amazing at my color & styling doesn't trim my hair. So who is the only human on this earth I let near my locks with a pair of scissors? My not-a-certified-hairstylist boyfriend! He has been trimming my hair now since January 2013. Saturday was the third time he did so. I originally decided to let him trim my hair because I figured a) it can't be worse than haircuts I have had in the past and b) he trims his own longer-than-shoulder-length (and beautiful might I add) hair and does an excellent job.

A question I get often when I mention he trims my hair in my YouTube Videos is how does he do it. Prior to the first time he trimmed, I had him read the whole chapter in "The Curly Girl Handbook Expanded Second Edition" by Lorraine Massey. I strongly suggest this book for girls (and guys!) with any kind of wavy, curly to kinky hair- it will change your life, but that is a whole different post. But there is a whole chapter explaining exactly how to trim hair like mine. He trims it when it is dry and picks up curl by curl.

I love and completely agree with the philosophy in the book that says since we wear out curly hair dry, we should cut it dry to see how much is getting chopped off and where it will land. I'm sure I am not the only one who has had previous cuts on wet hair thinking not much was taken off only to have my hair dry and curls bounce back up and be INCHES shorter than expected. So this method works well for me.

<-----before trim

                                      after trim ------>

 Prior to this trim I have not trimmed my hair since the first week of June (It is now mid October) So that is over 4 months in between. Sure I had some split ends, but I really do drag out the time period between trims until it reaches that point of no return.  Seriously, having been obsessed with my hair for a while now, I have learned to listen to the signs of when trim time is here.

Some signs that my hair is in need of a trim are:
-I start shedding more (not sure why this is)
-the ends feel like hay despite the amount of expensive deep conditioner I use.
-my waves and curls just don't get as defined and "pop" like usual
-my hair looks more frizzy
-my hair remains looking dry all over, again despite the amount of conditioning

not  much hair on floor = successful trim!

Now I am not going to tell you what you should do for your own hair- remember each head is different. Perhaps some of you can get away with waiting 5 months or more. Just look at not only the actual split ends of your hair and how your hair is behaving overall and it will let you know it's time. But please, don't feel you are "obligated" to get your hair trimmed, especially if you are trying to grow it, just because a certain amount of time has passed and you think it's only right. If your hair is in good condition, wait a bit longer.

Oh, and remember- regular deep treatments, not using heat styling tools often and general tender love and care for your tresses regularly with keep split ends to a minimum and help the condition of your hair overall.

<3 Diane

disclaimer: I am NOT a professional hair stylist nor do I claim to me. Everything is this post is written solely based on my own personal experiences and observations.


Living Proof Perfect Hair Day "PHD" Product Review

Living Proof is one of my favorite hair product brands. I was very excited when they released this new product, Perfect Hair Day. It is a 5-in-1 styling treatment that is supposed to give beautiful, healthy hair in one step by smoothing, adding volume, conditioning, strengthening, and polishing. It also has added heat and UV protection!

Check out my thoughts and review here:

If you are interested in my reviews of other Living Proof products, make sure you check out my YouTube channel- I have quite a few =)

<3 Diane

disclaimer: this product was sent to me by QVC for review consideration. I receive no monetary compensation nor am i endorsed by any company for my reviews.

Mally Beauty "Easy on the Eyes" 2nd Auto Delivery Shipment

Check out my video below for my review, swatches and not one, but TWO demos featuring the "Celebration Citychick Eyeshadow Palette" from the second auto delivery from the Mally Beauty "Easy on the Eyes" Today's Special Value Collection:

And here is my review, swatches and demo from the 1st shipment that was in July 2013. We had two choices of palettes: "in the buff 2" (neautrals) or "i love color" I went with color =)

<3 Diane

disclaimer: both palettes were purchased with my own money. I receive no monetary compensation and am not endorsed by any company for my reviews.

Tarte Pure Delights Lipsurgence Set Holiday 2013

Tarte continues with their awesome Holiday Sets! The Pure Delights set is a box full of eight mini lipsurgences! In years past, there have been 5 full sizes but I much prefer the smaller sizes and more colors!

The Lipsurgence formula is one of my favorite lip products because it goes on super easy (I don't even need a mirror), moisturizes the lips, is pigmented and long wearing. Also, it's nice and minty fresh.

See my video for more information, plus live swatches of all eight shades!

This set is available on tarte.com, ulta and sephora.

<3 Diane

disclaimer: this produc was purchased with my own money. I receive no monetary compensation for my reviews and I am not sponsored by any company.

Mally Beauty Your Best Days Are Ahead Collection

On October 1st, Mally released an exclusive kit on QVC in honor and to help raise Breast Cancer Awareness. Having lost her own mom at age 17, this is a cause near and dear to her heart. This is a cause I also always do what I can to help support because I have known several people who we lost from this horrible disease and I truly believe a cure must be found ASAP. Portions of the purchase of this kit goes to help funding Breast Cancer Research.

The kit is called "Your Brightest Days are Ahead Collection" because, as she stated during her QVC on air presentations, Mally said her mom used to always say that to her. The products in this kit are meant to brighten your whole face and make you look like your prettiest version of yourself. I feel that they do just that. This is one of my favorite kits from Mally Ever. 

 I have everything from this kit, except for the mascara on my face in these picture.

                                                                                                 Lipstick, Shadow Stick & Eyeliner
Right: Without Flash // Left: Flash

Each Kit Contains:
  • 0.4-oz Perfect Prep Under-Eye Brightener
  • 0.26-oz Perfect Skin Illuminating Refiner
  • 0.13-oz Luxury Lipstick in Pilar Pink
  • 0.06-oz Evercolor Shadow Stick in Empowering Lilac
  • 0.04-oz Evercolor Starlight Eyeliner in Brown
  • 0.39-oz Volumizing Mascara in Black
  • Sharpener
  • Brush
  • Tote 

 I  love the colors of the Evercolor Shadow Stick & Lipstick in this kit. Pilar Pink, which was named after Mally's mother, is the most beautiful shade of bright (but not scary) pink and it makes my teeth look whiter. I have used many of Mally's Everycolor Shadow Sticks and the Empowering Lilac is my absolutely favorite! It is a gorgeous Lilac Pink with undertones and is stunning.

Of course the rest of the items in the kit too are great! The Perfect Prep Under Eye Brightener has been a HG (holy grail) makeup item for me since it debuted in January 2012!

For more information on everything and to see swatches, check out my video:

<3 Diane

disclaimer: this kit was purchased with my own money. I receive no monetary compensation for my reviews. All things said are my own, truthful thoughts and opinions.

DevaCurl Shine Spray Review & Demo

DevaCurl is one of my favorite hair product brands! I love that their products are sulfate, silicone and paraben free.

They recently released a new finishing shine hair spray and seriously- I can't love it any more! It's AMAZING!

My hair is curly, wavy and dyed blonde so it simple does not shine naturally. Most shine products are full of silicones so while they might make your hair look nice temporarily, really they are robbing the moisture of your hair and leaving behind a coating. This product gives my hair shine while helping to moisturize, strengthen and protect it!

Check out my video for more information and the demo:

Places you can find DevaCurl products include Curlmart.com, Sephora & Ulta among others.

<3 Diane

disclaimer: i purchased this product with my own money. all reviews, opinions and things said are 100% my own thoughts and honest. I receive no monetary compensation by any company for doing my reviews.

Tarte of Giving Holiday 2013 Sephora Exclusive

Tarte Cosmetics continues with their Holiday 2013 collection! This GORGEOUS set is an exclusive to Sephora and the value for all the amazingness inside is INCREDIBLE!

This is everything you get for only $59 (A $490 value):
- 20 x .07 oz Limited-Edition Amazonian Clay Eye Shadows
- 8 x .059 oz Deluxe Maracuja Lipglosses
- 0.23 oz Deluxe Pure Maracuja Oil
- 0.08 oz Deluxe Maracuja C-Brighter™ Eye Treatment
- 0.05 oz Deluxe Limited-Edition Amazonian 12-Hour Clay Blush in Memorable
- 0.17 oz Deluxe Cheek Stain in Flush
- 0.16 oz Deluxe Lights, Camera, Lashes™ 4-In-1 Mascara
                                                                                                        - Travel Makeup Bag

What I find really sweet about this set is all the eyeshadows are named after people on Tarte's team favorite Christmas presents and lipglosses are named after their kids!

A mix of skincare and makeup! The maracuja oil does wonders for the skin. It helped clear my acne. I have faithfully used this oil every night since 2011 when it debuted. The cheek stain is one of tarte's first products that can be used on both the cheeks & lips, and the Amazonian Clay blush in the shade "memorable" is a beautiful pink with sheen!

Look at all the gorgeous shadows! They are in groups of 5 making it very easy to figure out which ones would look best together and get creative with looks!

Eight beautiful maracuja lipglosses! The maracuja lip gloss is one of my favorite gloss formulas. It tastes nice and minty, is not sticky or tacky and the maracuja oil inside is helping to moisturize your lips.

The travel case opens up with a hook so you can hang it over a door or anywhere with a ledge!

The clear bag is detachable so you can take it with you and then there are two large mesh compartments with zippers.

Check out my video review for more information and swatches of everything!!

 <3 Diane

disclaimer: this product was purchased with my own money. i receive no monetary compensation for my reviews and am not sponsored by any company. All reviews, opinions and thoughts are 100% my own and truthful, as they always will be.

Differences between IT Cosmetics Foundations & Concealers

It Cosmetics is one of my favorite makeup brands and they make some incredible products for any skin concern! They focus on great anti-aging ingredients and products that double as skincare on top of covering anything you need to be covered and are always cruelty free.

"IT Cosmetics® founder Jamie Kern Lima works with leading plastic surgeons to develop innovative, clinically-proven, problem-solving products infused with the latest breakthroughs in anti-aging technology." (this statement taken from the it cosmetics website)

There are quite a few different products for the face out now by the company in the foundations, concealers and corrector cream category. I did my best to make a video explaining what I think the differences are to help you decide which products might be best for you. I hope this video is helpful:

Products Mentioned:
-No 50 primer
-Your Skin But Better CC + Cream
-Ultra Repair O2 Foundation
-Celebration Foundation
-Bye Bye Undereye Concealer
-Bye Bye Undereye Corrector Concentrate Cream
-Bye Bye Redness Neutralizing Correcting Creme

IT Cosmetics is available on QVC & QVC.com, itcosmetics.com and ulta

<3 Diane

disclaimer: products mentioned are a mix of those purchased with my own money and those sent by the company previously for review consideration. I receive no monetary compensation for my reviews and all thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% my own and truthful, like always.

Klorane Products for Blonde Hair

conditioner, rinse & mousse
A couple of months ago I was fortunate to be a winner in a contest sponsored by Birchbox & Klorane for blondes! I won some awesome hair products specifically made for natural, highlighted and color treated blonde to light brown hair. Considering brassiness is a big hair concern for me, I am always excited to try products that promise to make my blonde lighter, brighter & more healthy!

I first tried Klorane by receiving their dry shampoo in a past Birchbox. The dry shampoo honestly was the best I used in my life and since I recently finished up my deluxe travel size, I will be purchasing the full size soon. But I had feeling other products by this brand just HAD to be good and I WAS RIGHT!

All three products have chamomile as a feature ingredient. Check out how great chamomile is for blondes, as stated on the Klorane website:

The conditioner is very concentrated and a little goes a long way. That reallys says a lot since my hair tends to drink up conditioner like it is going out of style. It made my curls easier to detangle, soft and shiny.

The rinse was a product new to me as I have never used a rinse before. There were 2 ways to use it: diluting a cap full with 4 cups of water and not rinsing out or by using the concentrated cap full and rinsing it out as the final step. Both ways worked but I moreso used the latter. When I used this product the shine in my hair was incredible. If you have blonde hair you know it could be difficult for it to look shiny!

The mousse was another lovely product. I love layering mousses under my gel when I style my hair right after the shower. I find mousse helps to enhance the definition in my wavy curls. This mousse was lightweight, helped my curl definition and again- I noticed more shine in my hair. I also was able to add a pump or two to dry hair on days 2 or 3 to give back shine and softness some days old hair can lack.

So overall I enjoyed these products and all three really made my hair more shiny! Also- the scent of these products were quite lovely. A very relaxing chamomile scent that was not overbearing or fake smelling in any way.

Check out my video review here:

You can shop for these products on the Klorane Website or in the Birchbox Shop

Birchbox is a monthly subscription service and for $10 a month you can have a variety of hair, makeup, skincare and lifestyle products mailed to your door each month! Click here to sign up!

<3 Diane

disclaimer: i won these products in a contest for bloggers for review consideration. i receive no money for my reviews and all opinions and thoughts are 100% my and truthful, as they always will be.

Tarte Cosmetics Eye Opener Eyeliner Set Holiday 2013

Another Tarte Cosmetics Holiday 2013 set! They really do make some of the best holiday sets and these are only the beginning of my reviews =)

The Eye Opener Eyeliner Set is another QVC exclusive set featuring a wardrobe of 12 buttery eyeliners infused with skin loving goodies such as Amazonian Clay.

This is NOT the same formula as my favorite smoldereyes formula by tarte but these pencils do come in a close second. They glide on so easily, have nice pigmentation and I find them to stay on my waterline about 5 hours before needing to retouch. I have super sensitive, watery eyes so the fact a liner goes on my waterlines at all is amazing.

Colors Include (not in order of pic)
-antique gold
-hunter green
-jungle green
-golden plum

Watch my video review which also includes a demo and swatches here:

swatches with flash

swatches without flash

Shop here:


<3 Diane

disclaimer: this was sent to me from qvc for consideration. i receive no monetary compensation from any company mentioned for doing my reviews. all reviews & opinions are 100% honest & my own thoughts.

How I Style My Curly Wavy Hair After Shower

How you style and what you do with your curly and wavy hair immediately after the shower while hair is still wet makes all the difference in how your hair will look and behave when it is dry.

There are various ways to apply product and work with your hair to achieve nice, shiny, frizz free, defined curls. My 2 favorite ways are the Ouidad "rake & shake" method and the devacurl methode with the hair flipped over. Both ways give me great results- the main difference to me is when using the Devacurl way it takes a bit less time.

I have videos on both!

This video on the rake & shake method was done in Sept 2012- it is over a year ago! I don't use those products much anymore as I greatly prefer products that are silicone free. But if your hair is cool with using silicones, they are nice.

this video showing the devacurl way was done in summer 2013 so it is more recent. i find myself styling this way more often before it is quicker as previously mentioned.

no matter what method i use to style my hair or what products, i generally apply in this order:
-leave in conditioner (for my dry hair a regular conditioner left in works best)
-living proof prime style extender (it really does extrend my style)
-living proof restore cream on the ends (i'm addicted to this too)
-silicone free foam or mousse (devacurl foam & sheamoisture curl & shine mousse are my faves)** i don';t always use this, but lately i love the extra curl definition it provides.
-gel (devacurl arcangel is my go to, but i play with others)
-oil (argan oil is my sealing oil of choice)

it truly makes a difference applying products sections by sections as opposed to taking a big wad of gel in your hand and expecting it to evenly coat your whole entire head of hair at once. Also, don't be afraid to scrunch, scrunch, scrunch when your hair is wet to encourage the best curl formation- but once you are done styling hands off until the hair is dry- unless you like your hair to be very frizzy.

<3 diane

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