Curly Wavy Hat Hair

With Winter here Curly Girls like myself have the struggle of how to stay warm all bundled up while still looking cute. I did a video talking about my favorite style hats for my curly waves and how I handle the dreaded hat hair.

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Today is Day 3 hair. For the most part, it still looked pretty decent but the front pieces got a little wonky and weird shaped so I decided to wear a headband. I didn't do much to my hair styler wise except put some CURLS Cashmere Jelly through it to help with some frizz and give shine.

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4 Looks with Tarte Bow & Go QVC Palette!

Tarte Cosmetics had an awesome Today's Special Value set on 11/18/13/ You can see my full review video on that here

I thought it might be fun and helpful to do a video with multiple different looks using the palette from the kit. I am not a professional makeup artist, just a regular girl who loves makeup so the looks I create are more simple and very easy to recreate. I hope you enjoy!

4 looks, 1 palette

watch the video:

look 1: smokey grey

look 2 purpley pink

look 3 wintery white
look 4 browny peach

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disclaimer: this kit was purchased with my own money. all reviews, opinions and thoughts are my own and honest, like always


Wen Kids Cleansing Conditioner & Detangling Treatment Review

I recently reviewed the 613 mousse by Wen (see video here) and in that video I mentioned I used to use the cleansing conditioners but developed a menthol allergy and had to stop using them. One of my awesome youtube viewers mentioned that Wen Kids is menthol, soy, gluten, and nut free so it is great for people with any type of allergy can use them! So I decided to give it a try and I'm happy to say my scalp and hair approved. Check out my review here:

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disclaimer: these were provided to me for review consideration. however all opinions and thoughts are always my own and truthful.


It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Vol. 1 Matte Eyeshadow Palette

It Cosmetics just released a new eyeshadow palette and it is BEAUTIFUL!!! I have never seen a palette like this before. It comes with fourteen shades that are all matte and a unique "transforming pearl" shade so you can give any shade a nice, pearly sheen!

The colors are all beautiful- very wearable and pigmented but not loud or overwhelming. They blend like a dream and (on top of an eyeshadow primer) they wear all day without smudging, creasing or fading. I personally love the fact a few of the colors have a pink tone to them since I LOVE pink eyeshadows.

Like all It Cosmetics products, this palette is cruelty free and contains ingredients great for the skin including peptides, collagen, silk, acai green tea, plus vitamins a, c, and e!

You can use any of these shadows wet, dry as shadows and also as eyeliners so this is truly a versatile palette! What also excites me is the fact this says "Volume 1" It makes me think there will be more palettes like this in the future!!

Check out my video for a more detailed review plus swatches!


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disclaimer: this palette was purchased with my own money. all reviews, opinions and thoughts are my own and honest, as always.



HAUL ! Sephora VIB Sale 2013

Yes another haul 0=) I mean how can I get the 20% off Sephora VIB Sale code and not use it!?! I will admit, I did behave in theory. Since i bought so much fun makeup, etc with the Friends & Family Sale (check out there haul video here) I really used this 20% off to stock up on some hair and skin necessities. Take a look!


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It Cosmetics Micro Airbrush Blurring Brush Set

It Cosmetics makes some of my favorite makeup brushes EVER. They are just so super soft and make applying makeup easy and effortless. Somehow, the impossible has been done and the company managed to make their brushes even softer! It blows my mind they are even softer than they were. According to the QVC site, these brushes are "designed to give a flawless airbrushed application" and " The extremely high brush-hair count makes for an effortless distribution of your favorite IT Cosmetics without tugging on your skin" By the way, these brushes are also synthetic and cruelty free!

For the holidays this year, It Cosmetics made a new special gift set with six brushes and a beautiful stand that will look elegant and beautiful on any vanity or dresser. The value is incredible, $60 (plus shipping) for the set when if you bought them alone it would be well over $200! This would be a perfect gift to yourself or for any makeup lover since there is no need to worry about colors, etc.

I have been really loving this set that comes with an all over face powder brush, a blush or bronzer brush, a foundation brush, concealer brush, crease and all over eyeshadow brushes and a brush for eyeliner or eyebrows. My personal favorites have been the foundation and crease eyeshadow brushes but they are all great.

Check out my video for a better review and a full demonstration of me using them all:

<3 Diane

disclaimer: these brushes were provided to me for review consideration. however all reviews and opinions are honest, truthful and my own, like always.

Josie Maran Argan Oil Escape to Morocco Set

The other day Josie Maran had an awesome set on QVC as the Today's Special Value! If you missed it I have good news! as of now, it is still on the QVC site for just a little bit more money (and still a great value for all you are getting!)

The "Escape to Morocco" 7 piece set features both full size and travel size of some incredible Argan Oil infused products for your skin (and hair) that will leave you feeling nice, soft and smooth all winter long. You can break the set up and keep some while gifting some, or there is no shame keeping it all for yourself and enjoying the value! This set debuts a new scent from Josie that is a warm vanilla pear. It smells like a dessert, but not fake and not overwhelming.

The Holiday Collection includes (from QVC site):
  • 4.4-oz Argan Sugar Balm Body Scrub in Moroccan Escape
  • 2-oz Argan Sugar Balm Body Scrub in Moroccan Escape
  • 8-fl oz Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter in Moroccan Escape
  • 2-fl oz Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter in Moroccan Escape
  • 4.6-fl oz Whipped Argan Oil Intensive Hand Cream in Moroccan Escape
  • 1-fl oz Whipped Argan Oil Intensive Hand Cream in Moroccan Escape
  • 1.7-fl oz Moroccan Argan Body Oil in Moroccan Escape 
For more information and details on this set, check out my video below: 

<3 Diane

disclaimer: this set was sent to me for review consideration and i also purchased one with my own money. all reviews, opinions and thoughts are my own and honest, as always.

Mally Beauty 6 Pc High Shine Liquid Lipsticks

For Holiday 2013 Mally released a special set of new High Shine Liquid Lipsticks at an incredible price! They usually sell for $20 a piece, and are very well worth it, but the set of 6 is selling for about $50 right now! 
swatches with flash
swatches without flash
These are the QVC Customer Choice Beauty Award Winner for Best Lip Product this year and multiple years prior and for good reason. They are a lip primer, lip balm, lipstick and lip gloss all in one! They are not sticky or tacky and beautifully pigmented. The six shades in this set are new and are a nice variety of colors ranging from a nice nude to a darker berry with lots of pinks and a red in between! I am very happy with this set. Of course my favorite color is the "OMG...Pink" but they are all wearable and pretty.

natural nude

sweet berry
check out my video for live swatches and better descriptions of all the colors:

<3 Diane

disclaimer: these were purchased with my own money. all reviews, opinions and thoughts are my own and honest, as always.


Curly Wavy ...Blow Out?

Stretch & I
So I am a bit behind on blogging vs. actually putting videos on Youtube. If you are a YouTube subscriber of mine (thank you ;) ) you probably know a little over a week ago I colored my hair lighter (seperate blog post on that whole thing soon) and also decided to have my hair blown out at the salon.

Now I don't wear my hair straight often. Reason #1 is because it is damaging, #2 because I do enjoy my curls and #3 because quite frankly, after a while it gets annoying having to worry and freak out that a droplet of rain or a too sweaty work out will ruin the time and effort spent getting my hair is stay straight and look decent.

But since it was the week of Halloween and I love dressing up and not looking like my usual self, while at the salon I did the get the blow out (confession: I was way to lazy to do it myself. Even though I lift weights and work out regularly
blowing out my thick long hair makes my arms TIRED) Last time my hair was straight was in January and the time before that was in 2010!! So I mean it when I say I don't wear my hair straight often. While at the salon after my color a glaze followed up by a deep treatment was applied to my hair.

Here is my video talking about the whole color process & so you can see my hair straight in motion:

it's so long when straight!
I will admit, I did enjoy the different style as a change but by the end of the blow out I truly missed my unique curly waves.

Although I did feel like Barbie a little bit (and enjoyed it) I got my hair blown out on a Tuesday and washed it the following Tuesday. It did last a good week. The only other heat that went near my hair during the week was on Thursday (Halloween day) I ironed it to flatten it out and help the puff. My hair was SUPER PUFFY. It was also unseasonally humid in NY & NJ for the end of October during the week (not cool, weather)

During the actual blow drying and the ironing my hairstylist and I both used heat protectants. i don't think the one in the salon was curly girl method approved (ooopps) but the one at home was. It was called Irontastic from 4Naturals. I bought it at Sally Beauty.Really I should have washed my hair on Saturday or Sunday instead of pushing it til Tuesday. The last 3 days of the blow out my hair lived in a messy bun but after the abuse I wanted to give it a few days to just chill out and take it easy.

from the back
While my hair was straight I brushed it twice a day and used a leave in conditioner to add moisture to it. Especially because it did get colored at the same time it needed the moisture.

On the Monday night before pre and post wash days I slept with coconut oil in my hair. I usually do this at least once a way anyway and it is a great way to strengthen and help keep the hair healthy. Coconut oil is one of the best things for your hair and if you are unsure of the benefits, a quick google search will provide a ton of information.

The actual wash day after the blow out I did a mega deep treatment. I used the Living Proof Restore Masque mixed with the Living Proof Restore Recovery Regimen. I love the Living Proof Restore line so much. It is one of my favorites. After the conditioning which I left on almost 2 hours, my curls were bounced back good as new like they were never blown out.

Okay so in conclusion and the point of my blog post, if you do want to blow out your curls OCCASIONALLY I don't think it is bad if you follow these tips:
-occasionally literally means occasionally. maybe every blue moon or 2 times a year MAX
-make sure not to use heat every day your hair is straight (aka don't go over it with the flat iron daily)
-make sure to use a leave in conditioner if your hair is feeling dry (but not a water based one as this can make the hair get frizzy and revert back to trying to curl)
-if you do need to flat iron, make sure to do so in small sections and add heat protectant to every section. yes, it is tedious but your hair will be grateful
-carefully brush out the knots and tangles at least once a day, starting from the end and working towards the roots so you do not rip your hair out
-give your hair a good deep treatment both before and after the blow out
-allow your hair to relax in a messy bun, under a scarf, whatever and just let is rest and be for a day or so before washing

Now I heard there actually are some nice, heatless ways to get your hair straighter. I haven't tried any yet. i know one has to do with huge rollers. Once I experiment with these safer alternative ways I will get back to you.

Thanks for reading and I hope your found this helpful

<3 Diane


Mally Beauty Live Class at Henri Bendel 11/6/13

Mally & I
Every so often Mally has an awesome class at Henri Bendel Department Store right in Manhattan. Being geographically fortunate to attend such cool events, I try to go whenever I can. I went to quite a few in the past but haven't been able to make one in over a year ;( Fortunately I was able to attend the latest one and also bring my mom along for the ride!!

These classes are so fun. Not only do we get a live makeup lesson and tips from THE Mally Roncal herself, but the price of the class is fully redeemable in Mally products AND we got a S-W-E-E-T (and super generous!!!!) gift bag! My mom doesn't wear too much makeup and has some good stuff (thanks to me), so with her ticket price she just wanted a brow product. Mally is also a true pleasure and enjoyment to watch! She is HYSTERICAL =)

Thanks to Mally's lesson mom also wanted to learn to highlight now so I passed on a gently used highlighter and brush to her (i personally just do not highlight all that much because my skin has been a tad oily and not cute in that retrospect lately) and got the use both my mom and my ticket prices for Mally products!

Check out my video where I talk about everything and do a haul of all the Mally goodies I selected:

Mally & Chaz Dean
This Mally event also was extra special. We had an unexpected surprise guest Chaz Dean from Wen show up! It was like a QVC Beauty party! I haven't been able to use the Wen Cleansing Conditioners due to the menthol and my allergy but I do enjoy the replenishing treatment mists and oils from the line. Oh and also the 613 mousse! Both Mally, Chaz Dean and everyone working with there were sweet, super genuine and very down to earth.

A Mally Makeup Artist working on my mom!

If you live or ever happen to be in the New York area during one of these events, I can't suggest attending enough! It is a great night out (they even had food catered!) and such fun for any makeup lover. I believe these events usually happen 2 to 3 times a year.

<3 Diane


Tarte Cosmetics 3 More Holiday Sets!

More holiday kits by Tarte Cosmetics?!? Yup!! They really do spoil us with these awesome sets for the season.

thoughtful treasures
Check out the video for reviews and live swatches of:

-thoughtful treasures best-sellers kit (includes mini maracuja oil, amazonian clay blush in the limited edition shade "thanful" & lip surgence in the skintuitive shade "energy")

leave her blushing
-stop & stare smolderEYES 6 piece liners & lash set (includes 3 full size skinny smolderEYES pencils with 2 limited edition shades, 2 full size smolderEYES pencils and a deluxe Lights, Camera, Flashes mascara [which is my personal favorite]
stop and stare

-leave her blushing set of 3 deluxe mini sizes amazonian clay blushes

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Curly Wavy Empties Video 21

Another Empties Video! I use things up at a pretty decent pace I think! Watch the video for mini reviews, my thoughts on the products and to hear if I would rebuy or not...

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HAUL: Ulta, Birchbox & Living Proof

This is a combined haul video from Ulta using the 20% off the whole store coupon, Living Proof Hair with with a giftcard I won and Birchbox which I got everything for free with my Birchbox points!

Birchbox is pretty awesome. If you aren't already familiar, it is a monthly subscription service for $10 you get a mix of beauty and lifestyle products matched up to your likes by taking a quiz and if you review the products you receive each month you get 10 Birchbox points. 100 points = $100 in the Birchbox shop. So if you save your points you can earn free full size products like I did.
Sign up for Birchbox here:

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Hydralicious Winter Hair Curly Wavy Routine

Layan: @naturallybubbly
Sarah: @waterlily716
Not too long ago I did a collab video with two AMAZING fellow youtube curly hair bloggers: Sarah & Layan. If you haven't checked out their awesome channels you totally should. I have learned so much myself from both of them =)

So back to the collab, since we all have different "shapes" of our waves and curls (or according to naturally curly different hair types where I am a "2c/3a", Sarah is more "3b" and Layan is "3c"
 we got together to talk about how we all change up our hair routines going from season to season, as the weather shifts from warm and humid to becoming more cold and dry (one word: MOISTURE)

Check out our videos below:


I hope you enjoy the videos and found them helpful no matter what your hair type is =)

<3 Diane


4 Looks Using the Kat Von D Spellbinding Eyeshadow Book

The Kat Von D Spellbinding Eyeshadow book has been one of my very favorite palettes as of late. The colors are breathtaking and there is a great mix of fun vivd colors plus nice, pigmented neutrals.

You can read my original post plus one demo on the palette here: KVD Spellbinding Eyeshadow Book Review

But because I have been having so much fun with this palette I made another video with 4 more looks from the palette!:

look 1: greens
look 2: neutral w/pop of gold
look 3: surprise purple*
look 4: icy blues


HAUL !! Sephora Friends & Family 2013

Last month I was able to get access to a Sephora Friends & Family Sale Code for 20% off my whole order!
Since the annual VIB sale is running now until Nov 11th, with a Beauty Insider sale to follow soon, I thought it would be good to post my haul video:

Of course I did another mini haul for VIB (soon to come) but a lot of great stuff is in this haul if you need ideas. Also not in the haul but worth considering because I bought them previous is anything in the tarte cosmetics holiday 2013 line and the kat von d spellbinding eyeshadow book palette.

happy shopping!

<3 Diane


It Cosmetics Vitality Lip Flush Stain Collection

It Cosmetics brought back an awesome gift set from 2012 for Holiday 2013! The limited edition 6 piece Vitality Lip Flush Stain Collection contains all six of the line's amazing lip flush stains!

The formula for these are incredible. As a self proclaimed lip product junkie, this is in my top five- if not my very favorite lipstick formula! Why? They are super easy to apply, very moisturizing and nourishing for the lips, long wearing and leave behind a pretty stain and contain some delicious anti-aging and skin benefiting ingredients including plum oil, cherry oil, shea butter, aloe, jojoba, vitamins A, C, and E, acai, green tea, and white tea!!

Just as amazing as the formula is, the price for this kit truly is a gift for the holidays! Alone, they retail for $20 each but QVC has the set for $45.50! (plus s&h) That is less than half the price if you were to buy all six shades in store.

My personal favorite shades are the je ne sais quoi and rose flush, but the set has a variety of colors from your perfect pink (ja ne se quoi) to a beautiful wearable deeper berry (pretty woman)

Check out my video below for full descriptions and live swatches on all the colors:

 <3 Diane

disclaimer: this set was purchased with my own money. all reviews, opinions and things said are my own thoughts and truthful, as always.

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