My Birthday Weekend Pictures!

This past weekend was my birthday weekend and I have 2 days to celebrate (one with some friends and one with family), and dress up. So of course I had to play photoshoot and pose and have fun! Thankfully my boyfriend is incredibly patient and understanding of this. Truthfully, a long time ago I attempted modeling but constantly was told I was too short and too fat. But that is a whole different story.

So on Saturday I went out with my boyfriend and some friends to dinner.I went with leggings (of course) and one of my favorite dressed that I bought in Target in 2012. I love the grey and lace print on it but it is cotton so it's super comfy. My favorite features of the dress are the scoop neck and the sleeve length! I wore flat boots because there was snow and ice on the ground and I am terrible at walking in heels as is so I didn't want to break my ankle. ;)
This is second day hair. If you check this blog post, I explained what I did for day 1.
 I decided to stretch out my curls a little for for a change and by them being longer I got some great additional length! I was really happy with how my hair turned out- and it didn't even frizz up in the snow. For day 2 I just used some DevaCurl Mister Right Spray, CURLS Cashmere Jelly in sections and sprayed some DevaCurl Shine Spray on top! To get the hairline smooth i did run a flat iron over just the top part- 1 pass only!!! And I used the Living Proof Restore Spray as a heat protectant. Flat ironing is TERRIBLE for hair so I don't suggest to do it often at all.
I absolutely had to use bright pink eyeshadows because it was my birthday! I used the appropriately named shade "birthday girl" on my lid and "magentric" on my crease both by Sugarpill Cosmetics. Under my brow I used Laura Geller French Vanilla Highlighter. Liquid Liner is Multipleye by tarte, inner rim liner is colored clay liner and also by tarte is the lash primer & lights, camera, flashes mascara.

The next day was my celebration with my family. This is the day I played photoshoot as you will see. My crown says "Birthday Princess" and that's a s'mores blizzard ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. No joke it was the best cake I ever ate in my life. Lots of cardio is in order to burn that (and all the leftover slices) off but it's worth it!!
 Stretchy & I. His adoption birthday is actually 2 days before my birthday!
The top I am wearing is from Susan Graver off QVC. I love the pink and sequins!
 It was such a comfy fit but size down. I usually get tops in a Small and this fit in an XXS.
This was day 3 hair so it stretched out even more. I love this picture but I wish there wasn't a towel hanging in the background -_- oooopps.

my smile is a bit gummy here. Tommie was making me laugh as usual
For both days on my face I used the tarte BB primer and then the Foundcealer over it all over the face. I contoured using the tarte Amazonian Clay stick concealer in Deep and under my eyes also used the BB undereye corrector and Amazonian Clay Liquid Concealer. I put the Mally Undereye Brightener on top of all that. I go all out for special occasions =) I set my face with a mix of several face powders I have.
The lipstick I am wearing in the above picture is one of the cheapie Fergie for Wet n Wild. I think it is called V.I.Pink but not 100% on that.
On my eyes I used the new tarte Mattenificent Colored Clay Eyeshadow palette. I haven't been able to put this palette down, I'm obsessed!!!

Overall I had a very lovely birthday. I think I actually look better now then I did 10 years ago so hopefully that trend continues. Thanks for reading!

<3 Diane


My dog Stretch giving me paw for a treat.

My dad took this picture without me knowing and I love it so much it willbe framed. Nothing like a girl and her best buddy in action!

<3 Diane 

Magical Mix of Hair Treatments for Great Day 1 Hair!

So my hair wash cycle usually provides me with the best hair on days 2 and 3. Day 1 though sometimes the curls are defined is usually too fluffy and puffy for my liking. After sleeping on it just looks better. Yesterday the stars must have been aligned- or I found an exact product combination to get happily successful day 1 hair!

It may sound like I use a lot of products at once, and perhaps I use more than the average person per wash BUT I only do this routine 2 times a week MAX- sometimes even less!! I also do not use my steamer every wash. And I am a firm believer of doing what works for your own hair.

Now the big secret with me having such great hair today is a combo of 2 treatments I did and my hair steamer. But first I washed my hair (coconut oil was in it as pre poo from night before) using the new SheaMoisture Smooth & Repair Shampoo which is my current favorite shampoo at the moment. It is just so moisturizing!! Also while shampooing i use the Ouidad Scalp Exfoliator which helps promote hair growth. After that I used the Rita Hazan Foam Gloss which is a purple foam that helps tone down brassiness in blonde hair (if your hair is not blonde you totally do not need this step)

Okay now for the magical treatment part. I  shut the shower water off and squeezed out any additional water with my micro fiber towel. Then debating on weather to use the SheaMoisture Smooth & Repair Masque or Weekly Treatment, I DECIDED TO COMBINE THEM BOTH!!! For the past few weeks I have been using one or the other and have been happy. The masque is a moisture treatment where the weekly treatment is a protein treatment. I did a ratio of approx 3 parts mask to 1 part treatment (treatment is VERY concentrated) applying the product section by section. Then I sectioned my hair to 4 mini buns on the top of my hair and sat under my huetiful hair steamer for 2 sessions (approx 40 minutes) I always notice such a difference when I use my steamer, but especially with this super cold winter it has truly been saving my hair!

Before I rinsed out the treatments I used Clairol Shimmer Lights Conditioner on top of them for only 5 minutes. I have to be careful with purple conditioner or parts of my hair can turn purple! I got in trouble for that once with my hair dresser. LOL. But this just further helps my blonde hair fight brassiness which I am extremely prone to so again- not necessary step if you aren't blonde. I rinsed it all out with cool water (brrrr) and continued to style...

For style while my hair was soaking wet I put a mix of the SheaMoisture Smooth & Repair, Thickening & Raw Shea Butter Rinse Out Conditioners in as a leave in. I love playing chemist- I put a little of each in a bottle to get benefits from all the formulas. Then I got out of the shower sprayed some of my pureology Perfect For Platinum Miracle Filler Spray (another product for blondes) and applied Living Proof Prime & Restore Hair Cream in my hair while standing up.

After that I flipped my head over used the Klorane Mousse for blonde hair, followed by the DevaCurl B'Leave In (for protein), and Jessicurl Spiralicious Gel. I apply each product one after another in sections flipped over. I then scrunched out as much excess water as I could (a lot of scrunching!!!) and "plopped" my hair in a curl ease towel while I finished my skincare and body lotion. When I removed my hair from the towel I scrunched some more and added pure Argan Oil on top to seal. I know this all sounds like a lot but I got it down to a science and can do it fairly quickly at this point. I let my hair air dry since I knew I wouldn't be going out until way later on.

As you can see by my pictures my hair is shiny, and not fluffy!!! It has some frizz- but that is my own fault because my hair was SO INCREDIBLY SOFT I really could not stop touching it! Bad Diane!! I know.

With my styling products. I learned each extra step has done something nice for my hair..
Pureology Perfect for Platinum Miracle Filler- helps fill in gaps and leaves hair soft.

Living Proof Prime- helps my style stay and need washing less often

Living Proof Restore Targeted Repair Cream- I concentrate this on my ends because my ends are so prone to splits and breakage. Been using it for months now and I think it is making a difference!

Mousse- I used the Klorane one for blondes this time but any mousse layered under gel I find gives my hair more shine and more curl definition!

Stretch would make a cute blonde! ;)
DevaCurl B'Leave In- This is a protein styler and helps my hair stay strong. It is NOT a leave in conditioner and will not moisturize the hair.

Jessicurl Spiralicious Gel- My favorite gel at the moment. Nice strong hold but doesn't leave the hair cripsy or stiff. This is another product I contribute to going as long as I do between washes. I also find I can use this on it's own and get good results!

Argan Oil- pure. no silicones. it seals in the other products and helps to keep my hair healthy.

You can also see by the pictures my hair is growing quite nicely! I can't wait for it to get goal length. Except my roots appear so quickly. Such is a necessary evil for my hair to grow fast to get longer quicker I suppose. I also am due for a trim. I'm SO BAD with that. Haven't trimmed since the beginning on October!

I also did quite a few other posts on my hair with this new SheaMoisture Smooth & Repair line. I have been LOVING it!!!

Well that is it. Sorry this post is so long. I am expecting my day 2 and 3 hair for my birthday weekend now to be even better since day 1 was so great. We shall see and I will post on it.

<3 Diane


Kat Von D Esperanza Palette 5 Looks & Demo

gorgeous packaging
Kat Von D's makeup line at Sephora is incredible. I haven't tried a product from that line I didn't love. Her eyeshadows are at the top of the list so of course when I saw the new Esperanza Palette released for Spring 2014 I knew I had to have it. Esperanza which is Spanish for hope has special meaning to me (well technically the Italian version, sans the E does) but I won't go into that detail.

The packaging is different from past Kat Von D palettes which are usually housed in metal or rubber cases. This one is in cardboard with such a gorgeous colorful design on the front. It is sleek and also perfect for traveling.

no clue why this uploaded on its side
In the palette we find 8 full sized shadows- a mix of brights and pastels, some matte and some glitter but all perfect for the warmer weather which we will hopefully be getting soon (seriously polar vortex- I'm over you.) There is also a shade called "dayglo" which is a tramsformer shade said to change the other shadows when worn over or under. Personally I think the color is a pretty stand alone white with beautiful green iridescence but I didn't notice it really changing the others much.

Another stand out shade for me is "south" which is a matte latte color that almost matches my skin tone exactly and is perfect for under the eyebrow. It reminds me very much of a highlighter by Laura Geller Beauty called "french vanilla" but it is a bit darker.

swatches. again idk why its on its side
For the most part these are top Kat Von D shadow quality- pigmented, blending beautifully, no creasing and wearing all day until they are hit with makeup remover. The more glittery shades (dog roses, santeria and selena) do have some fall out and for whatever reason, sadly the color archangel which is this beyond stunning turquoise doesn't stay as vivid on my eyes as it does in the pan.

So aside from those few setbacks I had so much fun playing with this palette and even though there are "only" 8 shadows I feel I can create such varied and different looks with them. I wound up doing 5 (FIVE!) looks for the demo and tutorial which you can see below and in the video.

(all looks below and demoed and explained how to achieve in the video at the bottom)

So below is the first look, a perfect wintery blue and white. I am a big fan of blue eyeshadows despite having blue eyes and this is one of my favorite looks I did. You can also bring the outer crease color (santeria) below the lash line for more color and intensity.
look 1

The second look is a look I am not used to. I usually stick with cooler toned colors but this was fun and different. I don't know why but it kind of reminds me of a western sunset or something.
look 2

Look 3 is another favorite look. The turquoise and purple just went together so nicely. It reminds me of unciorns and mermaids and happiness. That sounds silly I know, but it does! I actually used a shadow as a liner rather than the liquid liner I used for all my other looks with this one.
look 3

I'd like to thank my friend Jaclyn for giving me inspiration and the idea for the next look which is a purple smokey eye. This is a look I brought color under the lower lash line but you can totally bring color under for any of them (the main reason I didn't was because I was doing multiple looks in one day) This is a darker and more intense look- nice for a night out. If the look is too dark for you, you can lighten it up and I show how in my video!
look 4

For the last look, I went quite opposite of look 4. This look is light and bright and to me really says Spring or Summer. Out of all of the looks I did, this one also is probably the most daytime appropriate ;)
look 5

For more information, review and demos on all 5 looks be sure to check out my video:

disclaimer: this was bought with my own money. well technically i used a Sephora gift card i got for Christmas but you know what I mean. All reviews and always honest and my own, I am not sponsored and receive no monetary compensation for my reviews.

<3 Diane

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January 2014 Birchbox & Ipsy Bags

Getting beauty subscriptions in the mail is like Christmas each month! Although in December I was a bit disappointed in both Birchbox & Ipsy, I am happy to report January 2014 made up for both of them! YAY



<3 Diane


nuFace First Impressions

This past Christmas I received a NuFace as one of my gifts from my parents. I have been wanting once of these for the longest time! It is a micro-corrent non surgical face lift that is supposed to help tone and contour your face. Best results are seen after three months of consistent use so I can't give a full review yet, but I did do a video on my first impressions after using it for 2 weeks:
<3 Diane

Tarte Cosmetics Foundcealer Review & Demo

For 2014 Tarte Cosmetics is introducing us to a new ingredient- Amazonian Colored Clay! It is similar to their very popular Amazonian Clay however this clay contains natural minerals that have multiple skin care benefits from anti-aging to color correcting. Tarte's website has a whole section dedicated to informing us about colored clay here and I encourage you to give it a quick read!

A few weeks about during Friday Night Beauty on QVC, Tarte debuted their first product featuring this new ingredient. The product is called a "foundcealer" which is a foundation and concealer in one product! Because QVC gives us awesome deals, it also includes a double ended brush which I am almost sure will not be included when this hits retail. Being the tartelette (girl who loves tarte) I am I ordered the new foundcealer right away and I swear I think the mailman took extra long to bring it to me.

The new foundcealer comes in six shades and I was extra happy to see the shade "light-medium" being offered as QVC doesn't always give us this option and as a result I usually buy a light and medium and mix. So big thank you to tarte & qvc for offering this shade for us not so light and not so medium ladies & gents out there!

Here is some information directly from QVC's site on the tarte foundcealer:
"Why is it different: tarte combines the coverage of a concealer with a lightweight, blendable foundation! Infused with colored clay for skin care and color-correcting benefits, this revolutionary Foundcealer will deliver full coverage and a natural-looking finish similar to tarte's best-selling Amazonian clay foundation while working overtime as a full-coverage concealer. Purple, green, yellow, and red clay work together to help conceal, brighten, protect, cover redness, and diffuse the look of dark circles and imperfections all at once."

Now what do I think? I am really enjoying it! First, the brush it comes with is fantastic- super soft, does not shed and blends the product flawlessly. Because it is tarte is is also cruelty free. One side is perfect for all over the face and the other is smaller and great for going underneath the eyes, around the nose and in smaller areas. I also find applying with the smaller side helps the product become more full coverage.

 I find the foundcealer itself to be very similar as far as coverage is concerned to the original Amazonian Clay foundation. It is buildable and provides medium to full coverage. I also LOVE the finish- it is matte but not dull and looks very natural.

just foundcealer, no BB corrector here

You are probably thinking now can this one product really replace foundation and a concealer? Yes and no. Usually I need a separate concealer under my eyes, around my nose and other areas on my face I have extra redness or blemishes. The foundcealer alone is enough to cover all the mentioned except my under eyes. My dark circles are my biggest complaint- they are DARK! So while the foundcealer does make them lighter, it does not make them disappear entirely. Usually I use foundation, concealer and tarte's BB undereye corrector under my eye. With the foundcealer, I  can eliminate the separate concealer step but still use the BB undereye corrector and it works beautifully!

Overall I think this product is another winner by tarte and will be especially loved by those who are in a rush in the morning since it is indeed 2 products in 1.

For more information and to see me demo the product, check out my video:

disclaimer: this product was purchased with my own money. I am not endorsed nor do I receive any monetary compensation in exchange for my reviews. Everything stated is always my own 100% pure and honest opinion.

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Jessicurl Spiralicious Gel Update!

I have been using the Jessicurl Spiralicious gel quite consistantly and I absolutely love it! It has become my new favorite gel.

I originally did a 1st Impressions video back in October 2013 that you can watch here

I have been alternating this gel with the Devacurl ArcAngel (my other favorite) Using Devacurl on Monday wash and Spiralicious on Friday wash. My ultimate goal is to use up all the other gels in my stash and just keep Spiralicious because I love it that much right now.

My formula for after washing my hair that has been giving me the most optimal results with Spiralicious is: use a conditioner as a leave in (not a leave in conditioner- my hair likes something richer), Living Proof Prime, Restore Cream (just on ends), Devacurl B'Leave In*, Jessicurl Spiralicious and sealing with Argan oil. Truthfully you don't necessarily need to use the living proof or b'leave in stuff but i really like the way it all works together. The Devacurl B'Leave In is basically a leave in protein treatment and I notice enhanced curl definition from when I use it  vs. when I don't.

So I decided to do an update video the end of December which you can watch below:

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My Current Skincare Routine January 2014

This was a very highly requested youtube video of my current skincare routine! I am such a big believe in proper skincare. I actually started using an eye cream when I was 13 or 14 (thanks mom!) A big part of anti aging is prevention but my skin is also combination and acne prone so I have to tackle multiple skin issues at once. The videos talks about what I do in the morning, night and on a weekly basis.

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Another Good Hair Day w/SheaMoisture Monoi Line

I still have to do my officially review of the new SheaMoisture Tahitian Noni & Monoi Line (I am aiming to do that this weekend. I just want to try the Weekly Therapy as a Deep Treatment first) but man I have been obsessed with these products. I had to capture another great hair day with these products, just like I did last week in this post It's so much easier when my boyfriend takes the pics for me. I don't get to see him during the week (sad face) so I had to do my best selfies.

This wash I used the shampoo from the line, then I used a conditioning toner to help the brassiness in my blonde hair (more on that in a different post but the product is manic panic virgin snow) and then I used the rinse out conditioner as a leave in followed by my usual after shower styling products: living proof prime, restore cream, devacurl b'leave in, arcangel gel, argan oil)

What was different about this wash though was most of the time I air dry my hair but for whatever reason I was extra cold and had to diffuse. The labels state on these products they are supposed to help with frizz and provide heat protection and much to my delight they really did! I did spray my Living Proof Restore Spray before diffusing but by the time I was done I realized I had better curl definition and A LOT LESS FRIZZ than I usually do when I diffuse. I also felt my hair was diffused in less time than usual. It had to be because of the Monoi line!!!

I will be continuing to use this line for a while and they will remain in my rotation for the foreseeable future (but you know me, product junkie can't stick to just one line ever)I am so impressed and pleased with the results and my full on review is coming soon!

Oh by the way, though the company did send me the products to review I actually went to Target and stocked up on them during the SheaMoisture BOGO 1/2 off sale!

<3 Diane

Sally Hansen #CSMTKO Nail Polish Review

I received three bottles of the Complete Salon Manicure by Sally Hansen courtesy of Influenster to test out and review. I was so excited when these came because this formula is actually already my favorite nail polish! I was extra happy these are 3 colors I do not have (my favorite color is "Naked Ambition" which is a perfect nude with slight pink to it)

The company states it has 7 benefits in 1 bottle:
-base coat,
-growth treatment,
-top coat,
-chip resistant
-gel shine finish.

I am not one of those super talented, amazing nail art, perfect manicure type people. Nope. I am pretty much on the complete opposite end of that spectrum so if I am going to paint my nails I want it to be quick, easy and fail proof. These polishes pass that test. The brush is perfect so I don't color outside the lines (aka my nails), I only need 2 to 3 coats since the pigmentation is lovely and I also don't have to fuss or bother with additional base or top coats. I love the shine and they don't chip on me for quite a few days which is a record. Most polish, even expensive "salon brand" ones chip within a day. But not these. If you need good nail polish that will hold up I highly suggest trying these out!

Check out my video for more of a review:

disclaimer: these were provided to me complimentary from influenster to review. however all thoughts, opinions and words expressed are 100% my own and honest, as always.

<3 Diane

Pureology Essential Repair Masque & Color Max UV Spray Review

Pureology is one of my favorite lines for my color treated hair. A while back I did a video review of the Perfect 4 Paltinum line- a line geared towards blondes! At the time my hair was a little darker than it is now and it worked well then and still is great. You can see the video on that line here.

In this more recent video I reviewed 2 products from their Essential Repair line. This line is infused with soymilk and biotin and was developed for really distressed hair. I review the Essential Repair Masque which is a deep treatment that renews strength and softness while maintaining color and the Color Max UV Spray which helps to add more color protection and shine.

Check out my review and thoughts on these products by watching the video below:

disclaimer: these were bought with my own money

<3 Diane

Awesome Hair Day thanks to SheaMoisture's New Monoi Line!

I have been playing with the new SheaMoisture Tahitian Noni & Monoi line this week. A full and thorough review will be on here and on Youtube after I continue to use for at least another week or so but I am already so in love and impressed with the results I had to play photoshoot (thanks to my patient boyfriend Tommie) and capture the good hair day!
The new line is created for Wavy, Curly & Frizzy Hair :::jumps up and down and points to self::: This basically describes me to a T. The products are infused with tahitian noni, monoi, keratin, peptides and botanicals. I'll get into all of the products and their details next time, don't worry. This was my second time washing and playing with the products...
The pictures you see are of freshly washed hair! The first thing I noticed it my hair was certainly not as frizzy or fluffy as it usually is on day 1! I also really am enjoying the SHINE and minimal frizz. I also think I got very good curl definition. It was actually even less frizzy but I got caught in some fog and drizzling rain.
What I used: Shampooed with the shampoo (sulfate free) from this line, used the Smooth & Repair Nourishing Hair Masque and sat with it under my Huetiful Hair Steamer. Once steaming was done I took my Q-Redew to target steam the ends of my hair even more....
....Once that was done I used the Rinse Out Conditioner from the line as my leave in, then used my usual "holy grail" post shower styling products: Living Proof Prime, Restore Cream, DevaCurl B'Leave in, Jessicurl Spiralicious and sealed with Pure Argan Oil. My ends need a trim really soon. One thing I am concerned about it my hair is looking a bit darker and brassy towards the ends- not quite sure if this is from the products, me not using enough purple conditioner or what. So I will be toning them on Monday. I am crossing my fingers that it isn't a product ingredient in this line doing it since I am so impressed by everything else!
I really love the results of this masque with the steamer. I'm already going into panic "I need backup and backups of backups of this masque" mode. The masque is meant for moisture. There is also another treatment- a weekly hair & scalp therapy you can use as a pre poo or a deep treatment that is protein based. I will be steaming with that one next week.

Stay tuned for a more thorough review, video and blog post featuring the new SheaMoisture line!

<3 Diane

puffs plus lotion are great this winter!

I received these Puffs plus Lotion travel pack of tissues in the Jolly VoxBox from Influenster. These tissues have been a lifesaver lately! It has been beyond freezing in New York and my nose has been running. Since using these tissues I have noticed my nose has not been as red or raw as it usually would be with this kind of weather. This little pack also fits everywhere- purse, jacket pocket, car cup holder! I'm happy I discovered these and they are for sure a repuchase. Plus the packaging is pretty! =)

disclaimer: I received these complimentary from Influenster. Influenster is a site where you can receive products to review based on surveys and questions. All reviews, opinions and things stated are my own and honest

<3 Diane

Tangle Teezer Curly Wavy Review

I have heard about the Tangle Teezer for quite some time now. Truthfully, I really didn't think I needed it. I thought just using my wide tooth comb to detangle was fine. But as my hair is getting longer, and perhaps this cruel, dry winter also has something to do with it- my hair, specifically my ends have become harder to detangle. So I went to Target and got the $9.99 Tangle Teezer to give it a shot. A few friends (thank you Sarah & Nora) recommended it to me and both said they had success with it.

My thoughts on the Tangle Teezer- WHY ON EARTH DID I NOT BUY IT SOONER?!?!?! It is in fact a lot better than a wide tooth comb! I never detangled my hair so effortlessly before. It just glided through my hair and if there was a know or tangle it stopped and let me know so I can take better care of that section to detangle carefully.

Check out my review video for much more information:

disclaimer: this product was purchased with my own money. all opinions and things stated are 100% my own and honest. i receive no monetary compensation for my reviews.

<3 Diane

Kerastase Chroma Sensitive Cleansing Balm & Chroma Riche Masque Review

I've always been a bit fascinated by the Kerastase line. I see them mentioned time and time again in magazines and the products are well loved by celebrities and stylists. One of the main reasons I didn't try was due to the higher price point on the items. However lately my hair motto has been, "you can't put a price on great hair" so if something was a bit more money if it really did magical wonders for me I don't mind spending on it. I mean, my holy grail Living Proof Restore Treatment Mask is $42 for 8oz which is in no way, shape, or form inexpensive! LOL

Anyway, I decided I did want to get my feet wet in the Kerastase pool and what better way than trying smaller, deluxe sample sizes to get a feel for the products?

(stock photo from google)
The first product I tried was the Reflection Chroma Sensitive Cleansing Balm. This shampoo alternative is sulfate, silicone and paraben free, very gentle and is started to lock in hair color while enhancing radiance. Being that I do color my hair and prefer products to be sulfate and silicone free, I had high expectations for this product and it did not let me down. According to the Kerastase site, this product contains a "Mild and nourishing formula comprised of 1/4 low-foaming cleansing base with reduced tensio-active agents and 3/4 conditioning base" and it is also high in antioxidant vitamin E. The directions stated to use it for the first three washes after getting hair color done and then alternate it for every wash after that.

So what did I think? LOVE AT FIRST SITE!!! Seriously, all the hype and talk about this product is said with good reason. I'm happy to report a little product goes a long way so you don't need much each wash. My hair felt very clean but at the same time super moisturized. There was no lather which I am fine with (and that this point I prefer. Lather makes me think my hair is being stripped now) I massaged the product into my scalp and through the lengths of my hair. I do notice my hair color does stay vibrant longer and I think the product is why. Once I run out of my mini size (it is around 3oz or so) I will be purchasing the full size without blinking an eye- it is THAT good. I also followed the directions and used it the first 3 times after color and now alternate it every other wash.

(stock image from google)
The other product I tried was the Reflection Masque Chroma Riche This is also from the line for color treated hair (by the way, I adore the pink packaging!) Per the Kerastase website, this masque is stated to "Nourishing masque that protects and boosts radiance for dry, highlighted or color-treated hair and "
  • Nourishes leaving hair soft and supple
  • Maximizes longevity and radiance of hair color with reflective shine
  • Protects against anti-oxidant aggressors and premature color fading
  • Provides UV protection "
I only had 2 pillow packs of product to try out with this masque to start. Much to my surprise a little went far. So I am noticing with these Kerastase products a little goes a long way. I applied the mask after the cleansing balm and let it sit for a half hour. I did mix it in with my holy grail mask mentioned aboved because I did need something to help spread the product through my long, color treated, dry hair. This product does contain a silicone or two which was a bit disappointing but my results left me in awe. THE SHINE! THE SHINE! THE S-H-I-N-E!!!! Blonde hair and shiny hair don't often go hand in hand and I couldn't remember the last time my hair looked that wonderfully shiny. Count me impressed again! I can't speak for long term results of this masque since I only used it one time but for the time time I used it I REALLY liked it, despite having silicones and all. This is a possibly rebuy for me as well- but I do want to try other masques by Kerastase (some which are silicone free) beforehand.

Overall, I am happy with the Kerastase line so far and am now looking to try some other products. I promised myself I have to go through some of my hair product stash before purchasing more but as soon as I get more I will report back on them!

Check out my video review for even more information:

disclaimer: these products were pruchased with my own money. I receive no monetary compensation nor am I sponsored by any brand for my reviews. All opinions stated are 100% my own and honesy. Links are not affiliated in any way unless otherwise mentioned.

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Curly Wavy Empties Videos 23 & 24

Ooopps I totally forgot to post my 23rd Empties Video on here! What can I say, December and the Holiday time was super busy. That's okay because now i have not one but two empties videos for you guys!

An empties video is where I talk about beauty products I used up and give mini reviews and say if I would purchase again or not. Enjoy!

<3 Diane

New Years Eve 2014 Look

Happy 2014! New Years Eve was a lot of fun. I think one of my favorite parts besides my New Years Eve kiss with my dude is getting to unapologetically wear sequins! I was going to go super glitterly with my eye makeup but wound up keeping it more simple with just some silver. Tommie was happy that glitter didn't get all over him.

I had a good hair day and followed the same steps I did for Christmas Eve (see that post here) and on top of it also added some of the DevaCurl Shine Spray which really did add extra shine! I really do love the combo for nice picture (almost) perfect hair, even if it does require more product than usual.

 I started off with 2nd day hair again. Oh and one more difference was I did have to diffuse my freshly washed hair the day before because of time, it wouldn't air dry in time. I usually prefer to air dry for the sake of heat damage but I did use the Living Proof Restore Spray which is a heat protector.

Makeup wise my face was the same as Christmas so check back that post for details. The shadows I have on are from the Tarte of Giving Sephora Holiday 2013 Palette. I enjoy blue eyeshadows. I hate that silly "rule" where they say people with blue eyes shouldn't wear blue shadow- I think it is a bunch of bull- wear what you like & what makes you happy!! I've been obsessing with the lip color I wore- It is the "Perfois Pink Lip System" from Mally Beauty in the shade Soft Pink. The system comes with a coordinating liner, lipstick and gloss. (item A225551 on QVC if you are interested)

blue & silver eyes with soft pink lips

selfie without the camera in the pic ;)

 Tommie tried to take our traditional nice hair pictures but I wasn't crazy about how most of them turned out (honestly, it's me nit-picking myself probably) I wasn't really ready for this one below but it's the best of the bunch of my face.

<3 midnight kiss! <3

 This picture was taking a bit after midnight, still ringing in the New Year. Hair held up well!

 New Year's Day I actually was in sweats with my hair in a messy bun. We didn't do anything extraordinary, just stayed at my house with some of my family. I was sooo exhausted from the fun night before I was barely able to keep my eyes open. I'm a girl who likes her beauty sleep and didn't go to bed til 4am- my poor body felt it for 3 days after!

I didn't make many resolutions this year. My one goal is to hopefully find a full time job, a career I love. But I did do this New Years Resolutions TAG video if you'd like to see:

I hope you all had a wonderful New Years!!

<3 Diane


Influenster JollyVoxBox December 2013!

Influenster is a fun program where you can get boxes of cool stuff for free by doing surveys and writing reviews on their website. I believe it is also heavily influenced by social media too. I recently got the Jiolly VoxBox- it contained all sorts of fun, random goodies. Check out my video. (btw sorry the sound got weird on this video- my webcam wound up dying)

<3 Diane

December 2013 Makeup Favorites

Just like my hair videos, I also did a favorites for Makeup in December 2013. I do these videos every 3 to 4 months since not a whole lot really changes. Some of these holy grail cosmetics have been my favorites for years now and some are new!

some brands included are tarte cosmetics, it cosmetics, mally beauty and more!

<3 Diane

December 2013 Hair FAVORITES

Here is my 2 part Curly Wavy Blonde Hair Favorites for December 2013! I do hair favorites videos every 3 or 4 months because doing them every single month there would just be way too much repeated, as a lot of these items are even repeated from this time last year!

Part 1 is "in shower" stuff like co-washes, shampoos, conditioners, deep treatments, etc

Part 2 is stylers and well- everything else!! =)


 Some brands mentioned include living proof, devacurl, jessicurl, ouidad and more...

<3 Diane


2nd shipment of Tarte Beauty Without Boundaries QVC Kit

This is my review of the second auto delivery kit of the Tarte Cosmetics Beauty Without Boundaries Set. The originally Today's Special Value kit was in September 2013. This is the December 2013 shipment.

I am not sure if you can get this shipment without being on auto delivery for the first, but sometimes the kits do appear on qvc or tarte's website months later so keep an eye out. ;)

 check out my other videos related to this kit too!

1st shipment:

Demo using all tarte BB products:

disclaimer: this was purchased with my own money. all reviews, opinions and things said are 100% my own and truthful, as always. i receive no monetary compensation for my reviews

<3 Diane
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