Hair of the Day Selfies

So I've been playing around with the new product line from Living Proof for Curls for a few weeks now! A full review will be coming soon but the mousse is now a holy grail and I also really enjoy the conditioning wash.

Here are some day one hair pictures. I also used a deep treatment which I will be reviewing soon, it's expensive but seriously life changing- my hair is so soft AND SHINY!!!!!

I used the following styling products in this order: Kerastase Initialiste (this is more of a scalp treatment), Living Proof No Frizz Leave In, Prime Style Extender, Repair Lotion, Curl Mousse and sealed with SheaMoisture Intense Hydration Oil. I apply section by section on wet hair raking it through but to keep my waves longer and looser, I don't really scrunch.
I haven't really been scrunching my hair to keep it as curly as I used too. I prefer to elongate my hair for softer waves now. I also really need a trim.
 These pictures were taken with my new iphone 6! I can't believe how great the camera is on this phone! No one was around to take pictures for me so these are all selfies with my arm strategically cut out. :)

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Hair Products Review: Kerastase Resistance Line

Last month I reviewed some Kerastase products, you can read all about them hereBeing that I am still on a nice Kerastase kick since I have been loving the results and I did buy other products during my Black Friday Haul (side note: I may or may have completely overdone it). I have more product reviews to share!

RĂ©sistance Force Architecte

This line is made supposed to give strength back to damaged hair. Ideal for those with brittle, damaged hair and split ends. My hair is super damaged, dry and prone to breakage split ends so this line really did appeal to me. Sometimes I mix these with the products from the Discipline line (from my last review) to get the benefits of repairing the hair as well as anti-frizz!

The Key Technology: Complexe Ciment-Cylane

  1. Intra-Cylane: recreates a holding structure around each breakage point
  2. Pro-Keratin: fills in the gaps in the cortex
  3. Ceramides: build external cohesion and smooth the surface cuticle

For my detailed review of the Bain Force Achitecte, Masque Force Architecte, Ciment Thermique, Resistance Fibre Architecte, plus the Elixir Ultime and update on the Initialiste, continuing reading my article on HERE

 By the way, it is no secret that Kerastase isn't inexpensive. I have found a website, that sells the products at a better price. I ordered from them and from what I am able to tell, they products look authentic. I purposely ordered the same products I got from the official Kerastase site to compare the bottles, labels, texture and smell of the product. I am not endorsed or sponsored by this site in any way, I just like sharing discounts :)

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T3 Source Hand-Held Shower Filter Review

I have read time and time again that using a shower filter will do great things for the hair and skin. It makes sense--they sell filtered water to drink so why not use it externally too? On my never ending quest to get my best hair possible, in October I finally caved in and bought one. I gave myself ample time to use it so I could provide this thorough review.

I decided to purchase the T3 Source Hand-Held Shower Filter during Sephora’s 20% off sale back on October and I have been using it ever since. It retails for $130-150. What really intrigued me about this specific model was that aside from the filter it has 8 different setting speeds and pressures like my old showerhead did. It is also hand held so if I was just washing my hair and not my whole body I can do so rather easily.

Find out my thoughts on this shower filter and if it helped my skin and hair by reading my article on HERE.

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T.I.P.S. Nail Strengthening Conditioner Review

So here's the thing: Some of you in the internet world have some crazy talent with doing nail art and always having your nails looking so pretty. But me? Not so much. Truthfully. I don't bother painting my nails at all 99% of the time because it chips and I get annoyed. But, the past few months I have been trying to get my nails to look a bit nicer, keeping them filed, etc. I always had issues with my nails breaking before they would grow and, especially in freezing cold weather as of late, I'd get really painful and sore cuticles.

I have watched the T.I.P.S. Nail Strengthening Conditioner presented on QVC for years. I was always intrigued, but really didn't want to spend that much money on my nails. Well in December there was that whole "Last Month at the Feature Price" thing QVC does to entice us to buy and between that and how bad my cuticles were hurting, I bit the bullet and ordered. WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG TO ORDER THIS STUFF?!?!

T.I.P.S. is INCREDIBLE. It lives up to all of the claims and in my opinion is worth that money. I have been using it religiously for over a month now and my nails haven't looked better. No, they
aren't perfect (clearly) but they are 100% better than they used to be.

I apply it first thing in the morning (it is on my night stand) before even getting out of bed and I know I am good for the day. It's easy to apply. The lady who presents it said it is even okay to use over polish. I cover my whole nail bed and the skin around it with the formula.

Here is what QVC says about it:
"What is it: T.I.P.S., "The Incredible Protection System," is a quick and simple one-step approach to achieving beautiful, healthy-looking nails and cuticles--for less than five minutes a day--all in the comfort of your own home. A must-have for anyone wanting to improve and maintain conditioned nails and cuticles. Each 0.24-fl oz container is an approximate two-month supply. With this auto-delivery plan, you'll receive a new shipment of the set approximately every four months for one year.

Who is it for: Nail Conditioner is for anyone who desires strong, beautiful, healthy- looking nails and cuticles. Perfect for both women and men. Suitable for all ages.

Why is it different: Nail Conditioner contains a lipid-rich solution that's formulated to penetrate the nail plate and cuticle area with lipids to help condition and moisturize nails and cuticles."

I wish I took "before" pictures of my fingers to show the difference. But as you can clearly see from my photos, I am pretty awkward at taking pictures of my hands, but I tried! (handsies? like selfies? ha)

The one drawback for me is the smell. I'm sorry, but this stuff stinks!! I don't even know how to describe it other than unpleasant but luckily right after you apply it and it sinks in, the smell disappears. That isn't a game changer for me, especially since it does not linger and the performance is excellent.

I can't recommend this stuff enough. My nails are longer and feel stronger and as I keep mentioning, it has REALLY helped with my cuticles. I'm glad I went on auto delivery with the featured price, but right now it is not much more and still very much worth it. Plus they give you 2 bottles! f you have been wanting this on QVC and were skeptical, or if you need something to help your nails, check it out here.

Thanks for reading.
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Super Lazy Hair of the Day: Headband & Braid

My alarm goes off at 6:00am every morning. There are some days I am just SO TIRED I want to get out of the house and just get to work with as minimal effort as possibly because every second of sleep in the morning matters.

I actually took these pictures around 7:00pm when I got home from work (my days are brutally long) I didn't touch my makeup up before snapping these which is apparent in the shine on my face so please ignore that :)
This is one of my usual "I really can't be bothered but have to look somewhat decent" hair styles that I know I can do and get out of the house quickly. I usually do this on day 3 or 4 hair, it is good to do when I need to wash my hair later on because I will through some oil or treatment in there and just let it penetrate into my locks all day.

The headband is there so I don't have to slick down or plaster my edges and the broken hairs along my hairline down to my head. I then secure a ponytail holder at the nape of my neck and tie the end of the braid with another. It's really simple!

I'm still working on my French Braiding and failing miserably at it!

This sweater is super comfy. It's from Target a couple of years ago.

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Mac Viva Glam Miley Cyrus Lipstick & Lipglass

I'll be honest, I am not one of those big die hard MAC fanatics. But I do enjoy their lipsticks and every now and then a limited edition release will come out that I NEED. I am loving everything about the Viva Glam Miley Cyrus lipstick and lipglass! This two piece collection is the most GORGEOUS shade of hot pink which makes this pink lipstick lover super happy, and every cent of each purchase goes toward helping women, men and children living with and affected by HIV/AIDS! There is a sweet reason to make sure you have backups of your backups.

Now more about the color. Seriously it is one of the most beautiful, bright, hot pink shades I ever came across!! Pictures do not even do justice the beauty of this color in person. Both the lipstick and lipglass have blue undertones. The lipstick is matte and lipglass has tons of glitter (which I don't mind) The lipstick is also EXTREMELY long wearing! It starts off bright hot pink and fades to a gorgeous tad less brighter pink color and wears through eating and drinking.

 Left: No Flash, Right: Flash

If you are a fan of the color pink and love long wearing lipsticks, I absolutely suggest checking out the Limited Edition Miley Cyrus Viva Glam MAC Collection!
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My Favorite Conditioners for Curly Wavy Hair

pic from Sept 2014
Conditioner is a curl's best friend. Having naturally more dry hair than our straight hair buddies, it is important to stay properly hydrated and moisturized so our hair does not become dry, brittle or experience breakage.
There are various forms of conditioners and of course I have my favorites so I will cover all of it in this article.
My favorite way to apply any conditioner is raking it through section by section- 2 sections in the lower back, left side, right side, back of the top of the head, left front side and left back side. This makes sure all my hair gets coated evenly and also helps to detangle at the same time.
CLICK HERE to read my article on all about my favorite cleansing, leave in, rinse out and deep conditioners and why I like to use each one.

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Super Helpful Tips for PLATINUM Blonde Hair!

In a perfect world, my hair would be identical to Elsa from Frozen: beautifully platinum and long! But in this world, at least right now- sadly, not so much. I tried going way lighter with my hair and loved every second of it last year, but because of previous damage within my hair, I was experiencing too much breakage despite babying my hair like crazy so I had to return a bit darker. Now that Olaplex is on the market, I am hoping to re attempt lighter blonde in a few years after I let the so-far-gone damaged lengths of my hair grow out and keep getting trims.

However, if you have healthy hair and have been dying to go the beautiful Ice Princess route, I came across this post from The Beauty Department talking all about tips and tricks for achieving Platinum Blonde Hair. I thought this was extremely helpful and wanted to share, and I also feel some of the information here can benefit us blondes of all shades. If brassiness is your number one nemesis you have to check this information out.

I hope you found that post helpful. I now have a wishlist of blonde products I want to try and it would nice seeing my beloved Shimmer Lights on that list!

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It Cosmetics New Year, Your Most Beautiful Skin QVC TSV 1/19/15 Review

This kit is hands down, one of the very best QVC Today's Special Value kits EVER. On January 19, 2015 It Cosmetics will be releasing a new Today's Special Value kit called "New Year, Your Most Beautiful Skin" The kit will include 3 brand new launches as well as a great brush and repackaging of the fan favorite CC cream. The price is amazing too- under $60 (before tax and shipping) !!!

If you are looking for cosmetics that help treat and anti-age your skin while covering, this kit is your dream! It is everything you need for flawless skin! All the products in this kit are product I reach for every day, plus they are easy to use and long lasting!

Shade choices available for the face products are Fair, Light, Medium, Tan & Deep.
I use the shade Light.

Items included:
-CC+ Eye Color Correcting Full Coverage Cream
-CC+ Color Correcting Full Coverage Cream Compact
-CC+ Angled Buffing Foundation Brush
-CC+ Airbrush Perfecting Powder
-Blurred Lines Smooth-Filled Lipstick, shade: Love

Also included is a sample of the No 50 Primer/Serum!



So here is my thoughts on each individual item:

CC+ Eye Color Correcting Full Coverage Cream
What They Say: Instantly help conceal skin discoloration from your under eye area! CC+ Eye features a unique Cool Spoon Technology cooling tip.

What I Say: Hello, my new Holy Grail! This product basically takes the Bye Bye Undereye Concealer & Bye Byer Undereye Corrector and merges them into one product! That saves me time in the morning which I love. It is very pigmented, and you need only a little to get the job done and the cooling tip on the end feels wondering in the morning! To me, Bye Bye Under Eye has a bit more coverage, but not by a lot. This consistency is also a little bit thinner than BBUE. I apply the product using the cooling tip and then finish blending using an It Cosmetics brush. I think it is super cool there is SPF 50+ in an eye cream because our eyes are one of the first areas on our face to show signs of aging and it is so important to protect them from the sun! The Optical Blurring Pigments inside of this magic potion really help my eye area look brighter and my genetic dark circles look not so dark. I need backups of my backups with this product please.

CC+ Color Correcting Full Coverage Cream Compact
What They Say: Experience the cult-favorite multitasking beauty product that helps deliver your full coverage foundation, SPF 50+ UVA/UVB sunscreen, brightening color corrector, anti-aging serum, pore-minimizing primer, dark spot corrector and moisturizing day cream all in one step! The new, easy to use compact dispenses the perfect amount of the CC+ cream to  make application effortless.

What I Say: The CC cream has been one of my can't live without makeup products since it debuted in 2013. It is full coverage, easy to apply and lasts all day which is important to me because my makeup goes on at 6:30am and often doesn't get washed off until 8:30pm!!! Wearing the CC cream every
single day, I notice my skin looks better even after I wash it off my face at night. The finish on it's own is a bit dewy but I apply a powder over it to help mattify my combination skin. The new compact is interesting. I like it for travel and I really like the sponge it comes with to apply. My concern here is I won't be able to use every last drop of the product and some will go to waste where as the tube (other packaging) I can cut it open towards the end until that container is bone dry. The packaging says you only need one press but I find myself using 2-3 presses to get the coverage I desire. Also, the tube is 1oz where this is 47oz so there is significantly less product.

CC+ Angled Buffing Foundation Brush

What They Say: Airbrush your skin to perfection with a swirl of this ultra-luxe brush.

What I Say: I have a SMALL obsession with It Cosmetics brushes and I always happily welcome more into my collection. I used this with the CC+ cream and it applied it flawlessly and blended like a dream. I also love that all It brushes are cruelty free and not made from animal hair.

CC+ Airbrush Perfecting Powder
What They Say: Sheer to Full Coverage, Optical Blurring Finishing Veil. Lightweight powder helps to leave your skin with the look of airbrushed perfection!

What I Say: I was super excited to try this product! I love Bye Bye Pores but always wished it was in a pressed compact instead of a loose powder. I use an It Cosmetics brush to apply this all over as my finishing step and it helps mattify my skin a bit and just leaves my skin looking incredible! Almost as if I am in a soft focus finish so you can't see any of my pores or imperfections. It doesn't leave the skin looking cakey as some finishing powders can do. This is another new holy grail for me since I will be able to carry it everywhere and touch up as necessary. I even use this right under my eyes to set the CC+ eye cream and it did not settle into those unkind fine lines I am starting to get. Honestly, I'm not sure I can pinpoint the biggest difference between this and the Celebration Foundation- I enjoy both products.

Blurred Lines Smooth-Fill Lipstick
What They Say: Create a natural looking pretty pop of color to your lips, and revitalize your entire complexion with this lip-loving lipstick! It's a lip-loving treatment unlike anything you've ever experienced! The smooth shine of a gloss, the long lasting highly pigmented power of a lipstick, plus the hydration of an anti-aging balm, all in one extremely lightweight, breakthrough color-correcting formula

What I Say: As you can probably tell by the picture, I was way too excited to try this and played with it before taking blog pics. It smells delicious- like vanilla doughnuts, I love it! It glides on so smooth and buttery and leaves my lips feeling soft and hydrated. The color lasts a while, not quite as long as the Vitality Lip Flushes but still a decent amount of time. Especially with this brutal winter, I need something powerful to help my lips not get chapped. When I first saw the color, called "Love"  I got concerned it was going to be too warm and coral for my personal liking, but once applied the color is a "Your Lips But Better" sheer rosey like hue. It's beautiful and very natural looking! I hope It Cosmetics releases more colors (PINK PLEASE) in this formula.

All in the shade LIGHT
L to R: Powder, CC Cream, Eye Cream, Lipstick.
Note that they are not blended out

On my face, I am wearing everything in the kit  as well as Hello Lashes Mascara & Brow Power Waterproof Perfector in Blonde.

So don't forget to tune into QVC on Monday, January 19, 2015 to pick up this kit- it will be the lowest price ever just for that day and I have a feeling it will sell out quick!

Disclaimer: products sent to me for review consideration. I receive no monetary compensation. All opinions are and always will be my own, honest throughts. For what it is worth, I am also buying extra kits for myself with my own money.

Thanks for reading!
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Hair of The Day Pics: Looser Waves

Truthfully, this isn't hair of today specifially, it's hair of a few days ago because I have been sick with a nasty virus all week. But I haven't really taken hair pics in a while so here they are.

If you notice my hair looks less curly than it used it, that is intentional. They say variety is the spice of life and I have been enjoying wearing it in looser looking waves lately. I like that the looser waves makes my hair look longer. It's really easy for me to achieve this look- I rake product in my hair after the shower and I don't scrunch as much. Also, due to lack of time lately and me preferring to air dry- towel drying my hair prior to applying product (inside of apply product of soaking wet hair) has been allowing it to air dry quicker and it's just been working out a bit better like this. But don't worry, I still sometimes of course wear my natural curls!

 I also need a good cut. Sometime soon after my birthday the end of January I am going to suck it up and cut off some of the really unhealthy ends. Healthy hair will look better than longer hair with damage. It will always grow back healthier =) I am off bleach now (at least for the new regrowth. the lengths of course will still have old bleach) and the salon I have been going to uses a hair color by L'Oreal called "INOA" which is ammonia free, oil based and so much healthier for my hair!!!
 This is day 2 hair. I used a mix of Kerastase and Living Proof products. Soon I will do more blog posts with details on products used in pictures. I have been LOVING Kerastase lately, I understand what all the hype is about them! Apologies I don't have the exact products to list now. The makeup I am wearing is all by It Cosmetics, specifically new things from the January 19 special QVC kit which will have a review up on that day. ;) Shirt I am wearing is from Express.
I am also off the curly girl method for the time being. Hair changes, and what work can change and I always am a believer of doing what works best for you and your own hair. My hair was really misbehaving a couple months ago (I don't think I want to discuss it in detail) and I had to change up something, so for now, non CG seems to be working for me. Hair care is all about trial and error and experimentation!
Thank you for reading!

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So I am going to start this post off by saying I am human. We all are. I used to have a little Youtube channel for about 2 years. I stopped it in October 2014. Though I will not go into the details why, as many factors lead me to the ultimate decision to stop it, I did.

Truthfully, I am humbly taken back at how much attention (for lack of a better word) stopping my videos seemed to have caused. I didn't think my little channel was that big of a deal. I really didn't think you would even notice me gone! I think there are so many vloggers out there way better than I ever was. I do have several reasons as to why I stopped, and I really don't like talking about them and it is nothing personal aimed at anyone directly. Part of it is having A LOT less free time then I did, but there are things deeper than that. I kindly thank you for respecting the wishes of me not going into further detail.

So this post is to thank you if you did ever watch me on there. I apologize for leaving so suddenly and abruptly. Perhaps I should have made a formal announcement or went about it a different way. As mentioned before, I am human and we all do make mistakes and don't always do things the best way they should be done. Hopefully you will forgive me, if not, I respect that too.

I hope you will continue to follow me on my revamped blog and social media.

Why the change of blog name?
Though I do enjoy my natural curls I find myself stretching my curls out to looser waves more often and also blow drying them to be way more on the straighter wavy side as of late. I find it easier to get multiple days on a tighter schedule with for the time being.

Thank you again for watching, reading and the support.
I hope we can remain friends

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January 2015 Birchbox Review

Birchbox is my favorite beauty subscription service. I have tried so many, at one point I think I was subscribed to six of them (!!) but now I just get Birchbox. Why? It's only $10, and though admittedly so, I do occasionally get a dud box, the super awesome rewards program makes up for this misses.

The Birchbox rewards program in a nutshell: when you do reviews of the products they send, you get 10 points. 100 points = $10 in the Birchbox shop which is fully redeemable for full size products! Birchbox also runs sales and extra points offers so if you are a coupon queen like moi, you wait until a promo is going in to cash in your saved up points and have a lovely guilt free haul. Also, any purchase in the Birchbox online shop or SOHO store (which I dangerous work around the corner from!) gives you points as well.

Okay, so now to my January box. I like the new recent feature that Birchbox offers allowing us subbies to pick either a specific product or even a curated box. One of the curated theme boxes for January was "Tone It Up" which features "gym bag essentials" Now I don't go to a gym, I am a exercise DVD home workout junkie (click here for more info on that) but when I saw my favorite dry shampoo of all time was in this box, I had made up my mind!

How pretty is the ombre raindow design on the box??

So here is what my box included. I can review what I have tried previously and if you want reviews on anything else please drop me a kind line and let me know.

-Aqua Reveal Satin Bright Soft Water Peel for face, .5oz
 ...Smooth, brighten and exfoliate all skin types

-Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk, 1.06oz
  ...This size sells for $9, this whole box was $10 plus points! Deal! I  love this dry shampoo because it refreshes my hair after workouts  without leaving my already uber dry hair even more dry.

-Coola Radical Recovery After Sun Lotion, .5oz
...Replenishes, renews and moisturize. How mean to get this in a January box when it is 25 degrees outside!? This baby will be saved for the beach days, which feels like an eternity away...

-Whish Body Butter, .75oz
...the scent I received is lavender and it does smell like a spot on French Lavender to me mixed with baby powder. This lotion does feel nice and is a good travel size to take on a weekend getaway.

                                                                      -Coastal Scents Revealed Palette Sampler
                                                                        ...the shade selection I got is called "Latte" These shadows are personally too tan/brown for my taste so I will be passing them on to be loved by a friend.

Overall, I am happy with this months box! I am excited to try the face peel. I have a skincare mask/peel addiciton as of lately.

If you would like to sign up for Birchbox, click here
*signing up through my link gives me 50 Birchbox points at no additional cost to you. Thank you for using my link!

thanks for reading!
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10 Ways to Keep Your Hair Color From Fading

We color our hair for a multitude of reasons--cover grays, change up our look constantly and some--like myself--just do not like the color Mother Nature gave us. If we spend all that time in the salon getting color processed, plus our hard earned money on our color, of course we want it to last until it is time to get redone! CLICK HERE to read 10 Ways to Keep Your Hair Color From Fading on!

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Products My Curly Wavy Hair Can't Live Without!

Any curly-wavy girl can tell you in order to get our hair to look its absolute best, there is a lot of trial and error--for me It was mostly error--however, once you practice styling and play around enough, you learn what products, tricks and techniques you hair loves, and what they don’t love as much.

My list includes details about the tools and products from my favorite brands including Living Proof, Kerastase, Briogeo, Raw Curls, Devacurl & More.

CLICK HERE to read all about it on!

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Hair Products Review: Kerastase Discipline Line, Initialiste & Metamoph'Oil

I am a self proclaimed product junkie and I have some favorite products. Recently, my hair has been looking a bit lifeless, and feeling extra dry and unmanageable despite frequent deep conditioning treatments, air drying and thinking I was doing the right thing by following the Curly Girl Method. I decided to give the Curly Girl Method a break, and not to obsess over using silicone-free products. Maybe I will go into details about that at a later time. But remember, what works for one head of hair may not work for all, hair can change over time and there is also a myth that our hair might even get used to certain products.

I decided to invest in some Kerastase products I have heard so much about over the years to see if they live up to all of the hype about being some of the best products out there. Pricey? Yes, very. But my hair is starting to behave better again so that is worth every penny.

My article will review the following Kerastase products:
-Discipline Bain Fluidealiste Sulfate-Free Shampoo
-Discipline Fondant Fluidealiste Conditioner
-Maskeratine Deep Condtioning Mask
-Spray Fluidissime

To read my article and hear my thoughts, check out my article HERE on

Since writing this article, I have also already been playing with more Kerastaste products so I have another Kerastase review soon!

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