Hair Product Obsession: FAR Botanicals Verde Oil Supreme Serum Oil for Hair (Silicone Free!)

I have found a new hair product that I am obsessed with! FAR Botanicals Verde Oil Supreme Serum Oil is a natural moisturizing serum that not only treats hair and makes it look nice, but it also doubles as a hair perfume! There are 8 scents you can select from and they all have the same amazing benefits. The brand actually has a special going on for their serum where you can save up to 65% which I explain more about at the end of my blog post. Read on for more!

Wen Coconut Lime Verbena VS Bath & Body Works Coconut Lime Breeze: DUPE???

A few weeks ago I gave my detailed blog review of the newest Wen Seasonal formula: Coconut Lime Verbena. You can read that here. When I was reading my friend Musingsofamuse's blog, she mentioned that Bath & Body Works Coconut Lime Breeze was an exact dupe for the scent! Naturally intrigued, I had to sniff this one out for myself. Read on for more.


Tarte Cosmetics Romantic Eye-Ssentials Eyeshadow Palette from QVC

Last Tuesday I was watching Tuesday Night Beauty on QVC and there was a "One Time Only" Offer from Tarte! That means a product will be available for a limited time at the lowest price ever. I ordered this palette and brush literally minutes into the presentation! Leigh from tarte gave a sneak peek on her facebook page that this was coming so I was excited all day for it! Luckily, as of the time I am typing this blog it is still available on and only for a little bit more than the OTO price. Continue reading on for more!


Hair of the Day / Wash Day Products I Use A Lot Lately

So this originally was going to just be a simple "Hair of the Day" post but I decided to elaborate a little bit on some products I have been reaching for over and over again for a month or even longer now since I know I will be trying out some new lines and products again soon. Read on for more.


June 2015 Birchbox Review

I really like most of the items in my June Birchbox! However, I am disappointed in 2 things this month which I am going to address. If you don't know what Birchbox is, be sure to read the details at the end of this blog post!

If you want to sign up for Birchbox, click here!
Continue reading on to see what I received in my June box!


Hair of The Day: Unexpected Curls Post Beach Day

Yesterday I went to the beach for the second time so far this year and it was amazing. I wish I lived closer to the shore (dear world: please know the actual jersey shore it not like that stupid show. it's actually beautiful and quite lovely. le sigh) Regardless of if I go all the way under water in the Ocean or not, I always wash my hair after the beach because of the sun, sand, sunscreen, hair treatments, etc. I kind of just washed it to get it clean and stuff but wound up with some totally unexpected results! Read on for more.

Doll Face Beauty Illuminating Face Polish & Pore Perfecting Mineral Mask

I am a skin care junkie! To me if you have nice skin, you need to wear less makeup. Plus, you wear your skin every single day so why would you not like it to look the best it can?? Though I do believe part of having a nice complexion comes from the inside out, there are products that can help your face look nice, healthy and radiant. I recently had the chance to try 2 products from Doll Face Beauty and I am OBSESSED! These products are so good! Read on for more.


Hair of the Day & Product FAIL

I know I've been bad with keeping up with "Hair of the Day" posts. The reason is two fold: 1) I haven't been home a lot lately  2) I kind of hate my hair, I want it to grow long and most of the time I wash it and just throw it up not to be bothered. But I liked my outfit the other day and my boyfriend was awesome in taking some pictures for me. My hair looked okay but I had some majoy product fail going on. I thought it was important to show a not so great hair day on here. I don't like speaking negatively about products, but the truth for me is the truth and lying is pointless. Read on for more.


DS.Laboratories Revita High Performance Hair Stimulating Shampoo

For a few weeks now I have been using the DS. Laboratories Revita LT High Performance Hair Stimulating Shampoo. This shampoo is described as "a unique and powerful combination of ingredients specially designed to maintain scalp vitality and act against follicular dysfunction to achieve the best results in a short period of time" In other words, it is supposed to help with hair growth. Because I am desperately trying to re-grow my hair long, strong and healthy ASAP I was excited to put this shampoo to the test. Read on for more!


Hair Tips from Canada's Top Curl Stylist!

My beautiful friend Krista is known as "Canada's Top Curl Stylist!" and I wish I lived up there so I could have the opportunity for her to do my hair! I have been learning a lot of tips from her lately and she was recently features on a TV show. Continue reading for more...


IT Cosmetics It's All About You QVC Today's Special Value 6-8-15

On Monday June 8, 2015 It Cosmetics will have another Today's Special Value on QVC! This means for 24 hours only, you get an incredible kit full of It Cosmetics goodness and a super low price. This TSV is the "It's All About You! Four-Piece Customer Favorites Collection" featuring two new items and two favorites. This kit is full of makeup essentials and it's a must for any It Girl or new to the brand future It Girl out there! Though I can't disclose the exact price, it will be $150 worth of products for less than $60!!!
Read on for more...


Wen Summer Coconut Lime Verbena Review

One thing Wen Hair Care is known for on QVC are their "seasonal formulas". Every three months, the brand released a new scent that goes along with the current season. The past few years, there have been new scents each year for the season. I always get anxious to hear what it will be in hopes I will enjoy the new scents. Truthfully, I heard that this Summer was going to have Coconut scent in it and I almost passed it up- but oh man am I glad I didn't! A huge surprise is the Summer Coconut Lime Verbena is now one of my all time favorite seasonals! Continue reading for more...


The Original Makeup Eraser Review

The Original Makeup Eraser is said to "Remove Your MakeUp with Just Water" saving $1,000s a year on the need to buy other makeup removers and helping to live chemical free. Read on to find out what I think!

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