Hair of the Day: Day 2 Combed Out/Clipped Back plus Makeup

I keep meaning to do more "Hair of the Day" posts but truth be told most days lately though it feels healthy, soft and has little frizz, I am not fond of the shape or split ends so I usually throw it back and don't bother much. But today happens to be a day where my hair is not super terrible, plus I have new makeup to play with so low and behold, a blog post is here. Continue reading for more!


Tarte Cosmetics Friends & Family Sale: My Picks On What To Get!

Tarte Cosmetics is having their 30% off Friends & Family Sale! From now until August 3rd you can save on all your tarte orders on their site here!

Being a big fan of tarte for years, I have my favorite products that I continue to buy over and over. I usually use this generous sale to stock up on Holy Grails, as well as buy items I have had my eye on for a while.
Continue reading for my picks on what to get!


HUM Nutrition Beauty Supplements: Review & Discounts to Save!

HUM Nutrition is a line of supplements that is truly unlike any other I have heard of or tried. I recently purchased some of their formulas and have been using them over a month. Like any supplement, sometimes it can take a while for them to get into your system so I wanted to give them a fair run before reviewing. Continue reading for my thoughts on 5 of their formulas, plus how to save a ton of money of them if you want to try any yourself!

You can use my code F9764 to save $10 off your order! That is only one way to "tier" some savings!


Hair of the Day: Day 1 with Innersense Beauty & more

I have been using the Innersense Organic Beauty Products for a week now. Yet, today was only the second time I actually used the stylers, but wow do I like them! Continue reading for more!


It Cosmetics PRESSED Bye Bye Pores Now Available!!! YAY!!!!

I am so very excited! If you read my blog, you know I LOVE It Cosmetics so much! One of my favorite products by them for years has been the Bye Bye Pores Powder. However, up until now it only was available in a loose powder form. Since I started using makeup years and years ago, I always liked pressed powders better because they are a lot less messy and super easy to take with you wherever you go.

A couple Christmases ago, there was this amazing It Cosmetics mega palette that has a tiny square of Bye Bye Pores in a pressed form inside. Since then, I have been wishing, hoping, and begging some of the It team to PLEASE release Bye Bye Pores pressed on it's own! My prayers have finally been answered!!! Read on for more.


Hair of the Day: (Sort of) French Braid Headband!

So this Hair of the Day is from Saturday but I have been busy this week! I am the world's worst hair styling person (irony, eh?) and have been practicing and practicing french braids. I know I am far from amazing at it, but I finally caught on well enough to go out in public with one! Yay! Continue reading for more.


July 2015 Birchbox Review - 2 Boxes!

Wow Birchbox really impressed me this month. From this point on I will be reviewing 2 Birchboxes since my mom gets a subscription as well. She usually takes anti-aging things and lets me keep the rest! =)

If you want to sign up for Birchbox, click here!
Continue reading on to see what I received in my July box!


Innersense Organic Beauty Hair Care First Use/First Impressions

I have been wanting to try Innersense Organic Beauty hair products for quite some time now. After seeing super talanted Curly stylists such as Krista Leavitt, Scott Musgrave and Robin Sjoblom rave about the products, and post pictures of their clients using these products, I could not wait to get my hands on them! I then watched the brand do a little info video on Periscope a few weeks ago which only made me want these even more.  This was a love a first use situation for me, which is why I decided to do a First Use/First Impressions blog post before even doing my usual, uber thorough review (which will come) Continue reading on for more!


Allure Beauty Box July 2015 #thebeautybox

I have been a subscriber of the Allure Beauty box for a few months now. This is the first month they are no longer associated with For around $15, you receive at least five deluxe-size product samples from major brands and innovative newcomers that Allure editors deem the best of the best. Plus, you'll also get a special-edition "mini magazine" chock full of the most trusted product reviews you've come to expect from Allure. This July 2015 box is one of the best beauty subscription boxes I EVER received! I am so happy with everything in it! Read on for more.


Aphogee 2 Step Protein Treatment First Time Use Review & Results

The Aphogee 2 Step Protein Treatment says it "Restores even seriously damaged hair to normal healthy condition, when used as directed." according to their website. I have heard such great things about this product and actually bought it at Sally Beauty a couple of months ago. Why did I wait so long to try this??? I don't know! Read on for my experience and results.


Hair of the Day: Day 1 Hair with Great Definition!

The other day I had some really good day 1 hair! It was also super nice out so I had to take pictures, of course! Read on for me to go into more details about it.


Beauty Items I Bring to the Beach & Post Beach Care Routine

I love going to the beach. It is my favorite thing to do and I look forward to getting there as much as I can in the Summer all year. By now I have my beauty beauty routine down pat so I thought I would share it all here. Continuing reading for more!


Hair of the Day: Brushed Out!

So I have been breaking so many "curly rules" lately as I have mentioned. My most recent "curly crime" is that I brushed my hair out dry! Read on for more and for pics!!

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