Hair of the Day 1 & 2- best day 2 hair in so long!!

Hey guys! Sorry I have been a bit missing in action, have been dealing with some things I rather not get into. But I am here now so that is what matters, right!? I am now off the "One Brand Challenge" with all Original Moxie but I find myself still reaching for a lot of their stuff. Read on for more.


Original Moxie Shape Shifter, Hold Up & Twist Mist Combo!!

I am still doing the "Original Moxie One Brand hair Challenge" for the most part and I truly have grown to love this brand and the products so much. I can't even explain how healthy my hair has been feeling! I was e-mailing back and forth with Rachel (the owner) and she suggested a product combo to me which I tried and LOVE!!! Read on for more.


IT Cosmetics Super-Size Celebration Foundation & Brush on QVC!

IT Cosmetics Celebration Foundation has been my very favorite powder foundation since it was debuted a few years ago! For the month of September there is a special going on with the product on QVC so I thought I would re-visit it with an updated review. Read on for more.


Look of the Day: Hair, Makeup & Outfit...Ooops I Used a Flat Iron

I hope you all had a nice Labor Day weekend! We celebrated my Dad's 70th Birthday Friday AND Sunday and it was a lot of fun! Because it was an excuse to dress pretty and go out, I have another "Look of the Day" blog post as a result. Read on for more!


Look of the Day: Hair, Makeup & Outfit

Yesterday was my dad's 70th birthday! We of course celebrated and will be celebrating again tomorrow! I threw a quick outfit together and posted a picture on instagram and was delighted by all the likes and comments! (thanks guys!!) I decided to elaborate further in a blog post. Read on for more.


Original Moxie Shape Shifter & Hair of the Day

I am still going strong on the Original Moxie hair challenge! The longer I use this brand, the more and more I am loving the products and feel of my hair. I originally was going to stick to the one brand challenge just for a month, especially since I am a product junkie at heart...but I have decided to go until I use up the products because I have been that pleased.  Lately I have been playing around with the Shape Shifter which is such a unique product!! Read on for more.


Wen Restorative Essentials Collection QVC Today's Special Value 9/5/15

Though I am currently in the middle of a one brand hair challenge with Original Moxie, I had to pick up the upcoming Wen Today's Special Value set from QVC to put aside until I start mixing brands again. The value and products in here are INCREDIBLE! Read on for more.


It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Romantics Palette!

To say I love this palette may be the understatement of the century. It Cosmetics recently released the second volume to their Naturally Pretty eye shadow palette collection. Technically it is the third palette if you include last year's "Celebration" in the same format. Of the three, this one is without a doubt my favorite. Continue reading on for more!

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