Tweak-d 2XL Cleansing Cream + 2 "Day 1 Hair of the Days"

My apologies again for the lack of blog posts! So much has been happening, May has not been great. I'll spare you guys the details but if you follow me on snapchat you may have an idea of some of it. Anyway, back to blogging and such now. Today's blog I am talking about the Tweak-d 2XL FIber Lift Daily Foaming Thickening Cleansing Cream which I have been using now a few weeks, mixed with the other Tweak-ds. I also have 2 "Hair of the Days" and will talk about a product I used up, and other stuff! So let's dive in...


HUM Nutrition Vitamins Update!

Last July I did an initial review on some HUM Nutrition vitamins. If you'd like, you can read that blog post here. Since I am still taking vitamins from this brand and loving them, I thought I'd do an update. Continue reading for more!


Tweak-d Peaches and Fresh Cream Self Cleansing Hair Treatment

Hey everyone! So sorry I didn't blog for two weeks...sometimes, life just happens and I'll leave it at that. Today I am giving a first impressions review of the Tweak-d Self Cleansing Hair Treatment in the Rare Harvest scent, Peaches and Cream! Read on for more.


this week

Hey everyone! Due to important things I must take care of in my personal life, I will not have time to blog this week. Don't worry, myself and all my loved ones are okay though. Thanks for understanding. Talk to you all next week!!

<3 Diane

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