Wander Beauty Glow Getter Mist and Baggage Claim Eye Masks Beauty IQ Steal for 12/29/17

Wander Beauty has a great steal on Beauty IQ tonight, December 29th from 8pm for 24 hours or until it sells out! What is super unique about the set for the steal, featuring the popular Glow Getter Mist and brand new Baggabe Claim Foil Eye Masks, is that this is the first time we're seeing the brand branch into skincare! Read on for more.


Curly Wavy Favorites: Gels

Today I am talking about Gels in my "Curly Wavy Favorites: series! I like my gels to have a strong, firm hold, no silicones, not feel stiff or crunchy and let me "wash and go" style last for days. Read on for more.


IT Cosmetics IT Girl Beauty Book with 4 Looks!

I have this palette for a few weeks now and was hoping to blog about it earlier, but with my headaches earlier in December and not being able to get my eyebrows done, it had to wait. Believe me my eyebrows looked unacceptable to be photographed this close! Better late than never though, right? Here is my review and looks with the It Girl Beauty Book from It Cosmetics!

My Favorite Beauty Products of 2017

I don't know about you, but I'm completely ready to bid adieu to 2017 and bring on a brand new year that will hopefully be immensely better. That being said, there were some incredible beauty products released in the last twelve months and I rounded up my personal favorites! Read on for more.

My Hair Has Gotten Curlier AND Longer -- Here's How I Did It

It's been a little while since I did an article for NaturallyCurly.com! Since my photo shoot in September 2016 for Michelle Breyer's book, "The Curl Revolution: Inspiring Stories and Practical Advice from the NaturallyCurly Community" my hair has gotten longer AND curlier. CLICK HERE to read my article about things I am doing in my updated routine to help make this happen!

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Curl Keeper Hair Products and Tools Review

I recently have been playing with the products from Curl Keeper. The Original Serum is a curly girl favorite, and a product I used years ago and remember loving. I was excited to try other products in the line! Read on for more of my thoughts.


Day 1 Starting Emme Diane Skincare for Acne Prone Skin

I'm so excited! After seeing amazing results from my friends Jen and Emily using Emme Diane Skincare, I am going to be using the products in her line for the next 90 days (at least) to see what they can truly do for my skin!! Read on for more information.


Too Faced Peaches and Cream Collection

Too Faced released their Peaches and Cream Comfort Matte collection exclusively at Sephora a couple of months ago now. I've had these products since they launched and am finally talking about them! Of the products in this line I picked up, some of them I love and some are complete misses for me. Read on for more.


IT Cosmetics Miracle Water 3-in-1 Glow Tonic

I've been using the IT Cosmetics Miracle Water 3-in-1 Glow Tonic for a good two months now. With consistent use, I feel like I can offer a proper and thorough review and provide my thoughts. Read on for more!


I Did "The No Hair Product" Challenge

Hi everyone! So I saw the challenge going on around instagram and YouTube with other Curly Influencers on doing their hair without using any styling products after the shower. I decided to hop in on this challenge and try it myself! Read on for my results.


Curly Wavy Favorites: Oils

Today I am talking about all my favorite oils and oil blends to use on my hair and scalp! I'm talking about essential oils, stimulating scalp oils for hair growth and oils for the lengths of my hair to seal in moisture while adding shine and helping frizz. Everything mentioned is all silicone free, of course! Read on for more.


Doll 10 Beauty 5 Piece Lip Crayon and 6 Piece Nude Lip Wardrobe for Holiday 2017

This blog features two more Doll 10 Beauty lippie sets for Holiday 2017! The 5 Piece Lip Crayon Collection and 6 Piece Nude Lip Wardrobe. Usually I would do a dedicated post for each set, but life gets in the way sometimes and I'm a bit behind on my content. It happens. But both sets are great so read on for more and swatches.


Obia Naturals Review and Discount

Obia Naturals is a brand I was pretty unfamiliar with until I received these products! Once I researched them and saw they won some NaturallyCurly awards, I knew they had to be good. Then once I tried them myself that thought was confirmed! There are some hits and misses for me with this brand. Read on for my thoughts and review, plus a discount!


November 2017 Favorites, Empties and 2 Hair of the Days

Hi everyone!! This post is late, but the last week and so have been rough. This post features my November 2017 Favorites, Empties plus a Day 1 and 2 "Hair of the Day" Continue reading for more.


DevaCurl MirrorCurls Shine Serum

DevaCurl MirrorCurls Shine Serum is one of my favorite hair stylers in the existence of the entire universe! I wanted to take some time to tell you all about it, so continue reading on!


Lush Cosmetics Just to Clarify Jelly Face Mask

I really enjoy Lush Cosmetics' Fresh Face Masks. When they released a new jelly mask that does not need to be kept in the fridge and has a longer shelf life a couple of months ago, I knew I had to try one ASAP. I decided to try the "Just to Clarify" out of all of the options. Read on for my thoughts and review.


Hair and Makeup of the Day for a Wedding!

I know I have not done a detailed Hair of the Day in quite a while! I got to dress up last Friday for the wedding of 2 dear friends so of course it was important my hair and makeup came out nice! Read on for the details!


Doll 10 Beauty Face and Eye Palette with 4 Looks!

 Doll 10 Beauty released a limited edition Face and Eye Palette for Holiday 2017! It also includes a double ended brush. This palette is small but packs some serious punch! I've been loving it since I received it. Read on for more.
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