"Hair of the Day" 1-3 and What Products RUINED My Hair

My last blog post of the year and of the decade. 2019 definitely had ups and downs, most noticeably hair care wise, my hair was thriving and at its best, until it suddenly got extremely damaged due to a horrible hair product company and making products that ruined thousands and peoples' curls, including mine. I'll address that in this post. Read on for my last "Hair of the Day" blog post of 2019 and also hear more about why you should stop using a popular brand of curly products immediately.


2019 Favorite Curly Wavy Hair Products

With another year behind us, I have my yearly list of favorite hair products! There are some tried and true brands and products here I loved for years, as well as some new favorites. I have everything from scalp treatments to cleansers, conditioners, masks, categorized stylers and even tools and accessories! Read on for more.


Winter Hair Tips + Diffusing Actually Came Out Good!?

I actually had to diffuse my hair the other day and the results were not too frizzy or poufy! YAY! This blog post has that wash day details, plus day 2 and some quick important Winter hair tips to consider. Read on for more.


Curlsmith Primer and Hydro Creme Soothing Mask Review

I haven't used any Curlsmith products in a while, but picked up a few things in an Ulta haul a couple of months ago. I've been experimenting with two of those products a few times now, the Super Slip Pre-Biotic Primer and Hydro Creme Soothing Mask. Read on for my thoughts and review.


Reviving Bad Day 3 Hair...Also Day 2

I didn't take pictures of this actual wash day, but I impressed myself with how I revived Day 3 hair that I thought may have been hopeless. Read on for how I did so and also the Day 2 before.


What Are Hair Product Fillers?

I often get asked about hair product "fillers", or the styler I use in between leave in conditioner and gel. I thought I'd do a dedicated post to them, what they do for me, and a few of my favorites. Read on for more.


La Formule Artisan Hair Repair Complex

La Formule Artisan Hair Repair Complex by Start Cosmetics is a brand new hair treatment that just launched. Cruelty free, all natural and made without any synthetics, artificial additives or harsh preservatives, and it's supposed to work fast. The promise of better hair in five minutes?! I was intrigued immediately. Continue reading for my first use thoughts and review.

Hair of the Day 1 and 2 plus Hair Chat Video

Good hair days just put me in a better mood overall. I'm so happy my hair is finally behaving a lot better again. I have another successful hair wash and day two, along with a video talking about some things I've been doing recently in my routine. Read on for more.


Wander Beauty Full Face Make Demo - December 2019

It's been a while since I did a demo/tutorial on YouTube. Since I have been playing with some newer products by Wander Beauty, I decided to do an updated one brand (almost) full face featuring them! Read on for more.


An Incredible Wash and Day 3 Refresh

My wash day from Tuesday came out incredible, so of course I had to document it! I tried some products that are newer to me and am so pleased with the results. I also had great day 2 and 3 hair. Read on for more.


November 2019 Favorites, Empties and a Wash Day with Different Styling

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving Weekend and took advantage of some Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales! I have my favorites and empties in beauty for November 2019 as well as pictures from another wash day where I styled a bit differently than I've been doing. Read on for all of it.


Original Moxie Black Friday Sale- Save Even More Through Me!

Original Moxie is having a great sale for Black Friday 2019! AND if you shop through MY LINK, you will save even more! Read on for the details!


Save Me From Hair Treatments Are Blowing My Mind

Save Me From has become my newest hair care holy grail obsession since I started using their products a few weeks ago! They are a cruelty free, new and innovative company where products repair hair based on damage, can be used multiple ways AND they also give back! The craziest part to me, is that I came across the brand thanks to a Facebook Ad! This post is all about my thoughts on Save Me From Tip to Root Hair Reboot Treatments. If you have hair, you NEED to check them out. Read on for more, plus a discount!


Wash Days, Wavy Styling Updates and Some Recent Fave Products

I haven't really done a "Hair of the Day" or consecutive wash day blog post in quite a while, but here I am, along with some hair updates. I thought this post would be good to see some products I continue to reach for and how I have been liking them. Read on for more.


Prose Custom Dry Shampoo and Leave-In Conditioner

I've become such a fan of Prose custom hair products since I started with their Pre-Shampoo Mask back in January of this year. In October, they launched two brand new products: Dry Shampoo and Leave In Conditioner. Without hesitation, I ordered both the day they debuted. Read on for more details and my thoughts!


Lexli Skincare Holiday Beauty Guide and Rescut Kit!

I have been incorporating some of the Aloe based skincare products from Lexli into my skincare regimen for quite a few months this year. They reached out to me to see if I wanted to be included in their 2019 Holiday Beauty Guide, and of course I said YES! Read on for more about this, as well as details on their Holiday Rescue Kit!

Sephora Holiday Bonus Haul 2019

I feel like the Sephora discount in August JUST happened, but I guess that was almost three months ago already. The yearly holiday event happened, and thanks to my awesome husband, I was able to haul just enough to keep me at Rouge through 2020. Read on for more.


Briogeo Honey Moisture Deep Conditioning Mask

Briogeo's Don't Despair, Repair Deep Conditioning Mask is probably my favorite mask across the board, and it has been for years. When I found out that there is a new, limited edition Honey Moisture version of this mask, in the best hair care packaging of all time, I couldn't wait to try it! Read on for my thoughts!


IT Cosmetics November 2019 QVC Today's Special Value

I love most of It Cosmetics Today's Special Values (TSVs), but this set had me extra excited! New makeup colors! Lots of products! A brush I have been eyeing on QVC for months! YAY!! Read on for my detailed review, swatches and more of the November 9th, 2019 "It's Your Season to Get Love!" kit.


October 2019 Favorites, Empties And Wedding Guest Look Details

I have my favorites and empties in beauty for October 2019. Also included in this blog post are outfit, hair and makeup details for a wedding I went to last week! Sometimes getting dressed up is just so fun and a nice change from the t-shirts and sweatpants I've been living in. Read on for more.


Doll 10 Holiday 2019 Lip Collections

Doll 10 recently sent me over such a generous package of some of their lip kits from their Holidaay 2019 Collection. The package was truly a much needed pick me up. Doll 10 makes some of my all time favorite lippie formulas EVER. In this post, I'll talk about and swatch them! Read on for more.


Eva Naturals Skincare

Eva Naturals is boutique, family owned cosmetics company made in the USA.The products have great ingredients and are very nicely priced.  I've been incorporating three of their products: Vitamin C plus Skin Clearing Face Serum, Matrixyl 3000 Eye Gel and Retinol 2.5% Anti Wrinkle Serum, into my skincare regimen and have really been enjoying the results. Read on for more!


New Additions to Briogeo's B. Well Collection

Briogeo recently released three new products expanding on their B. Well Collection, which debuted earlier this year. I really love how this incredible brand is doing well in the wellness realm and I am so here for it! Read on for my thoughts and review.


September 2019 Beauty Favorites and Empties plus Hair Talk

Another month, another round of my empties and favorites! I've been so busy in September with our first wedding anniversary, continuously job hunting, and so much other stuff going on in life, but here I am! Read on for more.


Tangles "Tame That Mane" Hair Mask

Tangles "Tame That Mane" Coconut and Guava Hair Mask is a brand new launch that I had to opportunity to try. The cruelty free, vegan brand is made in the USA, featuring naturally derived ingredients, without any harmful or unwanted ingredients inside. Read on for more info and my thoughts after using.


Vera Bella Skin Care Review

 For over a month now, I have been incorporating some products by Verabella Skincare into my morning and night regimen. This cruelty free, vegan, non-toxic, non-nano, paraben and gluten free brand has truly impressed me. Read on for more information, my thoughts and before and after.


My Curls are Back and Bouncy - Post Blow Out Care

My curls are back after wearing my hair straight and blown out a couple days! In this post, I will talk about what I did to revive and treat them after the blow out I got from Hair Repair Bar. If you missed that post, you can see it HERE. Read on for more.


Scalp Therapy, Split End Removal Blow Dry at Hair Repair Bar

I recently came across a salon, Hair Repair Bar by Gioje, on Instagram and the timing couldn't be better. The West Village salon focuses on hair health and says "Repair first, style second." Since my scalp has been acting a bit weird and I forever feel like my hair can use help, I knew I had to go. Read on for my experience.


August 2019 Beauty Favorites, Empties, 2 Consecutive Hair Days

Everyone is all like "Summer is over," but I know the season does not end until the end of September so everyone sssshhhhh!!!! I have a heavy loaded empties and my favorites for August 2019, as well as two consecutive hair days here! Read on for more.


CIC Beauty 3-In-1 Universal Diffuser and Discount

I will be the first to admit I am terrible at diffusing my hair and I usually prefer how it comes out air drying better. However, air drying my hair takes upwards of six hours. I recently tried the new 3-in-1 Universal Diffuser from CIC Beauty. This is the most innovative diffuser I've EVER come across and I was BEYOND impressed! Read on for more.


My Hair is Loving Original Moxie Stylers (plus discount code!)

Original Moxie has been a favorite hair product brand of mine for years. The brand always has a mix of silicone free and non-silicone free products. They recently reformulated three more products to be silicone free now! I was so excited to see this. This blog post talks about them, more of my Original Moxie favorites, a few wash days using their stylers and I also have a discount code for you guys! Read on for more.


Sephora Summer Sale 2019 Haul!

Hi everyone! This is a real quick blog post to show my mini Sephora Haul video for the Summer 2019 Sale! I was fortunate to have a $150 gift card I've held onto for a couple months my parents gave me that helped with this. I am planning on at least two more hair related blog posts this week, so stay tuned for those!

Sephora Sale Haul Video

If you are wondering why some of my all time favorite brands such at Briogeo, IT Cosmetics, Josie Maran Argan Oil and more are never in my Sephora Hauls- point blank it is because I know i can get even better deals on them elsewhere!

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IT Cosmetics Lash Blowout Mascara and Full Face of IT Demo

 I have a new holy grail mascara! The Lash Blowout Mascara from IT Cosmetics x Drybar blew my mind at first use. Continue on for why I love it, plus a full demo/tutorial video using all IT Cosmetic products!


Cocoa Locks Hair Vitamin 4 Month Review

A few months ago I did a post HERE talking about Cocoa Locks chocolate milkshake and hot chocolate vitamins for hair growth and how I would be taking them for four months to see them work. Time flew, and I finished my four bags. Did these products live up to the hype? Read on for more!


July 2019 Beauty Empties and Favorites!

I love Summer so much. But I can't believe that there is another month over already! This just means we have another round of my favorites and empties in beauty! Continue reading for more.


Together Beauty: New Clean Hair Care at Sephora!

Together Beauty is a brand new brand sold exclusively at Sephora developed by celebrity hairstylist, Sam Brocato. The cruelty free line is based on aromatherapy, is clean, toxic free and 95+% natural! The packaging is made out of recycled plastics. Right away when I saw this new line I knew I had to try as soon as possible just seeing how the products contain (and doesn't contain!) everything I look for in products. I was lucky enough to try three of the products from the line so far. Read on for my thoughts.


Lexli Aloe Vera Skincare Part 2

A few months ago I reviewed some products from Lexli Aloe Vera Skincare. You can read that post HERE. For the last few months, I've tried even more from the line and am here to talk about them!
Read on for my thoughts.


IT Cosmetics July 26, 2019 QVC TSV: Game Changing Duo + Brush

There is an incredible IT Cosmetics Today's Special Value happening on QVC! Not one, but TWO tubes of one of my all time top favorite makeup products EVER plus an awesome brush to go with it!? Yes, please!!! Continue reading for my thoughts and review.

Ecoslay Orange Marmalade: The Firmest Gel Ever?

I have been using up my hair product stash and not really buying too much new. But that changed with Ecoslay Orange Marmalade Gel. I kept seeing people achieve amazing results on Instagram using this gel and read more and more how it is the firmest hold and strongest gel they've ever tried. As someone who NEEDS a super firm hold gel if I want to get even halfway decent hair, my eyes and ears were open, I caved and bought it. Continue reading for my review.


DevaCurl DevaFresh Scalp and Curl Revitalizer First Impressions and Demo

I go through dry shampoos and hair refreshers more than any other hair products. As a curly hair who works out almost daily and does not want to do her wash day routine every single day, I heavily rely on these kind of products to give me good hair post work out all week long. When DevaCurl announced their newest product, the DevaFresh Scalp and Curl Revitalizer, which essentially is a dry shampoo and hair refresher in one, I could not get my hands on it fast enough! Read on for my thoughts.


Doll 10 Doll Skin Complexion Enhancing Palette and MakeupMolly Eye Brushes

The Doll 10 Doll Skin Complexion Enhancing Palette is one of the most beautiful face palettes I ever laid my eyes on. The beauty full of multi use palettes is a true must have. Not only does it conceal, contour and give you your best face, it is full of skin loving ingredients! Doll 10 also released an eight piece eyeshadow brush collection that is a necessity for any makeup lover out there. Read on for my review, swatches, a demo and so much more!


Boucleme Super Hold Styler for Curly Hair

I've been playing with the new Super Hold Styler by Boucleme for a little while now. When I reviewed some of this line last year, I was hoping the brand made a firm hold gel. Low and behold, here it is! Continue reading for my thoughts and more.


Beach Hair Tips and June 2019 Beauty Favorites and Empties

 I'm SO HAPPY it's Summer! Beach season is my favorite season and everything just seems better when the sun stays in the sky later. I have my favorites and empties here for June, along with some beach pics and beach hair talk. Read on for more!


Josie Maran Skin Dope: Argan + CBD Oil Blend

A few months ago I picked up Josie Maran's Skin Dope, which is a blend of Argan Oil and 100 mg of non-psychoactive CBD oil. I've been using it every single night since I got it and I'm more than please. Read on for more.


Briogeo Banana and Coconut Nourishing Superfoods Shampoo and Conditioner

 To celebrate the one year anniversary of their "Be Gentle, Be Kind," Shampoo and Conditioner duo, Briogeo just released a new version recently: The Banana and Coconut Nourishing Superfoods. In this post I will be talking all about it, giving my review as well as recapping their launch party which I was so grateful to have been invited to! Spoiler: I love this version. Read on for more.


Triple Treatment for Great Hair

Last week I did not one or two but three different hair treatments. It was actually super easy and I had incredible results. I also tried out a new conditioner I'm using as a leave in to review soon. Read on for more details and pictures.


Tweak-d Dhatelo Rejuvenating Treatment Oil and Restorative Butter

I've been using the Tweak-d by Nature Dhaetelo Restore Ancent Rituals Rejevenating Treatment Oil and Restorative Face and Body Butter for a few weeks now and I am HOOKED. This brand is fantastic and these products pretty much have blown me away. The oil is essentially an old favorite product of mine from a discontinued brand remade and better than ever. Read on for more of my thoughts and review.


Wander Beauty Seascape Palette Demo and 7 Looks!

Wander Beauty's Wanderess Seascape Eyeshadow Palette is the latest addition to the brand's limited edition six pan shadow palette. This beach themed palette is absolutely gorgeous. Read on for my review, swatches and looks!


Supersmile QVC Today's Special Value 6-11-19

I have been using Supersmile toothpaste and teeth whitening accelerator since 2007. They were one of the very first things I remember ever buying from QVC's beauty department! The brand is having an INCREDIBLE Today's Special Value goes live on June 7th and is on TV on June 11th, 2019. I had the incredible opportunity to receive it early so I can tell you all about it. Read on for more.


May 2019 Beauty Favorites and Empties, plus Wash Day on the Beach

I have my beauty favorites and empties for May 2019 as well as some more beach pictures with another successful wash day today! Keep reading for more.

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