Scalp Therapy, Split End Removal Blow Dry at Hair Repair Bar

I recently came across a salon, Hair Repair Bar by Gioje, on Instagram and the timing couldn't be better. The West Village salon focuses on hair health and says "Repair first, style second." Since my scalp has been acting a bit weird and I forever feel like my hair can use help, I knew I had to go. Read on for my experience.

Lately I feel like my hair has been shedding more than usual. Of course this concerned me, but I truly blame some extreme stress. Also, as mentioned earlier I forever feel like my hair is frizzy and misbehaving. The main goal I wanted to achieve going to the Hair Repair Bar was a scalp analysis so I can see what was going on.

The salon treatments, which range from scalp care, hair care, split end fixing and more, all use natural essential oils. I also could not believe how fair the prices of everything was, ESPECIALLY FOR MANHATTAN! That is honestly why I was able to go.

I went in wanting the scalp and hair therapy, but wound up with scalp therapy and a split end removal process. My stylist, Nicol, said that my hair felt very moisturized and in pretty good condition, but it may need more protein. I still want the Hair Therapy- hopefully in the future.

The first treatment I received was scalp therapy.

Here are the benefits of this treatment from their website:
"Clears & Exfoliates the Pores from Excess Oil Build Up, Stimulates Faster & Natural Hair Growth and Stronger Hair Shaft, Reduces Flaky Scalp, Eliminates Dandruff."

First Nicol, used a magnifying camera to take a look at my scalp for the analysis. It was fascinating to me to see my scalp up close. I addressed all my concerns to her. She said for the most part that my scalp was clean, and especially clean for having curls. However, I did have some oil build up and some redness and irritation going on. She also pointed out a few strands that were thinner and weaker.
 After looking at my scalp, she mixed together two of the scalp therapy blends (see picture above) to specifically target my scalp issues. She then applied them and massage them in. I felt my scalp tingle. After this, she put me under the hair steamer for twenty minutes. The steam helps to further infuse moisture and allows the oils to penetrate deeper into each follicle. I drank some delicious coffee and played on Instagram while I hung out under the steamer.
 Once the twenty minutes was up, I was shampooed with the salon's own brand of sulfate free, keratin infused shampoo and followed up with their keratin infused protein mask which was only left on a few minutes. Honestly, I wouldn't have minded if the mask was left on a little bit longer.
Now it was time for what they said is a heat safe blow dry. She sprayed the salon's leave in, which she told me had heat protection inside and blew dry section by section with a round brush. Once it was all done, she was telling me about the Split End Removal System.

I was terrified of this thing and the whole thought of this. Nicol was insisting it would help the condition of my hair so much. Since I just had a trim about two weeks ago, I was not looking to lose more length! She assured me it does not remove any length at all, just split ends. I was still super skeptical. She did a test piece in the back on the bottom and I was surprised no length was lost, so I agreed. I was still holding my breathe as this whole split end removal was going on. Nicol said the machine won't take any split ends off once they are all gone and was surprised. She thought more split ends would have come off than even did. I'm curious to see how my hair looks curly after this, but I knew after being blown out, it did look smoother and felt so silky.

The picture below is all the split ends that were removed over all of the lengths of my hair. Really not that much!
 Nicol really wanted to put loose waves in my hair with a curly iron. I liked the fact it was blown straight for a change so said no thank you. I think she wanted to disguise my ends, which aren't perfectly in sync straight since I get curly cuts. She then insisted that she had to go over it with a flat iron. Truthfully I didn't quite understand thus whole part as to why, but she said that since my hair never has heat hit it and it was humid out, if I go out without also ironing it my hair would just frizz and puff up instantly. So she sprayed more heat protecting spray and went over it with the iron. She also wanted to even out my ends with a trim, but I declined that since my hair is cut dry curl by curl since that is how I wear my hair most of the time. Getting dry curly cuts, it's normal for the ends to not be super perfectly aligned when straightened.

After the blow out was done, she took the magnifying camera to see my scalp after treatment. What a difference! Most of the oil build up and scalp irritation was gone. She said my scalp is now healthier for hair to grow and thrive and that some of those weaker hairs can now grow stronger.



I asked Nicol about my shedding while at the sink and also as she blow dried it, she said the amount of hair I was losing was normal. That was a relief, but I am still going to keep an eye on it because I still feel I'm shedding more than usual.

I loved the way the blow out came out. I haven't seen my hair straight in 3.5 years! I love how long it is when it is straight. I also love that when it is straight you can accurately see my natural color, since I don't have 5 pounds of product in it. I feel like a different person when my hair is straight. I met my husband and best friend for dinner and we walked around the neighborhood and had dinner. My hair stayed perfect I was so happy.



I was so fascinated by this straight, silky hair, I had my husband take pics of me crossing the street swishing my hair back and forth. It was fun, and I like how they came out!


I slept on my satin pillowcase that night with my hair in a buff and woke up, my hair was still perfect. I then worked out, because I didn't want to miss a work out. Honestly even after the work out, though some of the little hairs under my hair line were reverting, for the most part my hair still looked really good, sleek, soft, etc. I took a shower and used three shower caps (seriously) to not let moisture hit it. This is where I screwed up. My ends felt a wee bit dry so I thought, "let me add more moisture in by spraying a leave in conditioner!" BIG, BIG, BIG MISTAKE. I had my hair back in a buff to get it off my face while I applied makeup and when I took the buff off, the straighter, sleek, smooth hair was gone. It was frizzy as heck and puffy. I was beyond disappointed, but this was my fault since I shouldn't of sprayed the leave in. I don't know, clearly blow out maintenance is not my forte.

Overall, I had a great experience at the Hair Repair Bar by Gioje. I would definitely go back and also really want to get their hair therapy with a hair analysis next time.

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disclaimer:  I went and paid for these services myself. no monetary compensation received. not endorsed or sponsored. all thoughts are my own, honest opinions as always.

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