"Hair of the Day" 1-3 and What Products RUINED My Hair

My last blog post of the year and of the decade. 2019 definitely had ups and downs, most noticeably hair care wise, my hair was thriving and at its best, until it suddenly got extremely damaged due to a horrible hair product company and making products that ruined thousands and peoples' curls, including mine. I'll address that in this post. Read on for my last "Hair of the Day" blog post of 2019 and also hear more about why you should stop using a popular brand of curly products immediately.


2019 Favorite Curly Wavy Hair Products

With another year behind us, I have my yearly list of favorite hair products! There are some tried and true brands and products here I loved for years, as well as some new favorites. I have everything from scalp treatments to cleansers, conditioners, masks, categorized stylers and even tools and accessories! Read on for more.


Winter Hair Tips + Diffusing Actually Came Out Good!?

I actually had to diffuse my hair the other day and the results were not too frizzy or poufy! YAY! This blog post has that wash day details, plus day 2 and some quick important Winter hair tips to consider. Read on for more.


Curlsmith Primer and Hydro Creme Soothing Mask Review

I haven't used any Curlsmith products in a while, but picked up a few things in an Ulta haul a couple of months ago. I've been experimenting with two of those products a few times now, the Super Slip Pre-Biotic Primer and Hydro Creme Soothing Mask. Read on for my thoughts and review.


Reviving Bad Day 3 Hair...Also Day 2

I didn't take pictures of this actual wash day, but I impressed myself with how I revived Day 3 hair that I thought may have been hopeless. Read on for how I did so and also the Day 2 before.


What Are Hair Product Fillers?

I often get asked about hair product "fillers", or the styler I use in between leave in conditioner and gel. I thought I'd do a dedicated post to them, what they do for me, and a few of my favorites. Read on for more.


La Formule Artisan Hair Repair Complex

La Formule Artisan Hair Repair Complex by Start Cosmetics is a brand new hair treatment that just launched. Cruelty free, all natural and made without any synthetics, artificial additives or harsh preservatives, and it's supposed to work fast. The promise of better hair in five minutes?! I was intrigued immediately. Continue reading for my first use thoughts and review.

Hair of the Day 1 and 2 plus Hair Chat Video

Good hair days just put me in a better mood overall. I'm so happy my hair is finally behaving a lot better again. I have another successful hair wash and day two, along with a video talking about some things I've been doing recently in my routine. Read on for more.


Wander Beauty Full Face Make Demo - December 2019

It's been a while since I did a demo/tutorial on YouTube. Since I have been playing with some newer products by Wander Beauty, I decided to do an updated one brand (almost) full face featuring them! Read on for more.


An Incredible Wash and Day 3 Refresh

My wash day from Tuesday came out incredible, so of course I had to document it! I tried some products that are newer to me and am so pleased with the results. I also had great day 2 and 3 hair. Read on for more.


November 2019 Favorites, Empties and a Wash Day with Different Styling

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving Weekend and took advantage of some Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales! I have my favorites and empties in beauty for November 2019 as well as pictures from another wash day where I styled a bit differently than I've been doing. Read on for all of it.

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