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Last year, I became such a big fan of Prose Custom Hair Care products! I was beyond excited and grateful when Prose reached out to me to try, test and give feedback on their newest styling product before launch: CUSTOM CURL CREAM! I've been playing around with it for about a month and biting my tongue not to talk about it, but I'm allowed now, so read on for my thoughts!

If you are unfamiliar with Prose and their custom hair care process, check out THIS POST I did about the company and their shampoo, conditioner, oil and pre-shampoo mask.

You can also check THIS POST for my thoughts on their custom leave-in conditioner and dry shampoo if you'd like.

Back to the new curl cream. The cream is formulated based on your answers to their very intricate and detailed questionaire. Here is mine:

 They also give you the information about when your curl cream was made (it's made fresh!), when it expires, and directions on how you can use your curl cream Again, here is mine:
Don't let the short shelf life scare you- it is because Prose works with mostly natural ingredients and very minimal preservatives!

Additionally, aside from showing all of the ingredients inside, they highlight the key ingredients in your formula and what they do! I love this part:

Prose has several fragrances you can select for their products, or you can go fragrance free if you wish. I went with the limited edition Winter scent, Candela, for my curl cream. This is a delicious cozy, gourmand blend of nutmeg, warm vanilla and warm woods.

DAY 1 Hair
This was an all Prose wash day! I used their Pre-Shampoo Mask before washing and then their  shampoo and conditioner in shower.

To style, I first sprayed a little of their leave-in conditioner, followed by the curl cream and then some custom oil on top. Fully air dried.

I really liked my curl definition and my hair felt very, very soft and silky. I did have some frizz, but that didn't surprise me because my hair generally likes a strong hold gel on wet hair for wash days.  It doesn't usually do good with creams as main stylers. However, using the cream between a leave in and gel as a "filler" works great to enhance curl definition, making my hair look bouncy and shinier. My other problem with not using a strong hold gel on wash day hair is it does not survive my day 2 work out at all. It would be so cool if Prose made a gel to go with the curl cream where we can customize how much hold we want!

Pictures taken in two different rooms to see my hair in different lighting.

 A DAY 2 with Curl Cream
Note: This day 2 was not consecutive after the above day 1.
This was a refresh on Day 2 hair and how I really enjoy using my Curl Cream. After my work out, I used Prose's Custom Dry Shampoo on my scalp, went in with the curl cream, massaging it through my lengths in smaller sections and then sealed with a little bit of their Custom Oil. I love how it helps tame, calm down and give more smoothness to my waves.

Before and Afters:

 I really like Prose Curl Cream on days old hair. This is my favorite way to use it. It adds back shine and softness, and though it isn't a heavy cream at all, it manages to smooth second day frizz and tame unwanted pouf. The formula is pretty potent, and I don't need much at all. The pump makes it very easy to use!

My second favorite way to use it, as mentioned above, is as a filler between a leave in and gel plus oil on wet hair.


Overall, I'm very pleased with the new Custom Curl Cream by Prose and I hope they continue to release more styling products!

transparency: I get credits to their site if you do.

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disclaimer:  product sent for testing purposes. doing content was not an obligation. no compensation received. not endorsed or sponsored. all thoughts are my own, honest opinions as always. 


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