The BEST Wash Day in SO LONG!

My wash day Tuesday was the best wash I've had as I recover from what I'm calling "Deva Disaster" (what once were amazing products turned toxic and ruined mine and hundreds of others hair. Seriously, google it) That being said, I don't want to dwell on the negative, so continue reading for everything I used!

I still need a trim. You can see it quite clearly in some of these pictures, the front especially. I'm going tomorrow (Friday 1/24) to a salon I haven't been to in years, but always did such a fantastic job when I went! I'm nervous, but also excited.

Okay, back to the wash day....
Here is what I used:
-Pre-poo: Olaplex no 3
-Cleanser: Tweak-d by Nature Volumizing Scrub
-Conditioner/Mask: Curls and Potions Bamboo & Rice Water Deep Repair Masque
-Stylers: Save Me From Age Acceleration Hair Reboot (as a leave in), Olaplex no 6 Smoothing Creme, Treluxe Reflex Serum, Petal Fresh Style and Thicken Strong Hold Gel, Prose Custom Oil Blend

I applied products in small sections as usual. “Squeeze roped” through and decided to scrunch a little today. Removed excess water with the Aquis Hair Towel and then applied a little more gel and Olaplex no 7 Bonding Oil.

This was my first time using the Tweak-d by Nature Volumizing Scrub after having them for about a month! Why did i wait so long?? My hair did feel “squeaky clean” after, but my hair looks and feels extra nice so it was worth it and I was going to use a mask anyway after. The scrub is like a clarifier, so don’t use more than once a week.

The B
amboo & Rice Water Deep Repair Masque from Curls and Potions may be my fave by them so far! This is saying a lot because I've really been liking all of the masks I've used by the brand. This one has excellent moisture/protein balance. It had a thinner consistency, but my hair drank it up, helped to detangle and left my curls so incredibly soft and hydrated!

I just posted my detailed review on Olaplex No 6 and 7 HERE. I really think using these consistently are helping to bring my hair back to life.

Petal Fresh Style and Thicken Strong Hold Gel may be my new holy grail. My detailed review on this one will be up soon!

A note about lighting...
I took pictures in three different rooms again. I think the difference in lighting can help. I can't wait for it to get dark really late again so I can take pictures near natural light before it gets too dark. The first two sets were taken using my ring light. The first set (in the green sweatshirt) my roots were not 100% dry yet. But yea, by the time I usually shower after I work out and air dry completely, the sun is down already, which is why this time of year day 1 pictures in the sunlight is near impossible, even though I'd strongly prefer it!

My day two and day three hair looked decent, but truthfully, I had a few appointments and things to do, I didn't do much to do it all, and didn't think to snap pictures. It was back out of my face in a super loose invisibobble most of the time. Sometimes busy life prioritizes great hair days, especially when I knew I didn't NEED to look fantastic those days. LOL
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