Harklinikken Event at the Allure Store NYC - Hair, Scalp and Thinning Tips!

 The other day I was graciously invited to attend an event Harklinikken was hosting at The Allure Store in Manhattan. With the pandemic, I have not been to the city in a record breaking eleven months and was nervous, but pushed myself out of my comfort zone to go and I really am glad I went! Read on for the recap, plus tips about hair and scalp health, plus thinning from the Harkinikken founder, Lars Skjoth.

The Allure Store is really cute by the way. I should have taken more pictures inside, but I am nervous and super awkward in person. I also wish I took a picture with the Harklinikken team, but again, I'm awkward and didn't.


These selfies you see on this post I took after the event and walking around SoHo in the sun for a little bit.  This was Day 2 hair where I used mostly Harklinikken- the Hair Hydrating Creme for moisture, the Styling Paste just on the ends and front since they are so unruly and then the Styling Spray for extra hold against the humidity. I probably used way more hairspray than I needed, to be honest, but I wanted my hair to hold up and not pouf out. I also sealed everything in before hairspray with an oil blend. I hope Harkinikken makes an oil blend in the future, I bet it would be incredible.


The video below is footage I took at the event pieced together. It starts off with me talking about my second day hair and what Harklinikken products I used and then features the Harklinikken founder, Lars Skjoth, talking about shampooing, hair health, some scalp health, how to tell if your hair may be thinning, a bit about hair follicles and more. I also was fortunate to have a few minutes of one on one time with him and I asked him for some tips to really maximize my hair health and I included those in here also. Special thank you to Sarah on their team for helping me and recording that part!



Thank you again to the Harklinikken team for inviting me to this event! I had such a nice time and learned a lot!

Disclaimer: not endorsed or sponsored. No money received, I was not paid to go to this event or make a video or anything. All opinions expressed are my own and honest, as always.

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<3 Diane


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