Why I Chose To Embrace My Natural Curls On My Wedding Day - Article from Hair.com

Hair.com recently reached out to me and asked if I wanted to talk about my wedding day curls from 2018 and of course I said yes! I got married to the love of my life in September 2018 and couldn't imagine wearing my hair any other way. Read on for more.

"I knew that I wanted to wear curly wedding hair for several reasons. As mentioned earlier, my curls are definitely a big part of my identity. I was also nervous that if I did blow my hair out I would stress about rain (which it sadly did) or humidity and freak out thinking that it would revert back and look weird. Since there were so many other things on that day to stress about, my hair did not need to be one of them."...click HERE to read the whole article!

Also, please note the products hair.com linked are not necessarily the products I personally used on my big day, but those are products they offer in their shop so I understand why they linked them.

If you'd like to see my blog post I did years ago talking about not only my hair, but also skin, makeup, fitness and wellness for my wedding, you can check out THIS POST.


<3 Diane

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