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Harklinikken Event at the Allure Store NYC - Hair, Scalp and Thinning Tips!

 The other day I was graciously invited to attend an event Harklinikken was hosting at The Allure Store in Manhattan. With the pandemic, I have not been to the city in a record breaking eleven months and was nervous, but pushed myself out of my comfort zone to go and I really am glad I went! Read on for the recap, plus tips about hair and scalp health, plus thinning from the Harkinikken founder, Lars Skjoth.

Harklinikken 8 Month Update - Scalp & Hair Health /Hair Loss - Curly Wavy Hair

I have been using Harklinikken since November 2020. This blog post is my 8 month update from the end of July 2021. I am now on bottle 9. I have been so pleased with what consistent use of the Harklinikken custom extract and hair care products are doing to help my thinning hair and hair loss. Read on for more!

Why I Chose To Embrace My Natural Curls On My Wedding Day - Article from Hair.com

Hair.com recently reached out to me and asked if I wanted to talk about my wedding day curls from 2018 and of course I said yes! I got married to the love of my life in September 2018 and couldn't imagine wearing my hair any other way. Read on for more.

Current Night Time Hair Routine and Demo

How you take care of your hair while you sleep is not only important for it to look good the next few days, but also for the long term health of your hair, especially if one of your goals is to grow it longer and stronger. In this post, I will talk about my current night time curly wavy hair routine and even have a demo of what I like to do before going to bed. Read on for more.

Summer 2021 Hair and Skin Beauty Essentials

Summer is such a fun time of the year and I am outside a whole lot more. Of course the sun, wind, ocean and pool water can wreck havoc on hair and skin if we're not careful. But there are ways to protect ourselves and still enjoy the season! I have a handful of products, some of which have been favorites for years now, I always make sure to have this time of the year. Read on for more.

K18 Leave-In Molecular Repair Mask First Use and Fifth Use Update

K-18 Leave-In Molecular Repair Mask is a bond building leave-in treatment infused with a patented K18Peptide™ that works to repair even the most extreme damage, renewing hair to its most youthful, healthy state. I have been using it for quite a bit now and am beyond impressed! This is a new favorite product of me. Read on for more.

Tweak'd By Nature 2XL Fiber Lift Spray and Tamed Bye Bye Frizz Spray

I've been on such a kick with Tweak'd by Nature products lately. The more consistently I incorporate them, the better my hair is getting. I've been experimenting more and more with their styling products as of late and this blog post I will talk about two of them: 2XL Fiber Lift Spray and Tamed Bye Bye Frizz Spray. Read on for more.

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